Wednesday, December 30, 2015

FRITES - Belgian Mussels and Fries [ Hong Kong, Causeway Bay ]

 Frites mean potato fries in Belgian-French.  But ask anyone living in the UK and they will inevitably tell you Chips and Fries are different.  For me technically they are different,  but why should we care so much then when they are close friends after all?  Especially when a lot of the Potato Chips available are actually Fries.  It is just a word play in the end and its not like I will order 'Crisps' in a restaurant.   Frites are Fries and here we got plenty of it...

Some White Wine to start the Evening- 

The Camera isn't working too well tonight as the rain wetness was ruining the sensors.   Looking forward to the appetizers.   Been here several times over the years,  since one of the largest owners is also from Melbourne,  Australia.  Same as me.  They actually have really good Belgian food there even compared to Belgium itself.

Chicken and Poached Egg Frisee Leaf Salad - 

The dressing was correct.  Somehow I expected a larger impact from a salad,   Actually this was pretty balanced but perhaps I expected some crispy Chicken skin somehow?   Just wishing hehe..  ~ 7/10

Beef Tartare with Egg Yolk - 

There are a lot of places doing this tartare concept right now,  or Beef with Sea Urchin.  Yawn.  It gets personal too,  I have had really good ones at Kowloon Shangri-la Angelini,  Nicholini's and here it was diced well chunky and not too over seasoned.  Pretty right.  The best versions I have eaten remain in Italy because they just get it so right in all equations but here it was contextually good.    ~ 7.5/10

Overall Setting -

The new Frites at Causeway Bay,  it somehow seems out of whack with the Scenery but actually they do have a lot of followers and fans and its pretty full here daily already.

Pork Knuckle - 

Was told to try this knuckle dish.   The Skin was crispy enough,  the meat was cooked just right and almost nitrate red.   If there is one small issue,  I think the side condiments of potatoes can be crispier and carry more toasted herbs.   ~ 7/10

Mussels in Hoegaarden Beer and Fennel - 

Actually I was more after the White Wine version since that's what I ate in Belgium,  but this recipe sounded more enticing on the night.   It was lovely and the mussels were plump and not over cooked rubbery.   Great sauce too,  in fact it was better than my previous visits ever. ~ 8.5/10

Frites -

Back to the fries or chips.   They were fried well although don't be surprised,  needed more potato taste but this is expected in HK.   The Mayo dip also could do with more eggs or olive oil taste.  But it was still decent it's just me being hard to please...   ~ 7/10

Apple Tart Tartin -

This had loads of Apples.  I prefer them more inverted sugary caramelized burnt.  but the base pastry was decent enough.  Definitely good value for money.   ~ 7/10

Price: Around $400 + 10% Per Person
Food: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: 銅鑼灣希雲街38號曦巒地下1號舖
38th,  Ground Floor Haven Street,  Causeway Bay,  Hong Kong
2142 5233 / 9828 2961

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

JW Marriott Flint Grill & Bar - Steakhouse done Right and Affordable [ Wanchai, Hong Kong ]

 Been here quite a few times for their Steaks and Seafood, even covered them in some magazine and articles previously.   Flint Grill & Bar upstairs is found inside JW Marriott Hotel in Wanchai,  HK.   After coming back to Hong Kong,  one of the things that really struck my heart was how come so many Steak Houses are so unjustifiably expensive?  Steakhouses are meant to be casual places for falling back on,  kind of like seeing your lovely girlfriend at the end of the day,  not always fine dining.   Many places will cost me upwards of $700-800 or USD 90,  or more than HKD $1200 - $2000 for a 900g to 1.2Kg Bone-in Porterhouse or Tomahawk cut in town.  (Never mind no one has done the ultimate Tomahawk yet but that's again my IP).  My steaks in Italy were one quarter the price and tasted 3 times better in most cases.  No wonder places like La Vache are doing so well,  customers just want a decent steak and some wines for a reasonable price.  Here,  I think they are also very good value for money for the quality!

Hand-Crafted Burrata Cheese,  Manuka Honey,  Black Truffle.  Figs with Country Bread - $180

It rather sounded exciting indeed!!  The Truffles and Burrata cheese didn't have much expected nominal cheesy or truffled taste.   But that's alright I am getting used to it in HK 90% of times.    Actually the Figs and the Aromatic bread tasted more prominent indeed.  ~ 5/10  I am glad this was only the 1st Course instead of the Last Course,  Without her even saying,  I am sure my Chef Friend was disappointed with described taste vs reality but glad the night improved gradually..

