Saturday, October 2, 2010

Liberty Exchange - ♕♕♕

A Cosmopolitan Bar & Restaurant, Liberty Exchange is being well looked after by Canadian-Japanese Chef Makoto Ono, who also runs a nearby upstairs Liberty Private Works kitchen.   The food here is categorically American, but in fact covers the broad spectrum of Makoto’s interpretations of Modern European food - often carrying twists to the original recipes and may just spring a few surprises.

My Burger was built upon a nice enough & hearty concept, but where it failed to impress was in the final execution.  The 1st Burger was completely over-cooked despite ordered as medium.  A remedial 2nd replacement given by the staff minus the chips, had a large red patch which was raw and cold on the right hand side.  At $148 + 10% for a burger, this really could have been done a whole lot more better….

Japanese Hitachino Nest (常陸野 ネスト ) White Ale -
Printed wrongly on the menu with letters missing, this beer is is actually too sweet  ~

Quite a few Interesting Dishes to be explored..

Braised Short Rib & Lean Beef Burger, Sourdough Buns, 
Balsamic Onion Marmalade, House Made Ketchup & Chips -
The chips are quite starchy and crunchily delicious.  The burger came with a medley of mixed Mushrooms including Japanese varieties like Nameko, but were unfortunately tasteless (basically same as the Chinese sourced ones available in local Yoshinoya’s).  Cheese and Bacon were lovely though, but there were other problems ~ 6.5/10

Burger #1 -
This came as nearly Well Done rather than Medium. 
There was virtually no beef taste, no juice, yet the bottom of the bun was completely soaked and soggy from the wilted lettuce.  :(

Burger #2 -
A replacement burger, staff asked me if this was good and better?  I reluctantly answered yes, just to avoid confrontation.  But does this look like a Medium burger at all?  It was raw and stone cold on one side.  Anyway, this review is scored with benefits of doubt in my mind, as one could appreciate the way they designed the elegant menu and how almost everything here are house made..

An Interesting Read, regarding Feedbacks to a Liberty Exchange review:

Price: $200 - $300 Per Person + 10%
Dinner Score:  ★★★☆☆

*Needs to improve on the execution side of things, or to change the Chinese sourced mixed mushrooms in the burger.  Lots of potential to come!

Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun:   11:30am~ 00:00
Address: 中環干諾道中8號交易廣場二座地下
(G/F, Exchange Square Block 2, 8 Connaught Place, Central)

Phone:  2810 8400

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