Thursday, April 30, 2015

Maxim's Hong Kong Day 美心香港地 - New Concept by Maxim’s

 Maxim’s is part of the larger consortium group which runs so many successful restaurant concepts in Hong Kong.  As a business minded person,  I have always been curious as to how they come up with new concepts and ideas and how they run their business at large.   Curiosity well,  is a curious thing.  We wanted to find out more about their upcoming Korean food concept in the newer Maxim’s Hong Kong Days shops.



Photo 4-5-2015上午4 21 05
Since we were here in Ma On Shan for some Ice Cream -
Let’s explore Maxim Hong Kong Day’s new concepts,
which is gradually replacing Maxim’s MX in the city.   The 1st one I tried is a shop in Central,  which is a Maxim’s I have been visiting for like 30 years for their chicken leg. : @




Photo 4-5-2015上午4 21 08
Korean Concept -
It seems like Korean food is all the rage these days,  it is definitely a Trendy thing and also so noticeable in Tsim Sha Tsui side especially and now infiltrating Hong Kong Island too!   Maxim’s seem to be picking up on this new trend.  Let’s see..  Knowing me,  I am always curious at how other people deal with business stuff.



Photo 4-5-2015上午4 21 37
Hot Plate -
This is quite Hong Kong style,  yet also Japanese/Korean in history too.



Photo 29-4-2015下午2 27 39
Hot Plate Pork Vermicelli with Carrots,  Cabbage and Garlic – $55
This is served on the hot plate and kept warm.   It was interesting to see this Korean Japchae dish here.  For the price this was a big enough portion,  although I expected the garlic slivers to be more caramelized!   ~ 8/10

Photo 4-5-2015上午4 22 40
Photo 4-5-2015上午4 23 11
Fried Danish Pork Chop with Soup Noodles – $55
The pork chop is from Denmark and fried to a pristine state.  The panko crust coated it evenly enough.   What about the noodles?   You ask?  Rather than soft they are rather hard.  The way I like them. 

Photo 4-5-2015上午4 23 28
Photo 4-5-2015上午4 23 47
This is the Overall Package.   Noodles,  Pork and Kimchi – $55
The noodles were not over-cooked.   To me this is comfort food,  so I can eat it again and again…  It’s not the usual me to post a food blog about these foods,  but as I said,  I felt that Maxim’s is kind of hitting the right trend lately so it’s always fun to explore from this angle..  ~ 7.5/10




Photo 29-4-2015下午2 40 33
Interesting Experience coming to here -
I have a feeling Maxim’s Group is trying out to test a new niche market,  and also to increase their profit margins.   In this World it is all about Balance and Supply vs Demand.    The new Korean food concept here is definitely trying to catch on with the trend…   It seems to be popular for now and heading in sort of a right direction.




Price:  $55 + 10%
Food:   ♕♕♕♕

Address:  Shop 2104, 2/F., Sunshine City Plaza, 18 On Luk Street, Ma On Shan
Ph:  2434 3232

Friday, April 24, 2015

Woo Bar, W Hotel Hong Kong - Upcycling, Eco is the New Black

 W Hotel’s around the globe often project itself as an upper-end trendy Boutique Hotel,  but lately they have also been very diligent with focusing on the Eco-Sustainable issue as a core concept of the hotel group and often carrying cross over events which strongly manifest this statement.   It is quite meaningful that part of the Eco-Sustainable cycle also extends to supporting local young Artists.   We even got to taste one of their new ‘Eco is the New Black’ food menu to be served in Woo Bar from 1st May 2015 – with an emphasis on sustainably grown and organic produce, and its majorly vegetarian focused too.



Photo 24-4-2015下午7 47 54
Local Artists behind @Legends_socksHK -
From 1st to 3rd of May 2015,  “Dine & Design Market” at Central Harbour Front will also be hosting these Artists,  W Hotel and plenty of Food and Drinks.   Mark it down on your calendar and I will be going too !



Photo 24-4-2015下午7 49 13
The Artists x W Hotel Woo Bar Menu -
To be available from May 1st 2015.   The prices will mostly be in the $128 – $188 range A La Carte.



Photo 24-4-2015下午7 57 11
W Hotel x Yolande Parry -
Heirloom Tomato Salad with Organic Strawberry and Chili Lemon Grass Olive Oil
This was beautiful to look at.  Personally I wanted a bit of cheese to go with it but as it is,  it is a refreshing dish reflecting the Eco Theme.  