Buttery Brioche to begin with - 

Nicely warmed,  although don't mention me.  These seem so locally bakery like in feel.  But they might have to suit everybody else so just pretend I didn't say anything about needing some proper Sourdough bread or a Bread Basket with many types,  all warmed up,   Actually these were good and addictive,  I was only trying to pull your leg because the 'bread snobs' will keep telling you I want proper leavened bread, how much hydration in the dough,  how many nipples it will need.  It's not like I don't understand the principle,  but Bread is just another food and its customisable to suit the crowd.    ~ 8/10

Double-Boiled Oxtail Consomme.  With Oxtail & Bone Marrow Dumplings - $120

This reminds me of Jewish style Kreplash dumplings too,  even with the slightly different meat but the base concept was all about the same. Quite Herbly too ~ 9/10

Grilled Boston Lobster half - $200

Done fairly well and crustacean burnt outside with aroma,  but remained moist inside,  with a herbal buttery taste.   I have had this before too and this time it was better.  Guess it depends on the Chef on the station on duty,  and also whether they broiled it as whole or half,  so many variables..  ~ 8.5/10

Grilled Rib-eye Beef from US Lintz Heritage USDA Black Angus - $390 

Nice Char-grilled flavour and Beef Taste.  Not the most tenderest meat ever but as an analogy,  probably better than 70% of others and plus I have an European preference when it comes to beef,  I expect a bit of chew.  If you want melt in your mouth steaks go buy some marbled beef without much beef taste instead.  This had a nice flame grilling and beef taste factor.  Great Price too..  Onion Ring had a hard batter though and even as garnish,  can have 1 more piece perhaps ?  ~ 8.5/10

Crepe Souffle with Lemon Cream,  Cream Cheese Ice-Cream and Berries Compote -  $90

Very lovely indeed.  My dining Chef companion said the flour taste was a bit too apparent within the Creme Patisserie layer filling in the middle though,  which at least was flowing.  She explained how this could be remedified using a simple technique.  Okay,  not arguing with her coz I know she made sense too but this was still good   ~ 8.5/10

S'more Soft Chocolate Tart with Graham Cracker,  with Burnt Marshmallow Top - Espresso Ice Cream $80

This signature here was still good as a Camp fire style dessert but a little too sweet today and a bit dense.  I remember my first few times having this,  this was more balanced though!.  I have even covered this unique S'More dessert in a magazine before from here..  but anyway,  at least the cocoa nibs were still crispy on the side.       ~6/10

Price: Around $600 to $700 + 10% Per Person
Food: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 to ♕♕♕♕♕

Address:  金鐘金鐘道88號太古廣場香港JW萬豪酒店5樓
5/F JW Marriott Hotel,  Pacific Place,  88 Queensway Road, Admiralty, HK Island side
2810 8366  

Friday, December 18, 2015

MIC Kitchen, Michelin 3* Bo Innovation’s Sister Restaurant at an Affordable Price [ Kwun Tong ] -

 MIC Kitchen is another arm of the famous Mitchelin 2-3* Bo Innovation,   by a rather capable yet sometimes arrogant Devil Chef Team by Alvin Leung.   I think he is an improver every year and this is one thing I admire about him and his kitchen,  also his London ventures and concept.    I remember last time I covered here officially was when they were still called MC Kitchen,  but some International Corporation via none other than McDonald’s gave them a lawsuit with naming rights,  which was inconvenient.   May be it is just a corporate decision so I can’t decide.   鏞記酒家 Yung Kee Restaurant as many foodie might have heard news today is trying to closing down after 60+ years of history due to some lawsuit.   My last review of there was just recently: ( )  You can’t help everyone in this world is my own experience.  Lawsuits suck,  even if it means killing off your own Family History sometimes…   Sorry I have been eating at Yung Keen since I could barely walk and this issue really strikes to my heart.  Anyway it is nothing compared to the Homo Sapiens or the different human evolution who have walked on this Earth since 200,000 years ago.  Always sad to see a family split up into disarray,  and when people don’t treasure their ancestry.  Over here the spirit remained intact as a concept..

Some Very Well Baked Bread -

I swear even just 3 years ago,  I could not find bread of this good quality anywhere in town.  We all need to improve and I loved them here.  No more Truffled or Kaffir Lime Leaf dip,  this time it became a more normal cleanser starter.    Thanks to FeedMeGuru App on iPhone and Android for organizing a wonderful meal again…

A White German Dry Riesling -

A House designed Wine.

