Thursday, October 20, 2016

Huawei Matebook - [ Hong Kong ] This new Hot Item is aimed at the Right Clientele and the Pricing Region.

 As someone who is running Always on the Go,  it is imperative for us to carry around the right equipment daily and hopefully last the day with enough batteries to get online somehow.  Light weight Computers and Flat beds are currently taking over the roaming world, with i-Pad's, Microsoft Service Books, and nowadays Huawei the 3rd largest Smart Phone maker - also releasing their latest Matebook series for around HKD $6000-7000. We got hold of them for a few hours to try them for a testing day, and I have to say this is much lighter than my current ASUS Notebook and the Screen was very bright with the Retina resolution Display, and nicely saturated in colors, and most attractive of all this carries also around 9-10 Hours of Continuous Usage upon a full recharge. 

The Matebook comes with a Full Size Keyboard,  illuminated in the Dark.  Also the Pen which acts like a Mouse, and also Hand Drawn capabilit
and with the rear is installed a Red Laser light for Presentations.  Pretty thoughtful..

The below 700g weight is quite acceptable,  with a Stand-Up configuration with the Keyboard attachment -

I liked this balance a lot,  as we don't have to hug around a much heavier and very battery draining laptop with us everyday

The Size of the Matebook vs Weight is rather Appealing - 
It can travel for long distances with ease..

The Screen is Sharp and with good Contrast, Colors and Saturation accuracy,  Also their Resolution too -
Was pretty impressed by this,  as it is better than the current Laptop I am currently typing this review on too.

Here is the Pen - 
It can act like a casual Mouse Pointer too,  ever so thoughtful and good to do some Sketch Drawings, 

Draw some Sketches on the Huawei Matebook to test its Capability - 
It is pretty sensitive enough and just takes more time to acclimatize to the Software in Windows 10.. I did heard the Apple i-OS system is also good in this regard and smoother slightly in comparison,  although this to me was sensitive enough..

An Artist doing Drawings of a Girl, also present at the Huawei Matebook Release Event - 
The accuracy shows how delicate and sensitive the electronic pen is,  even to the amazement of he Artist themselves.  

Trying out the Red Laser for their Power Point and other Presentations - 
It worked sufficiently enough.  Although to me Food and Decoration is more about iPhone pics..

Miss Chrissie Chau 周秀娜 was also Invited over,  and was playing on the Huawei's latest Hardware and also Software release of the Matebook -  Having played with the latest iPads,  Microsoft Surface and also now Huawei Matebook - I have to say the Screen on the Huawei was the most convincing package.  It carries a very quick corresponding touch screen shot and was nicely contrasted colorful screen.  


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