Monday, October 4, 2010

La Baita - ♕♕♕

Owned by an Italian Wine Lover and helmed at the kitchen by Chef Francesco Bettoli,
La Baita is noted for its Hand Made Pasta as well as Northern Italian cuisine,
also its affordable pricing policy..

Bar Area…

Happy Hour Snacks pretty good, with Peanuts,
Sugared Almonds, Baked Chips

Wine imported by Italian Wine Shop Owner.
Malgra Arneis Bassiano, from Piemonte.
Plozner Ter Pinot Nero & Refosco IGT, from Friuli Venezia Giula.

~ 8/10


Dinner Bread Basket in Restaurant Area -
The Carta da Musica, Grissini and Focaccia were good but very Oily. 
The dips of herbed butter, aged balsamic and a tomato chutney pretty good ~

Polentina Condita -
Soft Polenta with Smoked Ricotta Cheese & Sauteed Pork Cheek.  This looked better than it tasted, as there is hardly any pork cheek and flavours, but its certainly smokey from the cheese.  Polenta was a bit too creamy and broken up ~ 6.9/10

Bigoli al Torchio con Ragu d’anatra -
A Duck Ragout sauce with House-Made Bigoli pasta, the Bigoli was made then cooked well, almost Al dente, not bad for non-dried pasta.  The Duck Ragout sauce however was disappointingly bland, without either traces of duck’s meat flavour or herbs.  A bit of an anti-climax ~ 6.9/10

Filetto di Manzo con Gorgonzola, Spinaci e Patate al Rosmarino -
Beef Tenderloin with Blue Cheese, Spinach and Potatoes roasted with Rosemary herbs.  Roasted Potatoes were under-baked and too soft, while The Beef was mushy and tasted unfresh, a poorly Wet Aged version. It was slightly iron/copper like in taste ~ 5/10

Spinach carried way way too much Alcoholic Taste -
Steak with Gorgonzola is a well tried Italian recipe, which Steak Purists may find the Blue Cheese to over-power the Beef taste.  Yet, I wanted to give this a try in a HK Restaurant to compare...  Unfortunately the piece of beef was of poor quality and tasteless, also under-charred, carrying an annoying iron like blood taste.  I pronounce from now on that I shall put my hands up and give up ordering Steaks in HK Restaurants, not inclusive of the ones I’ve already had...  How could they stuff up something so simple and still charge a Premium Price?

Price: $350 Per Person + 10%
Dinner Score:  ★★★☆☆

*Has Potential.   Flavours of both the Ingredients or Seasoning were a little weak.  Execution is not bad, especially with the pasta, but its missing the oopmh factor due to minor mishaps.   Affordable Italian restaurant.

Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun:   11:30am~ 23:00
Address: 灣仔皇后大道東248號地下7號及8號舖
(Shop G7&G8, G/F, 248 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai)

Phone:  2572 8872

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