Friday, October 18, 2013

Panino Giusto - (Hong Kong)

 Panino Giusto is a famous Panini shop from Milan,  and has now rapidly expanded across several Continents to showcase this Italian sandwich specialty.   The newly opened IFC Branch in Hong Kong looked like the real deal,  with an Italian guy slicing the meats on the machine as we ordered the sandwiches and that prominent fridge in full sight of the shop.  We were given some vouchers for the new shop,   so decided to order a few different panini to share amongst us..




Panino Giusto from Milano 1979 -





Menu -
Most Panini or Salad options range from around $78-88 dollars.



Beef Carpaccio Panino – $98
With Rocket,  Parmesan, Lemon and Olive Oil.   This sounded very exciting indeed.   The beef taste was good albeit a bit more saltier than expected.   Regardless this option was a novelty,  especially with raw beef in between your bread! 



Montagu Rosemary and Sage Roast Beef Panino – $88
With also rockets,  lemon,  olive oil and tomato.   The beef had a good beefiness but somehow we think it needed some sauce to bind it all together!    There’s 70g of meat in most panini options here.    We forgot to mention,  we thought this Panini bread version was strikingly different from what we usually consider a traditional panino -  this one is smaller & rounder,  almost like a Spanish Bocadillo bread.  2ndly the bread is toasted separately from it’s fillings…  More on that later




Tartufo – Parma Ham,  Brie,  Alba Truffle Oil,  Tomato,  Rocket – $98
It seemed like most versions came with very similar vegetables.   However this version was easily the best,  as it had a strong truffle oil aroma and the brie on top of the ham definitely helped give it another much needed thick cheesy dimension.    I will come back just for this personally.  Also notice that the Brie Cheese here isn’t at all melty if not cold and nor is the ham warmed up from the grilling  -  that is because Panino Giusto toasts their breads separately,  before adding back the cold toppings.   It makes sense for certain items such as the above Carpaccio version,  but others have voiced their opinions on why isn’t this toasted panino really heated up together with all the ingredients inside simultaneously as a package?    I personally think it’s because they just wanted to make it sit rounder and look more presentable,  at the compromise of the fillings remaining more cold but gives better presentation..





San Pellegrino ‘Chino’ Chinotto – $33
This has the expected medicinal and bitters taste,  almost like an grown-ups version of Coke.  Pretty bitter too.   Overall,  this carried a particular style for their panini sandwiches.  Whilst you can’t fault them on their unique presentation and loyal-to-the-Milan shop recipes,  I did think this was slightly too over-priced to my liking.




Price:   $88-98 Per Person  (We were given Some Vouchers to test it out)
Food:   ♕♕♕♕
Ease of Access:  5/5

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sun -   10:00am – 22:00 pm

Address: 中環金融街8號國際金融中心商場3樓平台3077
IFC Mall, 3rd Floor, Shop 3077
Ph:  2564 7000

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