Photo 24-4-2015下午8 22 26
San Daniele Prosciutto Tartine with Roasted Pepper, Asparagus & Fontina Cheese. With a Fontina Cheese Cappuccino and Toasted Ham.
The roasted veggies and melty fontina,  worked well with the San Daniele ham from Italy.   The side cheesy cappuccino lubricates the whole dish.  There's surprisingly 3 tartine sandwich portions on a plate so you can share ...




Photo 24-4-2015下午8 48 15
Grilled King Prawns with Garlic, Chili, Avocado, Thai Basil, Heirloom Tomato sauce and Fried Rice Cracker - $188
The tomato sauce tasted slightly crustacean to me too.  This seemed like a rendition of a slightly Spanish prawn dish for me.  Great with the rice crackers. 



Photo 25-4-2015上午1 06 04
Whole Wheat Spaghetti with Mint, Pesto Sauce, 2 Types of Asparagus and Grilled Organic Mushrooms. Topped with Parmesan flakes -
Good vegetarian pasta cooked al dente, for some reason some bites I tasted a bit of Thai basil in the pesto or may be its the mint within.   A lovely dish surprisingly vegetarian based and the mushrooms were somehow meaty. 



Photo 24-4-2015下午9 32 58
Fresh Fruits with Granola and Blueberry Gel to finish. So healthy -
With some Gold flecks.   Truth be told I somehow expected a more fanciful dessert but a pretty looking fruit platter definitely suits this purpose,  it makes you want to eat more fruits !



Photo 24-4-2015下午7 47 44
Did you really eat all of the fruit salad?
It’s definitely a meaningful collaboration between Artists,  an Eco sustainable future theme and the Food items.   Remember that during 1st-3rd May,  most of these artists and W Hotel will also be present at Dine & Design Market in Central.




Price:  $128 – $188 + 10% Per Dish  (Thanks for W Hotel for Inviting us for a Preview of the Events)
Food:    ♕♕♕♕ to ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: 尖沙咀柯士甸道西1號香港W酒店6樓
6th Floor,  W Hotel,  1 Austin Road,  Tsim Sha Tsui,  Kowloon Station
Ph:  3717 2222

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Shatin 18 - Peking Duck in Hong Kong, Hailing from One of Beijing’s Top Famous Restaurants

 The Hyatt Hotel Group in Asia all definitely carry a universal vision.   As a traveller one might notice that nearly all newer expanding Hyatt Hotels in China/Macau/HK region all carry a Chinese restaurant which has a central open-faced kitchen as a common theme.   Within all of these open kitchens they will be making steamed Dim Sum,  Hand-made Noodles,  and most likely their famous Peking Duck using the recipe from the Hyatt Group’s super-famous Beijing Made in China pedigree  (Previous Review:   Shatin 18 in Hong Kong also reminds me of Macau’s  Beijing Kitchen 滿堂彩 (,  which is all under the Hyatt umbrella group and all have great Peking Ducks.  



Peking Duck Carved 3 Ways -
So Beijing or Pekinese in style.  Even the minced garlic,  sugar and tian mian jiang sauce were so accurate in style.  I don’t know what kind of Peking Duck you have been eating all this while,  but even in Hong Kong only a rare few places do it so accurately.  Here are some comparisons for your information: 
1) Beijing 大董烤鸭店 Da Dong Peking Duck
2) Duck de Chine 全鴨季
3) 便宜坊 Bianyifang
4)  Quanjude 全聚德
5)  长安一号 Made in Beijing



Belly Skin was Crunchily good -
We noticed it was quite skilfully air-dried before roasting,  a standard procedure.   The result speaks for itself..



川椒家鄉口水難 – Sichuan Pepper and Garlic with Chicken
Chicken meat and skin were both flavourful.   The sauce looks intimidating but it was controlled spicy.   A very lovely dish needing some white rice.  ~ 8.5/10


Aged Mandarin Peels and Plum Sauce with Grilled-Baked Fish Cheeks - 陳皮梅醬煎焗魚雲
This was to me Shunde region in spirit,  but the sauce was more modernized in a way.  Micro-fusion within the Canton region if you ask me.  Done very well and I can tolerate even a higher proportion of citrus peels if it wants to make a statement.  Smooth.. ~ 8/10

Spinach, Chopped Dried Tofu and Pinenuts - 崧籽豆乾拌翡翠
The usual version uses a more fragrant herb Ma Lan Tou (Indian Aster) as in Shanghainese and regional cuisine dishes.   This tried to emulate the same spirit but since Spinach is more in season,  this is used instead.  Lovely execution.   ~ 8/10




