Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cheung Fat Noodles (長發麵家) - ♕♕♕♕

Found in a suburban side street in Sham Shui Po, Yiu Tung Street is well known internationally for its offering of rare Dai Pai Dong (Street Stalls).  Cheung Fat noodles is one of the oldest noodle shops in Hong Kong.  Specializing in Cantonese noodle dishes, the boss follows the most traditional techniques of cooking noodles by rendering his own Pork Lard Oil each day just to give out that extra oily aroma.  To me, not everything here works and I’ve even written a negative review of here previously, but further visits confirmed that ultimately, it depends on the dishes you have ordered. It therefore still comes highly recommended.

Hawker Street stalls of Hong Kong should be treasured and protected.
Home made Fish and Squid balls avail…

Tons of marinated Pork Knuckles prepared for night time..

Chinese Chives, ordered by many customers here..

Boss does most things himself with his family..

炸魚皮  Fried Fish Skin -
A little hard but crackly, dip them into the broth provided
before devouring it is the most traditional method ~ 7/10

柱侯牛腩炸醬撈麵  -
Combo of Dark Soy Braised Brisket and Hot & Spicy Pork with Dried Noodles -
The Pork strips are very flavourful, the Beef brisket is more of the shredded type than expected.  All the sauces are excellent.  The noodles are a bit chewy however ~

Cantonese style Jia Jiang – great stuff..

Soup to go with noodles -
Prawny, better than last time too..

豬手麵  - Pork Knuckles with Soup Noodles
The pork knuckles are cooked in Red fermented bean curd.  Here they don’t carry any meat, you mainly eat their gelatinous skin ~  6.5/10

Flavoursome, but only if you love collagen..

秘製豉油撈麵 -  Soy & Pork Lard Oil mixed Noodles
This is another Signature Dish here, but to me it was way too sugary and wasn’t very aromatic. Great concept, poor execution ~  4/10

菜心 – Choy Sum Rapa with Oyster Sauce
Cooked pretty well here, retaining the original veggies taste ~  8/10

Chili Oil Sauce ~

A fair few other items available, with the Signatures at the bottom..

Price: $19 - 28 per person
Dinner Score:

Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun:  11:00am ~ 04:00am

Address: 深水埗耀東街1號地下
(G/F, 1 Yiu Tung Street, Sham Shui Po)

Phone:  2777 2400

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  1. There are Americans and Chinese Americans living in the USA who do not know what good HK Cantonese food is like and only use dim sum as an example to measure greatness, or what represents HK flavor and taste. This would be an example even if the environment is not as sexy, and I wish I could partake :-)



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