Monday, October 11, 2010

Fukuoka Noodle (福岡拉麵) - ♕♕♕

There seems to be a growing number of Kyushu 九州 Style eateries opening in Hong Kong, and Fukuoka Noodle 福岡拉麵 opened around the same time as Butao 豚王 around 2 months ago when I had 1st visited.  They sell the most ancient and authentic 久留米 style Tonkotsu Ramen…  Story goes that in Kurume City - 久留米市 in the early 90’s, a street stall named 屋台 南京千両 first invented the Strong Pork-Bone Tonkotsu Soup, which later on spread itself to the rest of Fukuoka and Kyushu, before establishing its name to become one of the most renowned Kyushu ramen dishes internationally...

福岡拉麵 here is said to be looked after by a Japanese owner-chef, but I saw none of his presence during my visit, so please treat this as a rumour until further confirmation!  All I know is that their Ramen (生ラーメン),  Udon (四国 讃岐うどん) and Japanese raw eggs are confirmed to be imported from Japan.

The staff is trying to tell me not to take photos…
A very loyal worker and obeying the boss’s wishes!  But why? Surprised smile

There might be an ounce of truth in it,

Green Tea -

Japanese Imported Egg half half boiled ~

福岡 ラーメン -
Fukuoka Ramen, which comes with チャーシュー (Char Siu Pork),  もやし (Bean Sprout),  いんげん豆 (Green Bean),  メンマ (Bamboo Shoot), わかめ (Seaweed),  ねぎ (Spring Onion), のり (Dried Seaweed),  コーン (Corn).  There were no signs of the Naruto fish cakes as advertised…
Noodles are imported from Japan, but these weren’t the right noodles style for Kyushu ramen. 
Its more like Northern Japan or Kitakata 喜多方 Ramen, which is more curly, yellow wheaty and thick. Nevertheless it’s cooked pretty right.  The soup wasn’t very strong, but surprisingly fragrant.
Overall its not top of the class, but approachable ~ 6/10
Char Siu pork was tender -
but cut way too thick on one side…

Shop Setting…
Apparently looked after by a Japanese chef. Not sure about that…


Price: $58 Per Person
Dinner Score:  ★★★☆☆

*Its an every day type of Ramen Shop.  The various ingredients and noodles served in the so-called Hakata-Kurume ramen aren’t completely authentic in formulae.  Nevertheless, execution wise everything was cooked pretty spot on.  Worth another try in the future before writing it off.

Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun:   To Be Advised

Address: 西灣河筲箕灣道57-87號太安樓地下G24舖
(G/F, Shop 24, Tai On Building, 57-87 Shau Kei Wan Road Sai Wan Ho)

Phone:  3488 7550


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