Balacan Prawns Paste fried Beef Brisket with Fresh Pineapple - 馬拉盞鳳梨煎牛腩
Such an exotic dish.  This is ingenious to me because it seems both South East Asian and Cantonese in concept mixed into one,  and overall still very Cantonese Chinese without being too fusionized.   This is what I call re-defined Cantonese Cuisine without losing its soul.  Done very well indeed especially the sauce.  Part of the brisket however can be more tender than bitey.   ~ 8/10



Amaranth in Fish Stock and Conpoy - 魚湯瑤柱浸莧菜
The soup was very good.  It’s right up there with Michelin 2* Shang Palace version.   The amaranth were also super young sprouts in this occasion,  which baffles me as they were so good yet out of sync with the season already…  it shows that modern farming technology can make wonders at any time of the year.   Although this dish sounds simple enough,  the heart put into the base fish soup is often the major key.   Here it definitely delivered and so far I have only eaten at 2 restaurants locally which can make this enviable quality.   ~ 9.5/10



Black Garlic and Fresh Mountain Yam with Cod Fish - 黑蒜鮮淮山啫銀鱈魚
This was interesting because everyone on the table loved its accurate execution of the battered fish and mountain yam.   May be from a recipe point of view this was expected but it was pulled together nicely with more emphasis on subtlety than exoticism.   ~ 8/10




Sugared Plum and Black Pepper Grouper Fish on Crispy Vermicelli Cakes - 冰梅黑椒班片煎脆米粉
Another creative dish.  I haven’t had this combination before but it definitely worked.   The sweet,  sour and peppery elements worked well as an overall concept.  My only gripe is that the fried Rice Noodles seemed to be more hard compressed than light crispy.   Loved the sauce though ~ 7.5/10


5 Nuts and Chocolate Cake - 五仁朱古力餅
Such a Mooncake and Traditional concept.   It was almost like a brownie. 


With So many Desserts -
Shatin 18 is actually super-famous for their creative Dessert flavours and offerings within the Asian-Pacific region.  To the point it even over-rides the original Made in China in Beijing itself and they pride themselves on this advantage.
   Here for example are presented Black Sugar & Ginger Plum Pannacotta 黑糖薑話梅奶凍, Jasmine Tea Ice Cream with Sesame Tuile 茉莉花茶雪糕,  Sichuan Pink Pepper Ice Cream 粉紅胡椒雪糕,  and one of their signature Hua Diao Wine & Salted Dry Plum Ice Creams 花雕話梅雪芭.   I have heard rumours about Chefs leaving Shatin 18 and going elsewhere and then moving again,  but this is the hospitality trade and turn-overs do happen.  With such a large Hotel Group I am sure they have this bit covered and a re-visit shows the quality is still there and if not better than before,  for both the Duck and the new Signature Dishes.





Price:  $350 – $450 + 10%
Food:   ♕♕♕♕ to ♕♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: 沙田澤祥街18號沙田凱悅酒店4樓
4th Floor, 18 Chak Cheung Street, Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Sha Tin,  Hong Kong
Ph: 3723 7932

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Napoli’s Pizza e Caffe - Japanese Napoletana Pizza shop Opens in Hong Kong

 Real Napoletana or Naples style pizza is hard to come by in Hong Kong,  until the arrival of 208 Duecento OttoMotorino,  and surprisingly another Japanese restaurant called Kitchen J.   This new Japanese import of Napoli’s I must say shocked me with the pricing policy.   The Pizza’s come out from the Woodfire Oven starting from only HKD $35.   It was actually quite legit.



Photo 19-4-2015下午8 05 05
The Menu -
Was too happy gulfing down my Pizza to take more Shop or Oven photos.
Will come later to re-take more iPhone shots..





Photo 19-4-2015下午8 29 11 
Pizza Margherita – $35
When this arrived,  I could smell the woodfire and this sensation carried into the mouth.   It’s a little ‘too burnt’ to my liking in the taste,  even though the outside Cornicone should be darker blistered.   However the ones in Naples I ate looked burnt but don’t taste like it.   The cheese used in this cheaper 1 of 2 Margheritas is obviously not great quality mozzarella,  but the base tomato paste and the basil were legit.   Overall Motorino or 208 Duecento Otto will yield you a better Naple’s style pizza.  But this being only $35,  is still enticing enough for me to return again and again..




