Thursday, September 29, 2016

SKYE Rooftop Bar & Dining [ Hong Kong ] - Newly Opened in September 2016, Chef Adams is a Protege of UK Celebrity Chef Gary Rhodes

 Head Chef Lee Adams and his team are leading the Kitchen at the newly refurbished space on the 27th Floor of Pullman Hotel,  previously home to RIVA Restaurant.  We have booked a reservation as far back as 3 months ago during June before it had opened,  as we knew from insider information that it was scheduled to open around September 2016 and it was going to be a complete overhaul with much ambition.  Adams was trained under UK Celebrity Chef Gary Rhodes,  and has since then been working in multiple Michelin starred Kitchens.  The food menu here is predominantly Contemporary French,  although London just being across the other side of the harbor,  one can probably feel that this somehow has a Modern British accent simultaneously.. 

The new SKYE Bar & Dining,
on top of the refurbished The Park Lane Hong Kong, Pullman Hotel -

Frankie Goes to Hollywood - $110
Variation of a Clover Club, Sweet and Frothy, with Hazelnut to compliment the Raspberry is its original Autumn intention. I personally thought this was slightly sweetish and might be quite girly

Bread Basket - with Crispy Bread, Focaccia & Boule Baguette,
This is served with a Citrus and also a Harissa Spice Butter

Slow Poached Lobster, Baby Fennel Tempura, Cucumber & Chives Vinaigrette, Mache Leaves - HKD $370 
This was a refreshing Lobster dish. I think I like the idea of the flavor combinations, although the lobster meat itself could be cooked more transparent rarer to suit the Hong Kong customers preference?

Fried Oyster Beignets in Sorrel Veloute & Preserved Lemon - $150
The idea of a savory beignet was always going to intrigue me. The oysters inside were very plump and barely batter fried. For whatever reason too, finding sorrel herbs in HK is super rare, so it was good to revisit this slightly tangy herb which suits seafood and crustacean so much. Nom! 

Duck Ham, Crispy Egg Yolk, Peas, Watercress Puree, Plum Jam - HKD $110
I ordered some of my own dishes,  whereas others ordered their own preferences.  This and a few other dishes were on my radar as soon as I read them on the Menu, as it is rare to find these in HK context.  This was excellent and the Duck Ham was more moist than is air dried,  which reminds me of the Goose Ham served at Madam Sixty Ate too..

Caramelized Veal Sweet Bread, Shaved Truffle, Artichoke & Madeira Jus Glaze - HKD $280 
These were glazed well and almost sugary crispy on the surface,  and not mushy nor over cooked.  One of the best Ris de Veau I have eaten in Hong Kong.  I wished there was slightly more truffle or sweetbread however at this pricing point.

Marjoram-Spiced Rack of Lamb, Black Trompettes, Fava Beans, Smoked Soft Polenta, Glazed Baby Onions, Aioli - $420
I took a bite of this from my friend and this was excellent.  Good meat flavor but not too gamey, tender and marbled.  The seasonal black trumpets definitely complimented the soft polenta well, together with the lamb.

Lavender Honey Breast of Barbarie Duck, Glazed Baby Turnips, Savoy Cabbage, Duck Egg, Meat Confit Croquettes with Duck Beer Jus. HKD $340 

Banana Bread Pain Perdu, Roast Banana Ice Cream, Black Cherry Puree, Caramel 'Paper' - $110
This was well caramelized on the surface,  and upon biting in I thought it reminded me more of Spanish Torrijas,  the relative to French Toast.  May be because the base bread itself was more buttery brioche like.  It could do with slightly more eggy coating and it will be perfect!

Iced Lemon Parfait, Raspberry, Sherbet Powder & Freeze Dried, Shortbread & Hendricks Gin Gel - $100 Tangy & Cold but not too Milky, it's Refreshing.  This is a traditional French parfait dessert but the addition of other elements made this as modern Molecular as it is slightly British/UK with the crumbly shortbread.  

Soft 66% Caraibe Valrhona Chocolate Moelleux, Malted Milk Ice Cream,
Cocoa Nib Tuile, Coffee Syrup, Almond Cocoa Crumble - $110This was surprising personally because instead of the usual Mi Cuit or Moelleux, Lava cakes, this sat much flatter.  Nevertheless it was still very runny inside and what's more likable is that it's not cloyingly sweet,  just right!  Loved this and the Nibs Tuile which was more like a Croquant to me.  Highly recommended definitely!

Inside Dining Space - 
We tried and shared more dishes but I didn't try enough of them to evaluate,  but the Seabass I tried was moist and crispy on the skin too,  and serving portions here were quite big.  Another friend had the Wagyu Beef dish and that turned out rather huge,  and was well seared outside to be nearly 'crispy' and full of both meatiness and wagyu fat flavor.  Wished I tried more of that than just a small bite to swap for my Duck,  but until next time!   This space is looking very promising indeed and unique in HK's Dining Scene when it comes to the recipes and philosophy behind..

Price: Around HKD $780 + 10% for Tasting Menu 
Food: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 to ♕♕♕♕♕

Address: 銅鑼灣告士打道310號柏寧酒店27樓 
27/F, The Park Lane Hong Kong, 310 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay
Ph: +852 28393327


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