Monday, October 11, 2010

Fuk Kee Congee (富記) - ♕♕♕

This Mongkok Shop found in back side street was first recommended by a friend who lives around the corner ~ he recommends the Roast items especially 叉燒 Char Siu and also 燒鵝 Roast Goose.  Later on, it become made aware to me that other HK Celebrities or Chefs such as 阿蘇 Ar So or Ricky Leung mentioned they should also be credited for Congees and 乾炒牛河 Wok Fried Beef with Rice Noodles.

IMG_5387 IMG_5389Menu seems Affordable.. and with 2 sizes available

IMG_5398叉燒飯 -
BBQ Char Siu gave 2 different outcomes during 2 separate visits. The first time, it was overly fatty, a bit cold and too syrupy.  The 2nd time, it was tender, leaner but lacking the charred effect and was under-basted with honey/malt, the opposite of 1st vist ~  6.5/10
IMG_5391乾炒牛河 -
Wok Stir Fried Beef Hor Fun was under seasoned, the rice noodles had some but not enough Wok Chi.  The noodles also tended to stick together.  Not bad ~ 6.9/10

IMG_5394 Beef -
The meat quality was surprisingly ok, which salvaged an otherwise mediocre performance, as it wasn’t overly sodarised and puffed up like most beefs in HK when  they use inferior meat cuts and thus need to chemically tenderise them.

Price: $35 Per Person
Dinner Score:  ★★★☆☆

*Despite the mediocre score, I still recommend this shop as it is very Hong Kong !

Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun:   7:30am~ 23:30

Address: 旺角花園街104-106號
(104-106 Fa Yuen Street, Mong Kok)

Phone:  2385 1230


  1. "Very Hong Kong"...hehe. Love the apt description. You should try the congee at this place! I find everything except their congee (which is pretty good) just OK.

  2. Yeh for some reason I think this place is just so Hong Kong ! But surprisingly I saw a few Mainland Chinese visitors too :)

    Ok deal ~ I will go try their congees soon 1 day and re-view here, may be push it to the top of the reviews pile again. Thanks for suggestion. :)



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