Thursday, January 28, 2016

MEZZA9, Grand Hyatt Hotel Macau [ Macau ] - Valentine's Day Special Menu with Some Surprises for $1299 Per Person

 It seems like I have been back to eating at Grand Hyatt Macau quite a few times in the past 2 months or so,  since their Peking Duck downstairs at Beijing Kitchen is probably one of the best I have eaten in the world,  even counting in Beijing itself.  Here we were invited back as a preview to try out the Valentine's Day Dinner Package.   It is priced at MOP $1299 per Person for the following Menu,  but there are some surprises for the lady so I won't post the spoiler here.  But if you are the gentleman booking for a table here,  you can ask the reception what the entire package includes on the phone!

The Mezza9 Valentine's Day Special Menu - $1299 MOP per person

Two Glasses of Veuve Clicquot Rose Champagne are included in the Price - 

Pretty 2 Layered Roses - 

A Fish Maw and Bamboo Pith Soup to Start - 
Surprisingly this was a hearty Chinese Soup to begin with...
Double boiled Nicely ~ 8/10

Champagne Sauce for the Oysters,
Sweet & Sour Chili Fish Sauce for Spring Roll,
Soy Sauce for Sushi Sashimi 

Assorted Sushi,  Sashimi,  French Oysters and Spring Roll for Sharing - 
I jokingly said knowing the customers,  they should include one more piece of Salmon.  Or else the couple can both bite on it together and have an excuse for a kiss !   ~  8/10

French Oyster with Veuve Cliquot Rose Champagne Jelly - 
Interesting combination of flavours!  Its actually pretty strong in the Champagne taste here..

Boston Lobster with Grilled Scallops a la Plancha,  served with Parsnip Mash and Oscietra Caviar - One Dish for Each Person 
The Scallops were huge just like in the above Sashimi platter and well caramelized on the surface.  The Lobster claw was prepared beautifully buttery warm and tender in the mouth.  Overall a lovely seafood dish and you can quote me on this,  not many places can make the lobster and scallops well - I never presume it when I go out dining.  Here was excellent!   ~  8.5/10

Lemon Lime and Vodka Sherbet - Palate Cleanser
Very sour and refreshing,  I really loved this before the next Main Course,  plus it isn't icy like a granita like many places make it.   The Sherbet/Sorbet itself is not too alcoholic but I soon learned why,  the Vodka melted away from the ice quicker and when you drink the bottom,  it's very vodka like!

Wagyu Tenderloin with Red Peppercorns and Sea Salt,  Black Truffled Jus Sauce,  a Pumpkin and I believe Orange Puree,  served with Grilled Duck Foie Gras,  Morel Mushrooms and Vegetables -  1 Dish Each 
This was a thick slab of wagyu beef cut and the way I like it,  served well grilled and warm.  The vegetables cocotte actually won everyone's heart,  the sauce within was very hearty and suited  the Asparagus,  Duck Foie Gras and the Morel and other Mushrooms well.  Needed some bread to dip into them to mop up the sauce...  ~  8.5/10

Duck Foie Gras Poele with Morel Mushrooms and Assorted Vegetables side -
I hardly see everyone finish their veggies on the table but everyone did this time around!  If I could have this for lunch as a warm salad every day I will be happy!

Rose and Chocolate Fondue for Two - 
Comes with the colorful New Year pastel Chocorons,  Choux Pastries filled with Flavored Creme Patissiere,  also Peeled Fruit Cup and last but not least,  the Home Made Ice Creams and Sorbet scoops to dip into the Rose Chocolate Fondue...  ~  8/10

The Ice Cream and Sorbet on top of a bed of Cocoa Nibs - 
The good thing about this is that the ice cream were frozen very cold yet not icy.  So even after dipping into the warm chocolate fondue,  it was just ready to eat!  