Price:  $35 to $58
Food:   ♕♕♕ 1/2 to ♕♕♕♕

Address:  Shop 44, G/F, Champagne Court, 16-20 Kimberley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Ph: 2368 8842

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Ore no Kappou 俺の割烹 - New Stand Up Eatery in Lan Kwai Fong. Definitely making a Statement..

 The Tokyo Michelin 2 Starred Ginza Okamoto together with a local HK Dining Group have opened up a restaurant in Lan Kwai Fong area.   Much like the current fine dining places like Osteria Francescana in Modena Italy,  or the UK’s The Fat Duck with their Dinner 2nd outlet,  even locally 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo opening their more approachable CIAK in the Kitchen,  a secondary restaurant more appealing and affordable to the masses is surely becoming a Global Food Trend…    This 1st visit was by the Restaurant’s Invitation although subsequently I have tried to come back 3 more times,  but the Saba-Zushi was always too popularly sold out before 8pm.   2ndly despite the standing up dining concept popular in Tokyo,   they also do have sitting-down tables on the HK side too.   Kappou by definition is a casual form of Kaiseki Fine Dining, so this concept trickling down in order to benefit more casual consumers but also expecting quality Japanese food in trendy and younger Lan Kwai Fong,  is spot-on very appropriate demographically..



Some Sakura Cocktail and a Sparkling 50% Polished Dassai sake to start -
They were actually paired with food but in this review I won’t elaborate..


Sea Urchin and Seafood Potato Gazpacho -
Hidden beneath are prawns, scallops,  okra, etc.  This cold soup was interesting because initially it looked like a Chawanmushi.  Little did we know that it was really chilled as sometimes we start eating before referring back to the menu.   A lovely Japanese-Spanish starter especially the scallops…   ~ 8.5/10




Vegetables Otoshi starter -
This came after the above soupy course.   Usually in Japanese food culture this would perhaps be reversed.   However a cold soup preceding some biteable food can also be more logical as a Tasting Menu.  After all the ‘Kappou’ in their name of Ore no Kappou means a less formal variation of Kaiseki Ryori…   It’s up to the kitchen of how they want to express it.  

Sashimi Platter:  Hamachi Yellow Tail,  Botan Ebi Prawn,  Geoduck Miru-gai,
Sea Bream Tai,  Tuna Toro,  Shima-Aji Striped Jack -
The prawns were awesome fresh,  but minus the heads.  The presence of geoduck was interesting as this is not ‘usually expected’ in HK Japanese restaurants.   The Toro was slightly too sinewy,  which before I shoot myself in the foot I actually expect Toro to have some tendons/sinew but this one was a bit chewy and needed more tuna taste.  All the other seafood were good to great in comparison.   ~ 7.5/10



鮑奉書燒 Seared Abalone, Sea Urchin, Scallop and Seaweed in Japanese Paper ‘Housho’ – $280
This is a Signature Dish here of Traditional Kyoto origin.  The sea urchins were warmed up and therefore taste slightly less sweet than the above gazpacho soup.   Abalone and the hidden Scallops beneath were as expected flavourful tender.   I think the use of Wakame seaweed over-powered the whole concept a bit despite the awesome presentable concept,  although understandably its to impart natural Umami taste.  ~ 6/10

Pan fried Shirako with Butter and Ponzu Vinegar,  Vegetables – $180
The Cod Sperm Milt seemed to have been pan fried with a thin batter,  which is quite unique from the normal Raw,  Marinated or thicker Tempura versions.  This was quite likable as it was not too mealy and the sauce was…  gravy-like almost.   The sauce coating was buttery savory,  but upon testing the sauce on the plate it did had a much stronger vinegary taste –  I liked the flavour contrast play a lot.   ~ 9.5/10

Miyazaki A4-A5 Wagyu Tenderloin 200g,  Two Grilled French Goose Foie Gras,  with Truffled Meat Jus,  Mashed Potatoes -  $480
As the PR and Restaurant both mentioned,  at this price it cannot be beaten even buying raw from the Super Markets yourself –  I agree too!   This shows how aggressive Ore no Kappou is really trying to bring top food for the normal working class in Central or late night LKF visitors.  The Miyazaki Tenderloin filets were slow roasted a bit in a Combi oven before being Char finished. and I prefer them much rarer.  The Foie Gras could also be less cooked.  The truffled sauce was very good however and French-esque.  ~ 6.9/10  



