Thursday, November 5, 2015

Yoshimitsu [ II ] - Rare Beef Cuts of Yakiniku, Michelin 1 Starred Ginza Iwa’s Sister Restaurant

 Although I have been here 3-4 times already myself and during the previous Osaka Horumon name guise too under a different ownership structure,  I did some Market research somehow as to determine why Michelin 1* Ginza Iwa  銀座 いわ ‘s sister Yakiniku restaurant doesn’t get more appraisal.   To me I have covered it before here too once  ( . The pertinent question to ask is,  why is Yakiniku Futago,  Iroha or the other new Ramen shops popping up on the same street here all have people waiting in a queue.  Obviously,  I already know the answer as a Hong Kong Customer but you will have to dig my brain for the explanation.  It is actually simple,  it is simply HK Specific Culture.



Kainomi Bottom Flap or Bottom Sirloin -
A Special Cut today.  Not easy to find in Hong Kong. 
Only from the 1* Ginza Iwa Group restaurant,  Yakiniku Yoshimitsu.


Momo Niku -
Leg Wagyu meat.   Seemingly from Australian Wagyu Kuro-Ge?   I really liked the marination technique and this was my favourite cut this particular night.  ~  8/10



Many Cow Parts here on the Pictorical Diagram -
Reminds me of Yakiniku Great,  although the prices are higher over there as they use even better Wagyu.   Here it was equally butchered but probably lesser in Wagyu grades.  Suits the family better in price point.



Beef Horumon – Big Intestines
The fat is still retained within the intestines,  and the marination technique made sure we could grill it just well.  You could also taste a subtle bit of the miso within.   ~ 9/10


Uchi Harami -
Inside Skirt Steak.  I always order this for inner Livery taste.    Here it was quite marbled and I loved this so much I could just come back again and keep ordering it..  ~  12/10


Rib Eye Cap Muscle -
A little Leaner than we expected.   But still good.  I don’t usually order this cut and it was butchered cleanly though.  I don’t know if it is personal but I find Rib Eye Cap or Culotte slightly harder compared to the rest of the Rib-Eye cut,  which consists of usually 4 different muscles.   ~ 7/10



Cheese Kimchi Chichimi -
Korean Pancake with Kimchim & Cheese.
Not much Cheese,  but grilled Crispy in the end upon the Grill,  I don’t just accept it as it is served but have to heat it up.   ~ 8/10



King Prawns -
King Prawns were freshly done.   Or Freshly served.  A bit of Olive oil and Salt could help elevate things…   ~ 8/10


Fried Bacon  -
I like the Oil rendered out from the fat.  Then Yakiniku it until nearly crispy.   ~ 8/10



Chicken Strips with Black Pepper -
Ok wor for the pricing pointing of only $58 from memory.   May be my love of Yakiniku concept has changed my Objective judgment,  it is almost like free-style BBQ.  ~ 8/10  



Scallops -
I never understand why some restaurants charge $180 or more for a few scallops appetizer.   Here they are plump and fresh.  And I could sear them just the way we wanted,  not overly meaty stringy or under-caramelized like in many places.  Such is the good thing about Yakiniku yourself.  ~ 9/10



Potato Salad – $28



Takana Cha-Han Fried Rice -
I think this is a Kyushu Specialty from memory.  It somehow needed more of the pickled Mustards if you ask me.  But overall satisfying.  I have had better though..  ~ 6/10


Karubi -
The normal Karubi meat from the Ribs.  I like this for the even distribution of fat vs red meat.  Once again,  I personally think Yakiniku Shops concentrate too much on top grade Wagyu.   This is what customers can eat regularly to me.  ~ 8/10


Yakiniku Grill -
Can’t say I am not addicted and it’s probably the only meal I look forward to every day..


Misuji – Near the Chuck
Actually this cut is revered but it seems like everyone butchers or defines it slightly mysteriously.   Sort of like Karubi or Harami itself,  which has different micro-parts.  This is within the Chuck area usually but others define it as behind the chuck.  ~ 9/10  


Namul Vegetables –
Korean inspired but one of my Favourites when Ordering Japanese-Korean Yakiniku.  Just for Balance.  Here done right and good portion.  Forgot the price though..  !  ~ 8/10


Grilled Beef Tongue -
Of the thinly sliced type.  I liked this but wished they offered a Thicker cut too as an option.   ~ 7/10



Specials Menu and the Vacuum Chimney’s -
Remaining mostly from the Osaka Horumon days,  until it changed to Yakiniku Yoshimitsu under 1* Ginza Iwa Group lately. 




Price:  $350 + 10%
Food:   ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address:  G/F, Golden Dragon Building, 41-43 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay
Ph:  2591 1821

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