Price: $1299 + 10% Per Person  ( This Preview Meal by Invitation by the Hotel)
Food: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: 路氹城連貫公路新濠天地澳門君悅酒店3樓
3/F, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Cotai, Macau
Ph: 8868 1930

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

AQUA Weekend Brunch [Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong ] - with Unlimited Veuve Cliquot Champage & Cocktails, Tsukiji Sushi Sashimi, Burrata, a Main Course and Dessert $598

Aqua,   at Beijing No. 1 is currently offering a weekend Brunch with Unlimited Free-Flow of Veuve Cliquot Champagne and also their Cocktails.   Call me lucky,  but I was able to experience the plethora of unlimited Appetizers and drinks (actually I was detoxing that period so didn't receive any at all,  but I stick to my schedule discipline as always),  but the unlimited refills of Ham,  Burrata Cheese,  Fried Olives,  and fresh Sashimi won me over.  And you still get a Main Course and Dessert on top of the Free-Flow Champagne deal for only $598.   What a bargain..

Menu - Weekend Brunch with many Unlimited Items,
including French Champagne & Cocktails... For only $598

Edamame Beans to start - 
This is a Western and Japanese restaurant,  so not surprised it carries both elements.

Maki Sushi Rolls - Unlimited Refills with Champagne for only $598
The Flame-grilled Mentaiko and Scallop Roll was the highlight for us,  we were sort of fighting over them.  But the slightly spicy Tuna Negitoro ura-maki was equally great and fatty..  ~  8/10

Fresh Flown-in Sashimi from Tsukiji Market Japan and other Countries - Unlimited
This was such a good deal and the Maguro Tuna quality was so marbled decent even for Akami red meat!!  The other Hamachi Yellow tail and Botan ebi prawns were also crunchy fresh..  Encored two plates of these ~  9/10

Some Vegetarian Avocado and Cucumber Maki rolls - Unlimited
In case you want some Vegetarian options,  which they have quite a few here especially their pastas for Main Course.

Burrata Cheese,  Fried Stuffed Olives,  Mushrooms,  Lingua Tongue,  Prosciutto Ham,  Stuffed Peppers, Grilled Eggplants,  Mortadella, etc -  Unlimited for Buffet
Yes you heard right.  Not only is the Veuve Cliquot Champagne Free-flow all day,  even their Burrata Cheese and Antipasti platter is for the $598.   Amazing deal and the Burrata was superb,  fresh and creamy tasty...   ~  9/10 

Some Italian local Olives - 
Fairly fresh tasting and not too briny or salty,  just the way I like them.  Actually it's coincidental that at my last post,  the HMV Causeway Store also had equally great green olives..

Virgin Bloody Mary - 
For the detoxing in us.  The normal version here is made with Sake..

Some Bread with a Garlicky Aioli spread - 

Turkey filled Ravioli with Guanciale Pork Cheek Ham -  Main Course
1 Main is included in the Buffet.  This was back then the more Christmas Specialty dish.  Not mine dish but apparently this was really lovely and the portion was surprisingly big.

Grilled Angus Sirloin - Main Course
This was cooked to the right degree and came with Zucchini and Carrot and Meat Jus on the side.  To me a sirloin always has a slight chew so this was normal meaty at performance,  what one would expect from the many Steak houses opening in HK lately.  ~  7.5/10

Grillled Polenta on a bed of Potato Mash - Main Course
The presentation was kind of fun with the smooth surface of the potato.  If I didn't read the menu I would have guessed its creamy polenta instead!  

Free-Flow Veuve Cliquot Brut all day long - $598 with all the above food and this and cocktails is honestly unbeatable..

Dessert Platter for 4 People - 1 Per Table

Ice Cream filled Choux Pastries - 
Interesting that they serve these for the buffet here.  Have to say its quite unique in HK context.  Loved them..  ~  8/10  

Lemon and Lime Sorbet - 
This was made in house and using Italian lemons.  Very refreshing and smooth,  not icy at all.  Again this had everyone fighting for it..  ~  10/10

The Night View at Aqua is famous - 
Have to say this is my 1st time coming here whilst the Sun is still shining,  and it is still a lovely view for brunch and that pricing point,  really was unbeatable!  Glad we came to suss it out in December !

