Monday, June 29, 2015

Bungalow, Fine Dining before it Converts into a Dancing Floor -

 Bungalow Club at it’s current location beneath Dragon-i is the same as when Prive Club 1st started to thrive in the days and then expanded onwards.  Nowadays under their realm they have the likes of also Michelin 1* NUR,  Common Room,  Assembly,  LEVELs Club,  here,  Amazake and a few more places in Tsim Sha Tsui Knutsford Terrace.   Bungalow is a European dining restaurant by night,  but after the night service is finished not long after it switches over into a night club when the tables are cleared.  Interesting concept and the Taiwanese-New York Chef here makes some really convincing food but not many people know about it as yet in town!




Newly re-renovated Bar side -
As someone who clubs around in Lan Kwai Fong probably at least 1-2 times a week but occasionally I don’t go for months hehe,  as we all do choose our own methods to chillax depending on the mood…   I think this new design is more convenient comfortable than previously indeed.  The last decoration here had a whole heap of tables and a longitudinal bar hogging up the spaces.  This to me makes more spatial sense.. 




Good Bread to Start off with -
As with sister restaurant NUR by the same Prive Group,  the bread here were very very decent.  The Sourdough had the right sour aroma taste and not too soft,  slow fermented.   The other bread not pictured well enough,  was a Foccacia like bread with plenty of Rosemary and Parmesan aroma.  Very good and I keep cliche-ing lately that,   Hong Kong really does have good bread nowadays since 2014-2015 if you look correctly!

This was a Lemony Limoncello based Cocktail with Vodka and Egg-white Foam -
It’s actually off menu.  I think this could do with a bit more on the alcoholic side.  It was lovely but a bit too mild,  or may be I am hardcore too much.  One never knows : )


Aligot with Smoked Cheese,  Potatoes, Japanese Poached Egg, 
Salted Cod Brandade and Espelette Pepper -   $148
The chances of finding a cheesy potato Aligot in Hong Kong was really close to zero as a French concept,  but when its mixed with my favourite cod brandade and then a Japanese egg I had to order it.   Whilst I loved this Concept, I think both the Cheese flavour and saltiness of the Cod can be stronger on the whole and more pronounced.  I mean in general, this is expected on European side anyway.     ~ 7/10




Tuna Ribbon – $178
With Ginger broth,  Radish,  Lime Juice,  Avocado puree, etc.  Someone online mentioned this is almost an exact replica of a Jean Georges recipe in New York City -  I guess there is always a bit of copying around in the food world.    Recipes aside,  I found the Tuna quality to be too good like a good fatty toro and therefore it could handle much less acidity curing like a ceviche/tiraditos.  If the natural ingredient was this good I prefer to taste it more neutral sweet.   ~ 7/10



Octopus Slow-cooked & Charred,  Grapes, Harrisa Spice and Chorizo bits – $148
With Crispy Fried potato slices.  This recipe is so like something I would make myself,  it is exotic and it’s Mediterranean in nature..  I really admired this dish for both taste and concept.   Even the halved grapes performed their parts.  ~ 8.5/10



Japanese Mussels with a Garlic Brioche – $168
I over heard that the Japanese mussels tonight are from 宮城県 Miyagi.  They turned out to be boldly excellent and strong in mollusc taste.  Hard to explain this but many of the so-called Mussels and Blue Mussels in this world just taste significantly better only at their origins locations then lose flavour as they are shipped out.   This one here today was superb even without a lot of broth to support it.  From my perspective,  I believe it can definitely handle more wines or beers too just because the mussels were so bold in flavours.   I really love this  ~ 8/10




Hand-made Capellini Pasta with a Reduced Carrot & Tomato Bolognese,
Green Pesto sauce, Ricotta Cheese and Cashews – $178

Super umami packed for a Vegetarian dish.   I think it’s a little bit optimistic on the price for a totally Vegetarian course.  Taste-wise this was amazing but I don’t think I will order this again knowing its ingredients lol  ~ 9/10 




Smoked Duck Breast with Cherry & Spiced Pepper Glaze, Haricot Verts & Parsnip Purée - $228
The Duck Breast was beautifully sliced up.  Let’s try their breast haha..  The Cherry-Duck glaze sauce was addictive,  the parsnip puree was almost expectedly cliche but a common pairing.   The smokiness flavour wasn’t too apparent though and I think this bit can be improved!   ~ 8/10




Chicken Thigh Roulade, Pan Fried Spatzle, Brussel Sprouts & Mustard Juice – $248
Skin was quite crispy and the meat had a strong flavor, but it was the Spatzle pasta which totally stole the show for me as they were the crispier cooked type and went so well with our cocktails.. One of my preferred dishes for the night and I would return just for it.   ~ 8.5/10



