Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chan Choi Kee (陳財記) - ♕♕♕♕♕

 Chan Choi Kee, found within a Cooked Food Centre where ABC Kitchen is also located, represents a food business model which is gradually out-phrasing the good old Dai Pai Dong’s within Hong Kong.  Its becoming more like the centrally located Hawker Stalls in Singapore...  except in Hong Kong they are usually found upstairs above raw food markets.  Thanks to the guidance of HK Government’s Support, they are becoming more hygienic than ever, with proper air-conditioning, washroom amenities, some even providing FREE Wi-Fi service.  In a food market!  

Here in Chan Choi Kee, they even have a internet website which highlights its signature food dishes for the initiated diner or if you are only looking for a place to experience a localised breakfast experience:

Family run business…

Hand Written Chinese Calligraphy menu

Tsing Tao beer (Large) is cheap here -

梅菜扣肉飯 -
A South-Eastern Cantonese version of a Northern Tung Po Ro (東坡肉), or similar to Japanese 豚角煮, which all use a 5-layered Pork Belly for braising, this version here is cooked with Fermented Red Beancurd and Sweetened Pickled Mustard Greens.  The pickles are very similar to the 高菜 in Japanese cuisine but just a tad sweeter. This is usually served in a Hotpot by itself, being quite fatty and with a lot more juice.  But in this shop, one of its Signature Dishes, its quite lean and served directly on white rice instead of in a claypot ~  8.5/10

Pickled veggies just right in terms of balance, not too sweet..

Purists will think this is too lean to be traditionally correct. 
However, the leaner or healthier the meat, the harder it is to be cooked perfectly by the chef, not to mention its much more trendier these days as it aligns with the Healthier Eating movement.  Here the lean meat is nicely soft, and not stringy or tough…

Iced Lemon Tea with half-sugar -
A little too sweet yet weak in tea flaovour ~ 6/10



Price: $45 Per Person
Score: ★★★★★☆
*Some diners might think this dish is not interlaced with enough fat, but as a healthy eater, I'm happy to claim this is going to be one of my best regular lunch spots in Central.

Opening Hours:
Mon – Sat:   7:00am ~ 22:30pm
Sunday:       8:00am ~ 22:30pm

Address: 上環德輔道西38號皇后街熟食市場1樓CF1-3號舖
(Shop CF1-3, 1/F, Queen Street Cooked Food Market, 38 Des Voeux Road West, Sheung Wan)
Phone: 2548 0407


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  1. I'm really enjoying your writeups, please keep them up! It is blogs like these that allow me to stay in tune with what HK food is like these days :-). BTW the Hakka pork belly with preserved veg tastes so different in Taiwan, I think it is the pork and the way the mustard greens are pickled (even more bitter over there).



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