Price - HKD $598 Per Person with Free flow Champagne and Cocktail on Weekends  + 10%
Food: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 to ♕♕♕♕♕  

Address: Beijing Road No.1,  Floor 29,  Tsim Sha Tsui,  Hong Kong

Friday, January 22, 2016

HMV Flagship Store 【 Causeway Bay 】- Happy Hour with Aperitvo Hour on Monday

 Monday is when the new HMV Flag Ship store Restaurant Thrive and shows you the Substance during 5 - 7pm.   Courtesy to the idea of the New CEO friend,  they are offering a new Aperol Spritz cocktail for only $48 and it comes with many Aperitivo snack items. The food is actually prepared by the Ex-Michelin 1* Chef Macy behind MIC Kitchen and 3* trained Bo Innovation.  

Apparently she has a new Romantic Valentine's Day Menu planned soon too...  Guess I am not lucky enough to bring any new dates in time in 2016 to savor it thus far in time.. Let's see!

Some Mediterranean Olives to Start -
These were nicely brined and not too salty for an HMV Cafe

Aperol Spritz Cocktail - 5 - 7pm $48 
Normally this is $88 dollars and it even includes the below Aperitivo Hour food Italian style ..

Canapés items.  The food is actually quite thoughtful -Here are some Parma Ham wrapped around some Frisée leaves.. 

Seems like Most People are Ready for their Food -  
Or Cameras always get ready 1st..

Spotted this Prosciutto Ham with Frisée Salad Wrap - Hey I am going to get myself some..  Sort of hungry 

Roasted Beef Wrap -
With Rockets.  Beefy.  I was thinking this was too good to be a HMV outlet already. 

Fried Onions,  Egg Frittata,  Onion Rings and Purple Sweet Potato Chips -
All done pretty well here ~ 9/10 

Price - HKD $48 Happy Hour Mondays to $250 Per Person + 10% 
Food: ♕♕♕♕♕     

Address:  2/F & 3/F, Pearl City, 22-32 Peterson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Tel: +852 25043669


Monday, January 18, 2016

心夜來潮 【 Hong Kong 】- Most Traditional 潮州 Chiu Chow or Teo Chew Home Dishes. For one of the Influential Cuisines within Asia that sprang from Home Land within Canton, all the way to HK, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia. Also Taiwan. The richest Man in Asia is also from this Region.

  It is quite hilarious when you meet some so-called friends here in HK.  A few years down the track - all of a sudden they didn't agree on a certain issue and just disappear off the radar.  They will actually do the most lowly trick of things to block you on Facebook and never allow you to view their Online Posts again.  Go get a life,  I expected better as a human,  but life has taught u to not expect much else.   And this is precisely why I trust myself and only my Parents.   Such Low Intelligence people appear every day in your life and are unfair..  Back to the Topic

手工捻面猴 - Chiu Chow or Teo Chew style Thick Noodles.

This was exceptedly Lovely indeed.  Been here a few times and this was cooked by the mom side.  Miss this already ~ 9/10.  Some mushrooms,  dried prawns and pickles taste.  

潮州菜茶.  Quite Simliar to Hakka 客家雷茶 -

Both of these tea soup dishes were close geographically to each other during recent Centuries,  so would not be surprised if they descended from each other somewhat.  This was quite healthy Vegetables like,  the Hakka Version on average Measurement was more grinded thick green.  This Chiu Chow version here was more fresh and un-grinded with the Veggies but filled with chopped cabbage  ~ 9/10

小米餃 - Always my Favourite item here.  

Made using Grounded Pork and Flounder Fish Floss,  served in a 粉粿 Fun Gor style chewy dumpling skin.  Wished this was on HK Island side instead and I will have this every week! 😘

獅蚶 Some relative to Akagai,  Marinated with Garlic and is Whiter than the Blacker tanned type -

 At the end of the day,  it depends on your Dining Companion 😊. Anything else is will be too sweet for measuring for me ..😻😻❤️

Fried Fish Cake.  With Plenty of White Pepper Spice -

Nicely Crunchy if not quite Too quite White Peppery in Performance.  Dipped into a Thai style Sweet and Spicy sauce today..

Price - HKD $83
Food: ♕♕♕♕♕ 

心夜來潮,  旺角塘尾道18號嘉禮大廈地下A舖
Tel: +852 2857673


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