Menu and X'Mas Menu -

The longer X'Mas menu is only $888 + 10%.  A real bargain to us.

Kimchi Panna Cotta,  Hokkaido Sea Urchins,  French Caviars.  Fried Vermicelli.  With Australian Coffin Bay oysters which to me are slightly off season in theory,  but Briny salty and with Modern Technology are maintained right-

The Spicy heat from within the kimchi was released over time and I appreciate this rather than hitting your palate upfront.  The rest is history.  Different regional ingredients,  all packed together.   It’s not too fusion in Food Concept though,  just only fusion in Food Ingredients to me to strike a balance.  Lovely!  ~ 9/10

Blue King Prawn ‘Har Mi’ oil on Home Made noodles,  with Crustacean Oil -

Had this a couple of times already but usually its Mediterranean Red Prawns based and with 2 prawns.  This time around it was still very good and so fragrant,  in fact this has been better than my visits to Bo Innovation somewhat.   Red Prawns will still fare better for a price but overall vs costs,  this was one of the best in town.  ~ 9/10

36 Hours Beef Consomme set Pho Jelly Noodles,  Fried Beef Tripes,  Pickled Shallots,  Coriander Gel,  Thai Basil Powder and with Japanese Saga Wagyu - 

The Chefs came back from Toronto and I stipulate that this strikes at their heart as something they grew up from.  Coz someone from Hong Kong and Australia feels exactly the same..  The Fried Tripe was a bit too hard at the Centre Ridge.   As I said more instantly on Instagram,  in Vietnam side herbs like Ngo Gai Culantro or Ngo Om Rice paddy herbs are more apparently.   May be more on Southern side.   But ultimately,  this is quite Chinese Chiu-Chow region influence due to the spices and rice noodles used, or the fried Crullers eaten with it.   I am sure there will be Version 3.0 or Version 5.32 coming up.  I have seen this with many improving kitchens gradually globally!  It is great already now minus the Fried Tripe bit..   ~ 9/10

White Chocolate Frozen Sponge and Snow,  Christmas Pine Spruce essence,  Strawberry Mousse,  Peppermint Ice Cream,  Berries Coulis Sauce,  Sugar Crystal -  

This was sophisticated as a Concept behind.  I personally liked this although I am not certain everyone else in Hong Kong will.   As a Food Consultant myself I do a lot of Statistical researches and it is never ending.  Not many people like Peppermint locally for once,  only those who grew up with Peppermint and Chocolate chips love them.  The Strawberry Mousse was fluffy and I have had other flavours here,  almost like a souffle.   I don’t know if anyone remember the Spruce concept here because even if I appreciated a lot,  from a marketing point of view you might not strike a resonance with customers without showing them with a real leaf.   Black Pepper wise,  well if a kitchen can’t even convince someone to put it onto a Cacio e Pepe or a Lazio/Rome style Carbonara pasta,  I also don’t see how it will catch on with people on a dessert.   WE are too sophisticated sometimes,  it takes time to project it into their heads.   Obviously no one wants to do another Matcha Fondant out there coz we all know it will work : )   Oh no I forgot to order their wonderful HK Style Milk Tea this time around,  to cap off the wonderful meal!!

Price:   Around $700 - 888 HKD + 10%  (Thanks to FeedmeGuru App for organizing the Dinner Menu tonight!)
Ease of Access:  4/5
Food:  ♕♕♕♕ 1/2  to ♕♕♕♕♕ 1/2 

Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri 11:30-22:30pm
Sat to Sun 15:00pm - 22:30pm

Address:  觀塘巧明街100號AXA Tower地下
G/F, AXA Tower, 100 How Ming Street, Kwun Tong
Ph: 3758 2239

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Mezza 9 [ Macau ] - Portuguese and Asian Cuisines at Grand Hyatt Hotel. It makes Sense, because Macau and Hong Kong has always been influenced by Portuguese, British and Asian roots.

 Mezza 9 has an interesting background. The original concept is actually from Singapore's Grand Hyatt Hotel's Mezza9. Just as I explained in the previous Beijing Kitchen review from under the same Macau hotel, that concept somehow spawned off from Beijing Hyatt's Made in China restaurant and subsequently created other famous Peking Duck and Chinese restaurants in the Group. This is a smart move and when Food Concepts do migrate globally. Here in Macau, apart from South East Asian food, they also try to make it slightly Portuguese and Cantonese influenced. It makes perfect sense to me because Macau grew up with Portuguese and Cantonese food influences..