Saba Zushi 2 Pieces – $60 2 Pieces,  $120 for 4 Pieces
One of their Signature dishes here,  which the ‘Ore No’ Series Restaurants have over 10 concepts which might include French,  Italian,  Kappou or even a simple Oden!   The Saba marination-cure tonight was surprisingly quite raw still,  which can happen closer to Winter when the fishes are fatter and fresher.   The top Konbu layer is one of 2 varying traditional methods.  Surprisingly the staff said this konbu seaweed is only provided in Hong Kong side,  saying the Kombu is just like natural MSG and giving the fish more Umami taste.   In fact it is also used to balance this shiny skin fish’s slightly strong fish taste.  *The konbu layer on this photo has already been removed,  as I like eating it without as it really brings out the Saba’s flavour!   ~ 9/10  


Red Aka Miso Soup -
I love red miso soup but I also love all the versions.   Some restaurants mix with upwards of 4 miso for the balance.  I can taste some fish bone contribution beneath too.  Good finish.  And in stark contrast to the starting cold Seafood Gazpacho soup.   ~ 8.5/10




Pineapple Creme Brulee – $60
Literally a horizontally sliced Pineapple with a Pineapple & Vanilla Creme Brulee on top. 
Ingenious and makes so much sense!  Made very well too just like traditional French versions but with a new twist..  Worth coming here for this !  ~ 9/10





Zenzai Cigar Red Bean Spring Roll – $40
Has some mochi within too.   Modern twist of a traditional Zenzai red bean and Mochi Dango soup dessert.  Personally its fun and creative,  plus it isn’t using fusionized food elements at all.  It remains totally Japanese/Chinese but just taking another new form.   ~ 8/10




One of the Japanese Chefs here -
Preparing a Wagyu Sukiyaki dish on the Standing Tables outside and take photos with a pretty lady.   It was still New Openings and Concept wise it was pretty strong as a 2nd tier Kappou Restaurant trying to perform but not over-charging the customers,  a nice gesture and idea.  Most dishes were nicely executed bar the Wagyu & Foie Gras dish,  which I guess on Hong Kong side we expect them to be much rarer.    I also suspect not everyone will try to Understand their Standing Up Design Concept at the front of the restaurant.  Chef Okamoto is already a famous 2* Michelin Chef,  why does he make stand up eateries?  Well if one thinks deeper and understand that the word ‘Ore’ is a very informal way of calling ‘Myself’ in Japanese,  this is a reflection of his intentions to remain down-to-earth and make his lovely cuisine available for everyone of ‘us’ out there.  So Japanese in mentality.



Price:  $300 to $800 + 10% (Meal by Invitation by Restaurant as Preview)
Food:   ♕♕♕ 1/2 to ♕♕♕♕ 1/2
Address:  6/F, 32 D'Aguilar Street, Lan Kwai Fong, Central
Ph: 2328 3302

Sunday, April 12, 2015

裕家麵 Yu Noodles [Macau] - Possibly the Best Noodles Shop in Hong Kong and Macau Region ?

 Some people do tend to think outside of the box.  Look at Ramen culture in Japan for instance.   Ever since Chinese Chuka-Soba noodles infiltrated into Japan Yokohama’s China Town in the early 1900’s,  it has already experienced 100 years of developing its own ramen styles all over Japan continent and beyond.  Even to this day the Chuka-soba tag (translated as Chinese Soba) name remains with many ramen bowls or similarly in Yaki-soba dishes (Fried noodles),  even when there is no buckwheat involved.   In Yu Noodles,  which I have heard is great prior to my own visit and everybody else eating with me are already regular customers,  yet it looked just like any other noodles on a photo,  I never suspected beforehand how much attention to details they insert into every dish here.   It’s almost like they are obsessed with food here and at any cost.. ?



Spanish Iberico 5J Ham in a Noodles House ?
The Central kitchen upstairs which supplies to all the 3 restaurants has a Ham storage room !
At 1st sight the word ‘Fusion’ instantly popped up in my mind,  but it really is more than this.   If we think about it,  China also makes ham in Yunnan anyway.  They just wanted to serve the best of the best here..  Like mentioned above,  at all costs. In fact this place reminds me totally of Oolala on Hong Kong side,  only even better.



