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Cafe Y Taberna (穌棧) - ♕♕♕♕♕

Cafe Y Taberna is a conceptual idea collaborated by some Artist and Architect owners, who are also very devoted Christians ~ much like its staff members.  This Religious Theme extends to the frontage blackboard next to the sliding doorway which is chalked up and updated daily with passages of meaningful quotes from the bible.  The owners are also into global wines and specialty beers, and as unbelievable as it sounds they even carry the most rarest types than mainstream bars and restaurants.  Their latest recruited Lady chef had honed her cooking skills during a tenure working with ex-Italian boss at Il Padrino, and with an upcoming 2nd restaurant to be opening soon in Wanchai with an emphasis on Thai Food, they have also recently employed a few Thai chefs to look after this part of the equation.  Expect the menu to be filled with either Italian or Thai food options!

The coffee here meanwhile, is the biggest highlight as its well looked after by Vincent, one of my favourite and humblest Baristas in HK, who is also the new Manager of Cafe Y Taberna.   Everything seems quite promising ~  but what will become of its real life performance ?
Handwritten, daily updated Bible proverbs…
Day Time

Night carries a very different Vibe…..
with lit candles !

Hand beaten and grinded beef by the new chef, this is a beefy burger which is cooked to around medium.   Apparently the bun has already been upgraded since the time of this particular visit.  The cheese seemed a bit too commercial in taste and weak, the side salad could have been swapped for some dill pickles -

Their Greek styled Eggplant Moussaka was what prompted me to come here at the very 1st place, since not many places serve it locally in HK (and I love moussaka).  Unfortunately this item is no longer on the latest menu.  This was not made in-house, but nonetheless enjoyable in its terra cotta baked dish.  Wish they would bring it back or made their own version -  8/10
Minestrone soup with garlic toast, a bit weak and the toast under-baked -
Australian Rib-eye Steak -  this was initially cooked too Rare and quite chewy, as Rib-eye steaks with its connective tissues, gristles and a great amount of fat really ought to be cooked more towards medium to med-plus in order to melt or soften its texture.  Luckily this came back re-cooked to a better state, around Medium-Well Done and tasted so much more beefier and softer with that melted fat taste -   7/10

A medley of mixed mushrooms, baked with Truffle paste
(aka non real truffle, but more like champignon paste with a drizzle of truffle oil) -

Penne with tomato, red olives, capers, and anchovy, very much like a toned down & localised version of Puttanesca.  Commercial penne was cooked to al dente, sauce was addictive -  8.5/10
Barista Vincent already knew how to make a great coffee since his time spent training in Cafe Corridor and Cafe Delta, and this coffee made from an Italy blend was nearly spot on, from many months ago – 7/10
Another Cappucino, made by another gentlemen and served with biscotti -

Barista Vincent during a visit recently, had obviously improved his Latte Art skills, as one can see his more velvety foam and well contrasted and defined leafy pattern.  He has improved a lot since my last visit, and I cannot begin to imagine his potential 1 day...   a Well done job !  -  
Espresso’s here varies depending on the freshness of the beans batch, knowing that it's imported from Italy by Wega distributor and Barbera importer Mark, who also competes in the Grand Barista Championships himself –  its hard to define a score, as some days it might be exceptional, but some days, stays a bit muted….  Generally, its pretty smart and is a good blend, with a slight Robusta kick!

Apart from the rare to be seen Hoegaarden Grand Cru which they carry here, they also carry the Kwak with its funnel shaped glass or this grand version of Leffe Vieille Cuvée, which is not even seen in specialty Belgian beer houses in Hong Kong.  Very professional -

Hoegaarden Grand Cru version -
Not many beer houses in Hong Kong carry this grander version,
let alone a small cafe in Tai Hang.  They are very serious about their drinks and food.. -
Items are scribbled onto the wall with Posca pens,
its a little messy for now but last time I heard,
they are going to design and print up a new menu very soon.

Barista Name: Vincent
Coffee Brand: Barbera 'Mago' Blend,  roasted in Italy
Recommended Coffee:   Espresso,  Strong Caffe Latte

Price: $90 - 100 per person
Coffee Score: ★★
Food Score:   ★★

(G/F, 16C King Street, Tai Hang, Tai Han)
Ph: 2577 7165

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  1. i love their coffees, as i visited there a year ago ~
    the owner is the one who work in the way called 'hea' :P but i like this ambience, in which we can truly enjoy our pastime !!



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