Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ore no Tsukemen 俺のつけ麺 - ( Hong Kong )

  The sheer number of Ramen shop openings have not slowed down,  in fact it gathered a late upward momentum to the point when we saw 4-5 shops being opened within a week alone by the end of 2012.  The change of pace in Hong Kong is purely astonishing,,  I mean you could never have imagined that a sudden influx of Japanese based imported shops can all happen to open side-by-side by the next minute without planned synchronicity.  No one could possibly catch up with the pace but some of us foodies have really given up trying these out before they are really ready.    Over here it was promising enough on paper but way too oily,  it wasn’t all that satisfactory after a 2nd Visit but yet it was promising somewhat.  It was too oily and yet too thin in the soup.


It’s a tiny space -
Opened by Ramen Expert Meter Chen,
who has written books on ramen in Japan.

Add Ons for your Tsukemen -


Order Form -
There’s only 1 ramen soup base here,  Bonito Fish x Pork Tonkotsu.
You can however choose a variety of options,  and thickness of noodles.

Coke Zero -



Fish x Tonkotsu Tsukemen - $85

Super Thick noodles - 極太麵
The 1st shop to serve this super thick noodles in Hong Kong,
and the noodles have improved from last time as it has more taste and is smoother.   Notice the Seaweed in the background – which has the shop’s name printed on it!! 
Hot smile

Dipping broth -
My 1st visit was more pleasant. The 2nd visit had the soup being super oily but quite thin, although the overall flavour was pleasant. If they could improve the ‘oily’ aspect, it would be much better..  This smells quite badly of pork smell and adding in the Wari soup was worse!


Chasyu -
This was quite decent.


Eggs -
Could do with more marination but it’s one of the better ones around.  My last egg was more runny than 2nd visit.


The Tsukemen sells out very quickly here,
Get it either at 12pm or 6pm to avoid disappointment.  
I liked the presentation of the Ramen here and the super thick noodles,  but the broth really has a big issue to be fixed for now..




Price: HKD $85 – $105 per Person.
Ease of Access:   3/5  (Between MTR Tin Hau & MTR Fortress Hill Station.)
Food: ♕♕♕♕

Opening Hours -
Mon – Sat:  12pm til Sold Out,  6pm til Sold Out
Sun:  Closed

Address: 北角蜆殼街6-16號地下
Shop D1, G/F, Po Wing Building, 6-16 Shell Street, North Point

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