Brussels Sprouts with Bacon & Balsamic Vinegar -
This is a trusted combination.  The art with cooking this dish is always balancing between boiling the sprouts and then well-caramelizing them,  it’s actually not easy without the right equipment!  I have my own take on this but sorry I don’t share it online coz it’s my own Intellectual Property for now : ).  Let’s just say it involves a mustard hehe   ~ 8/10



Cheesecake,  Cherry Compote,  Creme Anglaise – $88
Classical and very lovely.  It has that Philadelphia Cream Cheese taste but without the density,  it was expectable but to me,  the micro-bits were very well fine tuned.  ~ 7/10

Melon Salad – $88
Sous-vide compressed of different Melons.  With Mint,  Edible Flowers,  Pineapple Jelly,  Coconut.   I was so full by this stage but I remembered some Coconut ice granita within.  It’s a lovely and sophisticated dessert,  the compressed fruits were almost meaty dense.  But what entices the crowd to come into Bungalow to eat is the pertinent next question?  For me,  desserts are almost the functional key and I think they could make their desserts even more enticing even more.  Which,  wouldn’t it be right up their alley as the Head Chef here is also a trained Pastry Chef.  Surely he can pull some tricks under his sleeves..!  ~ 7.5/10


Pear and Almond Tart,  Creme d’amandes,  Vanilla Ice Cream – $88
This sounds so politically correct and might be thoughtful from the Pastry Team where they tried to perfect the recipe.  I think this could be more caramelized on the surface though.  Speaking from the bottom of my heart.  I am a fan of Caramelization Angel.. ~ 7.5/10



Price:  $500 + 10% plus Drinks
Food:   ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address:  Shop 2, G/F, The Centrium, 60 Wyndham Street, Central,  Hong Kong
Ph: 2623 7868

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Shrekfast - Macau Sheraton

 Shrek of the DreamWorks Cartoon’s fame is so popular,  and actually I didn’t know this is one of the Breakfast and Brunch attractions on the 1st Floor here in Macau’s Sheraton hotel until I was given a Morning Pass to visit here.   Individual prices start at MOP $238 per person,  with a Whole Family of 3 Adults and 1 Kid being only $688 + 10% and a good bargain if the food and entertainment are good enough.   This is done with US DreamWorks as collaboration as mentioned and if you ask my opinion,  I am surprised why it took me so long to find out about here at all.  But now I know it is good value for money especially when it comes with kids.


I just need Some Food  -



Panda Buns -
Looking cute. 





Poached Eggs on Ham Toasts -
No Hollandaise sauce,  but looking neat ..  ~ 7/10




Egg Omelette with Sausage,  Croissant,  Hashbrown,  Bacon,  Baked Beans,  Salad,  Sausage -
Such a full breakfast and it was right for the price.  Again,  I didn’t even know this existed inside Sheraton Hotel upstairs.  I think they should either promote harder or I was just not informed enough.  This was very fun and lovely.  


Portuguese Tarts -
This is almost expected in Macau buffets.  Nice caramelized surfaces..


Cheeses and Hams Sections -
Quite French and professional.  No shortcuts here at all..



The Poached Eggs on Ham and Toast were really well done -
I think this was flawless for a Kid’s Brunch buffet at this price. 



Lion King wasn’t too shy to take a photo with Us -
At least it was friendly as an encounter and didn’t bite us..




Price:  $238 + 10%.  3 Adults + 1 Kid is $688 + 10%
Food:   ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address:  URUMQI Ballroom, Level 4, Sands Cotai Central
Ph: +853 8113 7915

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Weekend Poolside Portuguese Buffet at Sala Pool, Macau Sheraton Hotel -

 Macau Sheraton Hotel is hosting a weekend Friday,  Saturday and Sunday Pool side Portuguese BBQ Buffet for $458 + 10% per person.   It was odd because I was staying in the same hotel for 3 consecutive weeks myself,  but little did I know about their Pool Buffet offering until I was invited over back for the weekend.   Apart from this night buffet,  they also have an afternoon buffet downstairs which showcases Colonized Macau-Portuguese food with history.  Totally up my alley.



Right by the Pool -
Some really nice pretty ladies were swimming nearby but I tried to be discreet and not capture them into my photo.   It really is a relaxing environment here…  I personally have stayed at this hotel for more than 20 times from memory.   I just sleep very well here 




Bar Area -




The Seafood,  Prawns,  Sardines wrapped in Bacon,  Cod Fish,  Beef Brochette station -
Actually this was hardcore but the nearby Charcoal grilled sections were even more convincing.  Hope I remember to cover below.