Baked Bread - 

with a Tomato based Spread

Sommelier here Suggested more Portuguese wines for Pairing by default - 

This is so Macau!

Antipasti Platter - with some Chourico Sausage, Portugual Alavao Tradicional Cow Cheese, Tomato Bruchette,  Crab Cakes with Mango Salsa,  Spanish Iberico Ham and Melon and Empanadas  MOP $328 

This mix to me is so Mediterranean,  with a mix of Iberian Portuguese,  Spanish and even Italian influence.  The Alavao cheese tasted like a Dutch Gouda to me actually in taste and texture..

Sitting down on the Tables with these Pretty Lighting - 

I liked this set up,  but that's when the foodie side comes out from us.  Direct lights often create shadows,  but these were warmer yet diffused lighting.  It helps tremendously taking photos

Green Pea Soup with Crispy Bacon Bits,  Creamy Foam,  Olive Oil -  $95

This is quite refreshing.  Although usually more a Spring soup I actually prefer this sometimes as a lighter soup starter,  before a heavier main meal.  ~ 8/10

Roasted French Baby Chicken,  Oregano,  Bacon and Tomatoes,  Olives - $278

Homely Wintery dish.  This is more like a stew to me somewhat.  6.5/10  I don't know may be I also prefer some Thyme in it,  it's quite personal preference.

Pork Neck,  Clams and Bell Pepper Taste - 

This combination has always been smart,  with plenty of herbs and garlic. This Alentejo recipe is one of my favorite dishes.  Actually since this area borders with Spain's most famous Iberico Ham region to the east,  a lot of foodies believe this was originally a Spanish Chorizo with Clams recipe.  But under the Portuguese Alentejo recipe,  they used a less saltier pork to enhance the seafood sweetness instead.  It actually makes sense to me.   ~ 8/10

Portuguese Sausage with Fried Egg and Fries - 

Actually when this arrived I was a bit surprised,  coz this is not the typical Skinned or Narrower Chourico sausage,  but one that is breaded then fried without an 'intestinal' skin casing.  Not sure if I am correct but to me this is more encountered with Jewish-Kosher style sausages usually,  missing 'derma' skin  (think the origin of term Dermatology), or some Portuguese-Jewish Alheira style sausage.  This was really good and it feels less heavier or garlicky spicy too.   ~ 9/10

Portuguese Biffe Marrare with a Coffee Mushrooms, Creamy and Wine sauce - $398

Made with USDA Prime Angus here,  of course served with Fries on the side which were done well and potato-y.   As with all steaks I eat I add on more salt flakes myself.  A well done job and unique in Asia.   ~ 9/10

Codfish,  Green Pea Cream,  Tomatoes,  Asparagus and Confit Garlic - $390

We ate way too much on the day,  but as usual I can at least remember this Cod Fish was silky yet salty,  the way I like it.  Too many toned down versions in town outside of Portugal and Spanish.   ~ 8/10

Pan Fried Seabass with Traditional Portuguese Butter sauce - $298

Actually this had a Crispy skin,  but someone else's Cod Fish had a thicker softer skin.   One was saltier drool,  one was fresher and can taste the fish flavour.   It's these situation that make it not easy to pick one.   For me tonight I will pick the Seabass - coz so many people can't cook it right like here.   I will probably still carry the dilemma if I was in that region.  ~ 8/10

Dessert Platter - 

Portuguese Egg Tarts were sensational here with a great thinly individual pastry layerings,  to me better than the famous shops in town.  The Serradura saw-dust comes frozen and with a Berries coulis sauce,  very inventive but makes sense.   There's also a dark chocolate mousse and some Biscuits which I was too full to try by now...

Bailey's Souffle,  with Soft Almond Chocolate Soft Serve - $148

As I said on Instagram,  girls love Irish Cream or Bailey's.  I think this could do better with a separate Bailey's sauce poured on top,  or slightly more in the Chocolate Almond ice cream with dehydrated Raspberries to make it sensational.  I have to say the Souffle texture here was spot-on and hard to find in HK and Macau side.   One tell-tale sign is that even the edge rims are baked darkened like the top.  Most climb too fast and the side is just white.   ~ 9.5/10

Some Vintage Port to finish from 2001 -

Not very oxidized in taste as expected, even for a decades old vintage produced only on spectacular vintage year. Although from a pricing point of view, a Tawny Port or Madeira can always be an alternative option although obviously this is fresher and better. I am not fussed although there are plenty of similar options within Europe so I can always choose what we are comfortable with !!

