Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Madam Lim's Laksa (林太叻沙 XO 魚湯米綫) - ♕♕♕

Madam Lin, hailing from Singapore originaly is one of the owners of this newly opened Laksa Specialist shop in Shau Kei Wan, situated adjacent to a well known Suburban Street in Hong Kong which provides a variety of international cuisine dishes.   The Laksa soup here is fairly authentic and quite close to true Singaporean style, befittingly so, as Madam Lin also owns one of the main suppliers of wholesale 醬料 sauces business within Singapore.

The Laksa is made from a correct proportioning of Laksa leaves, Lemon Grass, Coconut Cream, as well as Lin’s own secretive special sauces..  The Laksa soup base is highly commendable and welcoming - but its their other items and lack of cooking accuracy which deducted a few crucial points in the process!  Nevertheless, this shop is still only in its baby infantry stage as it was still Soft Opening as of my visit and review.   I hope my comments will be treated as being constructive and can help them to flourish 1 day….

Still Soft Opening by the time of this review..

黃金帽子 -
Golden Hat, is a crisp basket topped with julienned veggies and a sea prawn,
adorned with a sweetish chutney sauce.  A little too plain ~  6/10

炸釀星州腐皮 -
I was expecting this to resemble something like a Lobak, or along the line of an Ampang ‘stuffed’ creation like a Yong Tau Foo. (I miss that stuff so much during my time living in Malaysia).  This came out to be some layered Beancurd Skin wrapped around shredded carrots and whatnot, strictly vegetarian, and a bit too crunchily hard  ~  6/10

The Laksa sauce tray – looking very authentic indeed…

林太叻沙 (半油麵, 半米粉) -
We awaited this Signature Laksa dish with anticipation!  We ordered this with half-half noodles, which I’ve accustomed to when living in the region.  It comes with Tofu, Prawn Crackers, Fish Balls, Prawns and Pippies instead of raw cockles steeped in alcohol. The latter is a welcome change and a good alternative solution.  This was quite coconutty and fragrant, but the noodles were overcooked, and somehow it wasn’t hot and spicy enough ~  7/10

酒香 XO, 魚湯浸娃娃菜 -
The XO referred in here is confusing.  It is not relatable to Cantonese XO Sauce, but it actually implies that its slightly alcoholic only, much like a chinese rice wine. This was quite alcoholic in smell to be honest, and topped with fried shallots, its not for everyone unless you like alcohol with your veggies  ~  7/10


羅漢果龍珠茶 -
Siraitia grosvenori tea with Longan fruit, this was soothing and enjoyable ~ 9/10

A fairly Limited Menu for now….

Price: $115 Per Person + 10%
Dinner Score: ★★★☆☆☆
Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun:   12:00 ~ 22:00pm

Address: 筲箕灣東大街42-52號金來大厦地下H舖
(Shop H, Golden Mansion, 42-52 Shau Kei Wan Main Street East, Shau Kei Wan)
Phone: 2884 0111


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