Caldo Verde -
This is a Portuguese style soup with Chouricho sausages,  sometimes Kale but this time Olive Tree leaves,  Potato thickening and Portuguese Olive Oil.  I love this soup and as said on Instagram,  for some reason I think this is quite ‘Catholic Church’.  Coz a Clams Chowder from New England has a similar thickening base involving potatoes and similar veggies.  and a French Potage uses a similar technique.   What will be the meaning of your life,  if you don’t begin thinking about your own origins?   ~ 8/10




Salted Cod Bacalhau Croquettes and Prawn Camarao Rissois -
Both my favourite items and available within the buffet.  So excited !!   ~ 7/10



Fried Milho Frito Cornmeal with Cheese & Kale (Olive tree leaves to be precise) -
This is basically a fried Polenta as it is more commonly known,  but same ingredients.  Just Portuguese Milho in this instance with olive tree leaves.  Hard to find this variant in Hong Kong or Macau.   ~ 7/10




Chourico Sausage Tortilla -
This was done superb.  If you are a real foodie,  you will probably recognise that Portuguese Chourico and Spanish Chorizo share a common background.  I mean parts of them share the Iberian coast plus in history,  European continent wasn’t defined as clearly as in 2015.  And it could still all change soon!   ~ 9/10



Seafood Rice with Clams -
This is the drier rice version which almost resembles a Spanish Paella from its neighbour.  Pretty decent but a bit bell peppery,  will do better with more seafood stock.  ~ 6.9/10



Cozido à Portuguesa -
Portuguese version of Morcerla Blood sausage,  which is similar to Spanish Morcilla,  and with white beans stew.   Fairly authentic and I appreciate this buffet for making this effort to serving them as this is a fairly local traditional dish!   : )   ~ 8/10 




Scallops,  Razor Clams,  Lobsters,  Prawns -
Cold platter and all served unlimited.




Marinated Sardines -
Again so Mediterranean in concept.   Nicely filleted. 




This is Polvo Carpaccio -
In my mind this is a Polbo,  but the funny thing is in Japanese Polbo and Polvo are pronounced the same linguistically anyway.  Which I brought it up because Japanese cuisine is actually partially influenced by Portuguese food at the coastal areas,  including Tempura or Pan-Curry bread.    This was done very well especially for a buffet setting..  ~ 9/10



Bacalhau Salted Cod Fish on Open Toast -
Not advertised is that this recipe is also so common in Spain too as a Montatido or Pintxo/Pincho recipe.   This was done superbly and not flaky at all,  instead it was oily and dissolves in your mouth upon biting in.   Food done with heart.   ~ 9/10





Portuguese Black Ham -  Unlimited
This was so good and equivalent to the Spanish counter-part.  Sorry if I encored a few rounds and I should pay tips to the guy who kept hand-slicing them.  ~ 9/10




Charcoal Roasted Suckling Pig -
All you can eat of course.  This was done to expected levels and had a crispy skin with decent meat.  Vietnamese suckling pig 3 Kgs batch if you ask me.   I think the Skin could be crispier still  ~ 6.9/10



The Close-Up Shot -
Nothing to be hided.. The Bacon behind was very nice.  The suckling pig as mentioned,  was good meaty but the skin could be more crispened up.


US Steak grilled on Charcoal -



We had 2 Servings of This  -
They were a little under-charred and chewy.   I will personally stick to the Suckling Pig and Seafood all you can eat,  this steak could be improved personally as I can’t handle it’s chewiness even if I was an European used to it.  ~ 5/10


Grilled Brochette of Beef Tenderloin,  King Prawns,  Sardine with Bacon wrap -
Pool side party is always fun…  Bet no one is even reading my food descriptions by now.  Just kidding   ~ 7.5/10




Chourico Sausage on Fire -
Apparently part of the overall Buffet Package on the weekend.  Burnt with Brandy! 
This was terrific and I think they should push it on the actual menu as this was both fun and tasty.   ~ 9/10



Oops -
I thought the Wines were included in the $458 MOP price,  but they are not.  But it is still great value ..



I liked this Portuguese Pool-side BBQ Experience @ only $458 a lot -
I managed to learn a lot about Portuguese Food and Macanese-Portuguese Food in the process.  This is something which strikes to the centre of my heart as a foodie.



Price:  $458 + 10%  (Friday to Sunday.  Their Website Page is slightly behind updating.)
Food:   ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address:  Level 4, Sheraton Macao Hotel, Cotai Central
Ph: +853 8113 1200



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