Price: $600 - 800 + 10% Per People
Food: ♕♕♕♕ to ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: 路氹城連貫公路新濠天地澳門君悅酒店3樓
3/F, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Cotai, Macau
Ph: 8868 1930

Saturday, December 12, 2015

海景軒 Hoi King Heen [ Hong Kong ] - New Wintery Dishes with Tibet Lamb and Yak Cow Dishes

 Recently, we arrived back to Hoi King Heen,  since Chef Leung is introducing his new Wintery Dishes.  What enticed us to really must coming back during this festive time is because we saw the ingredients involve some Tibetan meat,  namely the hairy Yak Cow and also the local Lamb meat from the mountainous ranges...  How exotic!  By the way I forgot to take a photo of the receipt,  so will update the prices later when I go back to TST East and check it again.

Some Chili Beans Sauce,  Chili Soy Sauce and Tofu's -

When you see these,  you know we have settled down comfortably in Hoi King Heen!

鮮竹時蔬卷 - Fresh Beancurd Sheet Roll with Vegetarian and Goji Berry filling

I have had this numerous times,  but for some reason this time carried more soy taste and was sensational.   I guess they are always improving.  ~ 9/10

Smoked Spanish Eel - 煙燻西班牙風鱔

This was interesting to me because I usually eat the Holland Gerookte Paling version,  or the Scottish or French type.  Even as a Spanish food lover I didn't think I have had the smoked eel from there.  This is right on season and quite fatty marbled,  served with some Japanese Takuan pickles.  Interesting that Chef Leung wanted to serve this appetizer in a Cantonese restaurant,  but in a way this is smart to get your palates whet!  ~ 9/10

花膠菜膽燉北菇 - Fish Maw,  Vegetables Heart and Japanese Mushroom

When I unrolled the fish maw,  I was flabbergasted that it was nearly 20cm long.  After the current social banning of eating Shark Fins in Cantonese cuisine,  we were discussing that Fish Maw has sort of taken its place as replacement.  Although personally speaking because I deal with this trade too,  I think most people might be surprised Fish Maws are equally not very environmentally safe as fresh water fishes are involved,  which I shouldn't be saying coz my business partners won't like it xD.  But doesn't matter,  just sharing the information and I am trying to make them sustainable myself gradually.  Give me more time to achieve it. Very sweet soup  ~ 8/10

雙冬西藏羊腩 - Winter Bamboo Shoots and Mushrooms,  with Tibetan Lamb 

This was simply amazing!!  The skin layer was almost jelly like and fresh,  the meat beneath was tender and full of lamb taste,  yet it wasn't gamey!   No wonder Chef Leung was proud of this dish himself as it just striked the perfect balance.  In fact the base Spice and Vinegary layer with the additional Chinese Wine was immaculately portioned,  paired with some Tofu Beancurd Skin as per tradition.  Probably the best Lamb Pot I have eaten for the past 10 years!!!!!    Don't forget to dip the meat into some Fermented Tofu dip,  here also done delicately with Kaffir Lime leaves and Chopped Chili as per traditional.   I wanted to eat this whole thing by myself!!!   ~ 12/10

Chinese Lettuce Hearts -
Perfectly prepared.  This is also boiled back into the Lamb Soup to absorb up the liquid flavour.  Actually I don't know if I am correct but this seems a fairly Shunde style of eating to me,  but even in Canton or Hong Kong or Macau side,  we are accustomed to it.

藏香西藏氂牛柳 - Tibetan Yak Beef Tenderloin, served with Fried Taro Strips

Another amazingly balanced dish.   This was also flavorful and tender.  If you have had Yak meat or Yak cheese before,  usually they can be quite strong in taste but as Chef Leung explained this is one of the best parts,  since many other parts of the beef could be a bit lean tough.  This was done superb.   ~ 10/10

米皮紅豚肉絲 - Rice Rolls with Spanish Duroc Red Pork
The pork used deviates from the more usual UK or Japanese Kurobuta,  Hungarian Mangalica,  or Portugese or Spanish Black pork a bit because the kitchen wanted to be less gimmicky but still provide a good porky dish.   I love Duroc pork usually and I appreciate them to incorporate this ingredient into a Chinese dish recipe and less cliched.   There is also some famous Chili sauce on the plate as dips.  ~ 8/10

