Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Linguini Fini, New Suckling Pig’s Feast

 Lingini Fini is part of the original Homegrown Foods movement,  a pioneer of its kind in Hong Kong but lately it seems to have been forgotten a little bit by the press - especially about it's original mission to have everything home grown and made in-house.  Such a bold concept takes courage and persistency,  and also continuous marketing.   It still house-cures all of their salumi meats as well as making in house pastas via extraction machines,  or through manual press methods.   They also have a sister restaurant Posto Pubblico which was born before this concept,  and Stone Nullah Tavern does more trendier Chefy dishes with flair.   Back here at Linguini Fini,  they are doing a Pig's Feast promotion for $498 a head nowadays.   Basically if you come with a table of 4 or more people, you will receive a whole suckling pig and various other dishes to share,  just like Lord of the Flies style but in an almost picnic setting inside.     



Salumi Platter - With Finocchiona, Lonza,  Picante & Lardo Fat -
Also comes with some house Giardiniera pickles.  The fennel sausages were really awesome and moist but the Lardo Fat stole the show,  it was infused with the right herbs and salt and melts in your mouth,  it was up to the best of the Italian Arnad, Colonnata, Cinta Senese and Spanish Iberico Lardo standards.  Prosciutto ham meanwhile was a bit dry to my liking.  Overall package:   7/10



Bread Basket -
It’s been similar for the last 2 years. 
It’s not bad,  but could do with better Olive Oil.



White Mersault Burgundy -
The 2nd bottle was much more oakier but more balanced.  Drink up!




House Made Burrata Cheese with Tomato,  Basil,  Olive oil,  and Pepper -
This Burrata is made of Mozzarella, Mascarpone and Ricotta cheese and is huge.  I have had this many times,  it is still decent albeit less Mozzarella-like than the usual offerings,  but more like a Burracotta in taste.  The succulent and sweet home grown tomatoes were actually my favorite component in the dish!  ~ 7/10


Homemade Spicy Pork Sausage with Roasted Garlic Mostarda - $108
This sausage seems to have grown in size !!    ~ 8/10




Brooklyn Special Pizza - with Fried Eggplant,  Roasted Pepper, 
Garlic and Mozzarella Cheese $248 18"

Remember Pizzeria Pubblico?  This is now back inside Linguini Fini along the pasta section.   This pizza was so big and based on the New York style pizza base.  ~  7/10


Spaghetti Pomodoro -
House extracted and cooked to a very Al Dente state.  Served with some pretty sour tomato sugo and basil.  It was quite refreshing.   ~  7/10



Fazzoletti pasta with Nose-to-Tail Ragu from Pork Testa,  Veal and Beef Oxtail - $198
A signature dish here.   I thought the pasta sheets got thinner than in the past,  which made them susceptible to being slightly overcooked too soft.   Other than that,  the ragu sauce was still rich and herbal,  topped with grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.  ~  8/10  (except the egg pasta can be cooked to be less flappy)



Roasted Suckling Pig Porchetta -
Wow, it had a thin crispy skin and the aroma was the best of it's kind.  The stuffing was very fragrant with the herbs.  The meat was also tender and meaty for once -  this was definitely one very high quality pig and with the sheer size of it....  I can't believe they give it out for only 4 people's reservation!  Super addictive and done so well.  Actually the skin being wafer thin was so Cantonese-Chinese than Italian or Spanish or Portuguese style,  but somehow they pulled off this trick so well.    ~  10/10


Roasted Potatoes with Rosemary and Sea Salt -
Done decently well with some crispy edges and well seasoned.  A lot of places stuff up this simple carb dish in Hong Kong.   But here they did it reasonably convincing enough..  ~  8/10




Roasted Homegrown Organic Vegetables -
Some veggies with the meat never hurts..




Some Morstada sauce to go with the above Pig and Side Dishes -




Dessert Platter -
Tiramisu,   Chocolate cake,  Blueberry Cheesecake, Almond & Berries Panna cotta,  Mango Sorbet with Fresh Berries.   The tiramisu is definitely different to the past wetter version in a chocolate cup -  I prefer this one for the right texture and taste.  The Sorbet was refreshing and strong in taste.  Overall,  Tracy's desserts here have improved and I actually am starting to enjoy them quite a lot!    ~  9/10




Price: $108 (Lunch)  to $200-250 per person (Night).  This Particular Meal was by Invitation by Linguini Fini Group.
Food:  ♕♕♕ 1/2 to  ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: 中環皇后大道中139號
1/F, The L Place, 139 Queen's Road Central, Central
Ph: 2857 1333

Monday, April 28, 2014

Okinawa Buffet at The Greenery II, Royal Garden Hotel

  There are many Buffet Restaurants in Hong Kong,  some are rather mediocre,  some are more upper end but then charges accordingly.    As someone who doesn’t eat too much in one session,  personally speaking after trying many of them,   a clearer image is starting to emerge and a few clearly stand out from a Value point of view.  Namely here at The Greenery (Review I),  Mandarin Oriental’s Clipper Lounge and the aforementioned Café Express review.   Mr Steak a la minute is also a good venue if you are after unlimited Wagyu and freshly shucked Oysters and their occasional Sea urchins.   If you can think of any other options outside of these 4,  feel free to leave a comment beneath for me to explore too..! 



Okinawa Hata Sea Grouper fish -
They currently offer an Japanese Okinawa themed buffet together with the Okinawa Tourism Board,  until middle of May 2014.   You can also experience it under the same Hotel Group’s INA and Inagiku 稲菊 restaurants. 