Sichuan Style Spanish Iberico Pork with Garlic and Chili,  shaved Cucumbers – MOP $38
The pork taste was so pronounced and cooked well,  the sauce condiments also done well.   I couldn’t help but to tell the boss this is charging way too cheap for the quality.   Memorable dish and they are too conservative with pricing policy..   ~ 9/10



Braised Eggs – $10 Each
Done pretty well too.  Truth be told I can make better but at this price point,  no one is complaining as making them at larger batches is more difficult of course.   ~ 7/10




Spanish Jamon Soup Noodles – $138
The soup base is boiled with Jamon Bones and other ingredients,  and this was super concentrated sweet!   So unsuspecting.   The Jamon used for this noodles is not as high quality as the separately ordered,  ‘off-menu’ 60 months Jamon,  but when warmed up in the broth,  still worked a treat.   Their house made noodles were also exceptional and retained the texture and taste  ~ 9/10





Crevette de Rose Prawn Roes from France with Fresh & Fried Spring Onion,  Oil,
Dried Shrimps from Japan and Minced Prawns – $80
The minor details which goes into this noodles is mind boggling for only $80.   In theory the French Rose Prawns will have some sweet umami from its home toasted roes,  I like the bosses for saving these up slowly and home toasting them…    However to me this dish won my heart more with the Japanese dried shrimps and the scallions than the roes.   ~ 9/10


House Made Kimchi Cabbage – $28
House fermented.  I am tempted to call this noodles house a ‘fusion’ restaurant,  but China also has kimchi and knowing it’s geographical closeness to Korea,  I just want to say these were quite spicily crunchy.  Definitely good quality.  ~   9/10


Fresh Chicken Feet Slow-cooked in Jamon Ham & Chicken Stock – $30
This noodles house is literally 5 metres away from the food market opposite.   They source their Fresh Chicken feet daily and allow me to exaggerate a bit for once…   I have never had Chicken feet of this high quality before,  full stop.  Not even remotely close!   The gelatinous skin were thin and had skin taste,  also easily peeling off the bones.  Comparing the difference between these fresh chicken feet carefully slow-cooked in stock vs any other restaurant serving them in Dim Sum baskets is beginning to sound like I have never tasted proper chicken feet.   I think I have and will never have Chicken Feet even remotely close to this quality again…  Simply Amazing.   ~ 12/10




60 Months Jamon de Iberico -  (Off Menu)
We were talking to the bosses,  and they said they have some special Jamon and which less than 10% will make the grade,  so decided to serve us some.   Best Jamon ham I have ever tried in Hong Kong/Macau region easily.  For a 60 months aged jamon it wasn’t very cured and was full of pork and acorn flavours.   One wonders privately if this really is just a Noodles house or a Jamon wholesaler – which upon asking,  they actually also do in Macau and no wonder as a wholesaler Who me?.   ~ 10/10



Braised Spanish Jamon Pork Hock – $80
Probably my least favourite dish.   The ham flavour was good mind you,  but when cooked like this remained too salty.  It also wasn’t exactly teeth tender.   Whilst I liked the flavour,  the saltiness and slight toughness got to me.   ~ 6.9/10



4 Prawns Noodles – $90
The broth base is made from pulverized French Rose Shrimps,  Japanese Dried Shrimps,  Japanese Sakura Prawns and Local Macanese White Shrimps.  The top layer is cold French Rose shrimp meat,  the 2nd layer the heated local White shrimps.   Enhanced by fried Spring Onions (the whiter part).   As a concept I thought this was too fussy,  but the taste definitely delivered.   Way better than the also Crevette Rose Prawn Noodles version at Oolala in Wanchai HK and it’s $90 vs $150 in this shop’s favor.   Amazing stuff if not for the presentation.   ~ 10/10




Ginseng Chicken Noodles – $80
A friend’s noodle,  I was too full but managed to take a sip of the soup.  Very strong of Ginseng flavour and also chicken stock.   The medicinal in you will like this but for me I was more concentrating on the other lovely dishes…  Everyone is different and this comes with a thinner noodles type.  Also uses the fresh chicken from opposite wet market   ~ 9/10




It’s All in the Heart -
Before coming to here and with their relatively high prices,   I was like how good can a Noodles shop be?   And I saw Chocolatemui Mui (  posted on a Macau Magazine about here just coincidentally 1 day prior to my own visit.   I have to say apart from the Pork Hock dish which was too tough and salty for me,  and the Braised Eggs which I could cook slightly better…  Everything else exceeded my expectations.   This is easily the best noodles house I have been to in Hong Kong and Macau region and with their attention to details so far.





Price:  $90 to $170 + 10%
Food:   ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 to ♕♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address:  荷蘭園柯高街12號全幢
Shop D, Mei Lai Kok , Edificio Mei Keng Garden, Avenida de Guimaraes, Flores,  Macao
Ph: +853 2883 5023


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