紅燒西藏氂牛膝 - Tibetan Yak Beef Knee

Apart from the above tenderloin cut,  Chef Leung thinks this butchered cut of the Yak cow is also worth braising for the gelatinous parts and the marbled meat!   This is actually tenderized using natural fruits and its sugar ( I know which fruits but may be it's Hoi King Heen's trade secret,  so better not publish it online but we can always share recipes in person next time ).   Surprisingly this recipe didn't use any rock sugar but was super tender and sweet.  I was already so full but I asked for some white rice to mop up all the sauce...  I don't think I have been so hungry for a long time.  Everything tonight was just soooo good homely yet simultaneously Creative.   I have always said Chef Leung and his equally Award-Winning proteges in the kitchen make some of the most exemplary Cantonese or Chinese inspired dishes that are unique in this world.   Truth be told I never understood why in recent years they lost their Michelin Star - to me personally,  this is definitely worth Michelin 2-3 stars in recipes alone as it re-invents and define modern Cantonese Cuisine.   ~ 10/10

宮庭咸魚包 - Pork and Salted Fish Buns
This is quite a traditional recipe in Canton Region,  where salted fish are abundant.   I have had this a few times here too as it is a relatively late addition to the menu and must be pre-ordered.   I think tonight's version can do with more salted fish taste,  or may be its because I am heavy flavored nowadays!   Still very good none the less : )  ~ 8/10

狀元煎茶果 - Pan Fried Sticky Rice Dumplings 

The Signature here and I must have eaten this a dozen times.   I got curious and asked the table if it was only me,  or did this dish here became more savory salty over the years?   Back in the days I distinctly remember it had less meat and more sugary,  since this recipe is kind of like French Cheeses and suppose to bridge the gap between Savory to Desserts courses.  I am glad someone else also remember and Chef Leung did explain the dumpling skin did use less sugar nowadays,  coz more people prefer it saltier than too sweet.  Subjectively speaking this also suits me more,  but I guess the world is always evolving.   Every time I have this,  I think the version and taste has improved.   I wished the whole plate was mine !   ~ 10/10

黃金脆鮮奶 - Shunde Style Fried Milk 

This is a new dish here and I was shocked to discover it here,  because this is how it is served in Shunde region.  So many so-called Shunde style restaurants just coat this in thick batter and fry it.   The version here is rolled in Fried Bread instead of a thin Spring Roll like Skin.   The center milk pudding has been fine-tuned deliberately so that even after frying,  it is still smooth and wobbly.   Out of all the Chinese Kitchens in HK and Macau,  I was not surprised I found this traditional yet modernized recipe at Hoi King Heen.   This team is super sensitive to Cantonese cuisine and at the same time re-developing it,  it is equivalent to the Alain Ducasse camp to me just in Chinese cooking.  Well done.  ~ 9/10

蛋白杏仁露 - Egg Whites and Almond Dessert Soup

The must order dessert here.   Much like the 狀元煎茶果 dumplings above,  I found that this Almond Tea is less sweet and more smoother nowadays when I visit...  Totally up my alley.   It is almost so soothing and although I didn't ask,  I am pretty sure this keeps being fine-tuned over the years.   I cannot remember a better version anywhere else in town.   ~  10/10

Life has been Awarding This Week - 

You know I am actually quite a bad and mean foodie.  I don't deny it at all.....  People ask me why I lost weight in recent months and why I don't eat much.  Truth be told I got a bit bored of eating food,  and some probably find me arrogant saying this but I have previously saved up money and had some of the best meals in the world already...   Yet tonight at Hoi King Heen,  my passion for food was re-ignited again and I ate so much and even the bus wanted to charge me double fees to get back home : )   It is because I totally believe the food and recipes here are really helping to re-define the future direction of Chinese and Cantonese Cuisine.  Thanks to Chef Leung and his team for making this happen again and again and always updating themselves!   You will always remain my hero.  My last Official Review of here can be found here but there are plenty more I need to update too :

Price:  $400 to 500 Per Person + 10%
Dinner:  ♕♕♕♕♕ to ♕♕♕♕♕ 1/2 

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sat -  11:30am - 22:30pm
Sun -  10:30am - 22:30pm

Address: 尖沙咀麼地道70號海景嘉福酒店B2層
B2, InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong, 70 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Ph: 2731 2883


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