Sunday, August 18, 2013

Le Dauphin - (Brussels, Belgium)

 Le Dauphin in Bruxelles  puts  some emphasis on being an expert on cooking Anguille Eels in a Flemish style.   At least that’s what they claim…  After perusing the menu,  it piqued our curiosity enough to give it my final quota for the day with my foodie friend who lives in town.   Actually I do find it very difficult to pick a restaurant to eat in Brussels,  with the whole town inundated with so many touristy places and this is very apparent reading their menus.   I could have planned my meals better yes,  but better places are scattered all over town and to be honest,  I did also looked up some Michelin restaurants before my arrival but I just wasn’t so keen on them going by visual alone ..


Daily Specials Written in French -
It’s quite pricy eating in Brussels. 
The Asparagus season in Brussels falls slightly behind the normal European cycle as it was just peaking on my visit.   By default,  Asparagus refers to the White variety here and not the Green type. 



Duvel Blonde Beer -
From a bottle and not draught kegs,  this was trying to be artisanal in style.   With dry hoppy aroma and a golden hue,  this in my mind has always sat at the forefront of the best commercial beers in the world.   Ultimately however,  we are in Belgium and therefore great and fresh craft beers can be found easily around town,  rendering this Duvel Blonde a little redundant,  even if it is quite enjoyable!!  ~  7.5/10


Anguilles au Vert -
Freshwater Eel in a multiple Green Herbal Sauce.   This is one of the local regional dishes that is Flemish in origin and can also be found in France closer to the modern Belgium side.   The eel was slightly overcooked tense to me,  and the herbal sauce was too weak and artificially thickened up with starches rather than really concentrated in flavours.   They also sell this at many local fish markets as a cold prepared dish.  The version here was ok?  ~  6.5/10



Bread Basket -
It came with the commercialized whipped butter and some severely under-baked breads. 
A little commercialized …  ~  6/10




White Asparagus and a Sauce Gribiche Coming for the Rescue! -
  This was my favourite dish out of the many picks tonight only because it was agreeable in taste.  The White Asparagus were young and tender and topped with herbs and an eggy-gribiche sauce but which was more drier than usual version.   I give it a pass but there’s no doubt the White Asparagus were in top form and very young compared to the consumable norm.  ~  7.5/10




Moules Au Vin Blanc -
Mussels in White Wine.  The wine and soup base was surprisingly thin.   I don’t mind a thin soup but it was quite alcoholic and too watery rather than filled with shellfish flavour.  The mussels themselves were plump enough yet they weren’t too flavourful or sweet.   The White Wine version is said to be the most ordered Mussels dish but this wasn’t very convincing to me – I have definitely had better in quite a few places.  The fries were also decent but could be crispier or have more potatoes taste.  ~  6.9/10




Mussels and White Wine Soup Base -
It was good but somehow it was missing that depth of Seafood and Shellfish input and real freshness.  




Price:   Euro 35 Per Person
Ease of Access:  3/5
Food:  ♕♕♕ 1/2 to ♕♕♕♕

Address: Quai aux Briques 34, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Ph: +32 2 514 22 58

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