Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Le Boucherie Francais [Hong Kong] - French Steak House & Wines, a Novelty of its kind and Almost Affordable

  There has been an influx of French shop openings lately in Hong Kong!  One could only speculate that this stemmed from and is related to the 0% Wine Tax policy the HK Government has imposed on Wine Imports these days, creating many jobs and apparently there are closer to 30,000 French expats currently working and based in Hong Kong, and some are also working up in China as well! This could only spell good news for our Culinary City, and some of the best of the best French ingredients are now available in our City gradually. Le Boucherie Francais in Wanchai just opened about 2 months ago and their French Beef butchering technique and prices are decent, around $58 to $88 dollars per 100g, and butchered in the traditional French ways.  A Picanha steak cut on the other hand here is probably more Brazilian inspired, but nowadays also trendy popular in France and is also served as a Prime Rump Cap cut at the Michelin recommended Atelier Vivanda from Paris and in Hong Kong nearby as well to here..  It all depends on how well you know your steak cuts, and whether you can pick your own fav choices..

A Variety of Appetizers & Meats from mostly Beef, Veals, and Lamb -
The meat cuts and preparations are very typically French from their own individual regions. There are also French Mangalica pork ham, which is usually associated with Hungarian Black Pigs, but were historically from France in DNA.  You may also find a Caillette meat loaf on the menu, which traditionally is made with Caul's fat wrapping, but here is made with Spinach leaf wrapping around the meat instead and a healthier alternative.

Domaine Giraud Chateauneuf du Pape from Rhone Valley -
By the glass, HKD $130. Great quality and by the bottle it's around $900+ HKD.  Around 400% mark up though. I actually expected better value here, but people will pay for this anyway, but not for me permanently except on the Special occasions...

Bavette d'Alloyau Skirt Steak - HKD $58/100g
In French, Bavette steaks are either divided into a 'Skirt' steak like this one here, or the redder leaner Bavette 'Flank' steak. The nearby gamier muscle of Hanger steak is called an Onglet. The Bavette d'Alloyau is nowadays highly prized due to its marbling, good flavors, despite being thinly butchered, just like the Onglet Hanger steak cousin or the above mentioned Picanha Rump cap.  This is just the French interpretation nowadays, and I am sure the Americans, British, Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, Australians, Argentinians, etc will all take a different approach to its preference. At the end of the day, this was what I wanted to order tonight. Especially when the Hanger Onglet today seemed to be on the narrower girth side this night, which I didn't think would be converted that well from instinct on their pans used.  This Bavette d'Alloyau Skirt steak this night was cooked well, but slightly lacking some flame grilling aroma from the pan-searing method.  But it is still enjoyable... just not maximising its potential enough yet. ~ 7/10

Bavette d'Alloyau 200g for HKD $116 -
Add on top another $50 for grilling in house.  Still very reasonable. Even if it is not a Steak Frites concept with Fries included ..

Gratinated Potato Dauphinois - HKD $70
A typical French potato starchy side serve to a Beef Steak, apart from the Frites potatoes, which requires an oil fryer.  This was done really well and lovely, with a creamy texture. It's a little bit optimistic on the pricing side, just likes their wines.. But I guess the reasonable Steak prices make up for it somewhat.  All in all, a meal like this costed me around the $380 mark per person. So it is still quite reasonable, and I would be back.  And also would be coming back for their other Cold appetizer items and cheeses...  My only smallest of all gripes is that I think their Wine prices could be lowered slightly to be fairer, I mean, we are all here to drink more Wines than to Eat to be merrier, aren't we all?  (Well not so me, coz I don't drink much, but I am thinking for everybody else coming in trying to have a good time here!!)

Price: HKD $380 Per Person with 1 Glass of Wine
Food: ♕♕♕ 1/2 to ♕

Address: G/F, 5-7 Swatow Street, Wan Chai
Phone: +852 21727686


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