Free flow Juices - 
With Okinawa Shikuwasa lime juice with Honey. 
They are serious with the Okinawan theme.  1st time I saw this unique Calamsansi-like juice in Hong Kong,  but which tastes more sour and kumquat like.



Sashimi and Sushi section -
It’s well known that they provide good and fresh options here. 



Hamachi,  Salmon and Ika Calamari Sashimi -
They have a few more on offer,  but this was a friend’s plate.


Flame-grilled Aburi Sushi -  Flounder Engawa,  Prawns and Salmon
The rice was too big for me.   At least they offered something unique in a Buffet setting.





Blue Swimmer Crabs -





Okinawa Chanpuru - Fried Eggs with Bitter melon.  Also Pork Knuckles & Mozuku seaweed.
This fits in with the Okinawa theme this month.  I couldn’t find much tofu however and the eggs can be cooked slightly more runnier to me, but the bitter melon flavour was strong and sweet. ~ 6.9/10




Okinawa Purple Sweet Potato Mont Blanc -
Piped just the way we found in Okinawa.   This could have a stronger sweet potato taste for me.   ~  6.9/10




Apricot Tart -
This was so pretty and baked well.   I had a bite and it was definitely spot-on.  If you have quota,  you can eat the whole thing.  I would too if I can!!  ~  9/10


Okinawa Black Sugar Pork Ribs -
Pretty tender and flavorful from the darken caramlized coating.   ~  8/10




Beef Brisket with Okinawa Daikon radish -
I wanted to try this but I had no quota left.  But was told this was really sweet.


Yakitori Grill Section -
I have had this before.   But personally,  I think most grill sticks look a bit dry to my liking,  may be it could do with more caramelized sauce glazing?     But good to find in a buffet setting of course.




Roast Pork,  Char Siu, Chicken,  and Goose Section -
Pretty pro for a Buffet again.  I didn’t touch it much this time,  as for some reason,  the roast items looked a bit drier than in the past for me.  But the chicken was still decent.. 



We already know what we are after here in the Roast section -
Their Chicken Rice is very famous and I have to agree.  The rice especially is fluffy,  full of fragrance.  Apparently this was an adopted recipe from Singapore Mandarin Oriental’s Chatterbox,  when they previously did a cross-over event .   This is actually better than Chatterbox nowadays.    ~  8/10




Seafood Platter with Unlimited Crab Legs and Crawfish -
Many Hotel restaurants provide there nowadays,  but it depends on how well they are boiled or defrosted from the ships.   The ones here were decent and not too salty-briny, and plump enough.   ~  7/10




Shisha from Okinawa says hi !
It’s not the fruit flavoured shisha pipes either.  This is their name in Japanese.




One of the Best Roasted Prime Ribs Beef in town -
This is cooked with USA 1855 Beef,  one of their signature items here.  It is flavorful and tender as always,  so soft but inundated with oil and meaty taste.  A lot of buffet restaurants offer a similar item,  but this one has always been the measuring stick for me.  And again it performed tonight.  Definitely an Encore item.   ~  9/10



Chicken Tikka Masala -
This was cooked really well and with depth.  It actually beats many other more famous hotel versions in town.   We were so happy to see this.   On the other hand,  the Naan bread was too flat and not burnt enough.   ~  8/10


Okinawa Sea Grapes “Umi Budo” with Crab Meat Salad -
I like the appeal of this,  but the amount of Sea Grapes they give to you,  granted it’s a buffet restaurant,  is miniscule.   I guess I can request for more sea grapes privately?   They are so cheap in Okinawa so I expected more somehow!   ~  6/10

Okinawa AGU Pork and US Beef Slices -
Available here unlimited. 




Also other Seafood and the Final Pork Noodles  -
It really is good value for money.   The base broth made similar to a Tan Tan noodles with sesame was excellent.  ~  9/10




Gigantic Fried Hiroshima Oysters -
So lovely and unexpected.   ~  8/10




Bread Basket with toaster on side -
The breads here are good,  don’t miss out on the Grissini.  Which is one of the best versions in town even if served inside a Buffet. 



Spring Sweet Potato Udon Noodles and Bitter melon Udon -




Haagen Dazs Ice Cream -
I need some in this weather!




Bread & Butter Pudding -



Dessert Section -
Royal Garden hotel is famous for their pastries and desserts, starting from the Tony Wong period. Here it trickles down to their Buffet Restaurant.  It’s one of the most professional dessert counters in town definitely.


Pandan Leave Crepe with Bananas,  and Mango Sorbet with Vanilla Ice Cream -
With slivers of almonds.  Just the way I like it and this is also one of their signature desserts here.   ~ 8/10




So many Thoughtful desserts with Okinawa Produce in mind -
Posting the review slightly late,  but this would still be available until middle of May 2014. 



The Hotel Space above the Buffet area -
I personally still think The Greenery is one of the best Value for Money buffets in town and they always come up with thoughtful recipes.   Usually we go to download a Discount Coupon from,  which saves you around 25% 




Price:  $528 Per Person + 10%  (Download 25% Discount Voucher from
Dinner:  ♕♕♕♕ to ♕♕♕♕♕

Address: 尖沙咀麼地道69號帝苑酒店3樓
3rd Floor,  Royal Garden Hotel,  Mody Road,  Tsim Sha Tsui East,  Hong Kong.
Ph: +852  2733 2030


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