Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sun Hing (新興發粥店) - ♕♕

This shops seems to have been in the area for many years. Its open until very late so it suits those who crave for a Cantonese styled supper in the North Point area. 

Congee and Rice Paper Roll Shop, recently renovated..

豬潤腸粉 -
Pork liver in ‘Cheung Fan’ Rice Paper Roll,
was a bit tough and cold ~ 4/10

鯇魚片粥 -
Famous Canton congee with Grass Carp fish. Too much MSG and
not sweet in this shop ~  2/10

肉粽 -
A little overcooked and mushy..

Came with lots of fatty pork, mung bean puree and Egg Yolk,
too fatty and moist ~  2/10

炸両 -
Fried Chinese Cruller in Rice Paper Roll. A bit cold and chewy ~ 4/10


Price: $30 Per Person
Score:  ★★☆☆☆☆
Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun:   06:00am ~ 12:00am

Address: 北角電氣道308號地下
(308 Electric Road, Northpoint, Hong Kong)
Phone:  2510 9198

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