Friday, November 27, 2015

Canton Pot - Trendy Hotpot Spot in Mong Kok, with a Beef Chart and Creative Items

 Everyone around says this newish Hotpot spot is very unique with some of their items,  and there are many Beef cuts from America,  Local,  Australia to Japanese Wagyu.   We made an impromptu decision to have dinner here,  except I was running at least an hour late.   So be aware that some of the below Photos are not full portions shown.  



Arriving at Canton Pot -
1st visit here.  Quite frankly I am not a Hotpot person,  with one exception.
If they have unique Items I can’t buy to do it at home instead.


Mixing my own Sauce -
It’s mostly Cantonese the ingredients available.
Unlike at say 三希樓 San Xi Lou which has more Sichuan Spices.



My Vegetables Pot -
I usually eat Veggies first for hotpot.  The clearer soup brings out the Veggies flavour,  plus it won’t soak up the melted meat fats afterwards!! 



Yellow Fungus -



Morel and Pork Dumplings – $108 6 Pieces
The recipes change seasonally slightly.  This was excellent !
The skin held up to the boiling whilst waiting for the pork to cook inside!



Crab Tomalley & Crab Roes in Shrimp Balls – $138
Very good flavour.  The balls here are subject to season and I noticed some of what we ate,  differed slightly from what people previously ate.


Daily Mixed 3 Mushrooms – $118
Today we have Yellow Chanterelle,  Shimeji and Shiitake



An Assortment of Mushroom Pouches,  Gluten Puffs, Bamboo Pith,  Beancurd Sheets,  Eringi Mushrooms,  Tofu and Vermicelli - 
Sorry I didn’t order this so not sure if its a Rack Set or ordered A La Carte.  I checked and all individual items are $38 each.


Had 2 Pots with 3 Flavours – Some are Chili


Chili Brown Crab with Chicken Hot Pot Base – $388
It comes with a whole crab.  Sweetish soup,  depends on if you boil down the Crustacean flavours for at least 90 mins as I always say…  There are a few tricks to it.   Next time let me try making this again and see if flavour changes or not as experiment : )


There is a Beef Chart -
As mentioned,  from Australia,  America,  Hong Kong local to Japanese Miyazaki Wagyu. 
Actually checking back on the Menu,  many of the secondary cuts are very reasonable,  starting from $138 for 170g for a few items.



American Beef Chuck Meat – (Already half eaten)  $198 266g
This was good but I think I only tried 1 or 2 pieces haha


Hungarian Mangalica Pork Collar Meat – $318 170g
Again this is not the full portion,  some has been eaten already.  I always love this pig and the flavour was strongish here.  A bit pricy but worth a try in a hot pot context – albeit may be order a clear plain soup to maximize the hair boar’s taste.


芒果楊枝甘露 Mango and Pomelo Sago Soup – $58
Yuzu & Aloe Vera Cold Pudding – $58
Green Mung Bean Dessert Soup – $58

Too full by now,  and I am glad we ordered so many rare Chinese mushrooms and vegetable dishes.   It feels less heavy after eating it plus unlike what I read some others said,  I actually think the prices here are on average cheaper than many older hot pot places,  albeit we didn’t over kill by ordering too much to finish.   You can check their latest Item Prices here:



Price:  $350 + 10%  Per Person  (Note I saw others say its $500 each,  guess depends what Beef cuts and how much they ordered.)
Food:   ♕♕♕♕♕

Address:  旺角廣東道1131號香港旺角薈賢居2樓
L’Hotel Mong Kok,  2nd Floor,  1131 Canton Road,  Mong Kok,  Kowloon,  HK
Ph: 3968 7888

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