Monday, February 28, 2011

D.I.Y. - Home Made Beef Scotch Eggs

  I love Scotch Eggs and have developed a craving for it once in a while, yet not only do I have trouble finding them in Hong Kong except the Mark & Spencer’s pre-packed ones, but what bothers me even more is the hard boiled egg in the centre which is robbing me of the liquid gold interior of a molten egg centre..   So once in a while, I quickly whip up one for myself just for personal satisfaction..

Substituted pork sausage meat with beef, because to keep the egg runny in the centre, its safer to sacrifice the final doneness of the meat layer when pork needs to be well cooked  (I have actually made pork versions before, its harder to get the timing right).   I had mixed in some fresh tarragon, basil and dried thyme into the beef mince, then wrapped it around the pre-cooked half-boiled egg before frying it with a Panko Coating.  The herbed mayo is just for show, I prefer it eaten with sea salt flakes only anyway to get the most out of the original flavours.

A thinner version, just for fun..

Wasn’t really full at all by this stage, and since I had the panko and egg batters ready,
I digged out some frozen prawns my mom bought probably 2 years ago (not very large - if I knew beforehand I would have bought fresher Kuruma-ebi or Tiger prawns!).   Made some prawn-furai to eat with the salad...

Don’t have access to commercial grade sized Panko, which are around 3 times longer and costs a fortune with a minimum 6Kg order, so I just used the supermarket bought variety. Just needed a bigger prawn instead of a midget sized one!


  1. Wow, the beef scotch eggs and ebi furai look totally mouth watering...!! Especially the ebi furai ;)

  2. Tabero - Yeh sorry just 顯醜. Apparently, someone told me The Pawn serves it in the pub area!

    Cooking Gallery - Yeh I love making these things for myself, and actually its not easy to make the tonkatsu or ebi fry at home. As I can't have the right panko nor do I use enough oil - I mean I can but it'll just be wasted. : )

  3. i would love this recipe, looks delicious! thanks for sharing.



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