Saturday, October 9, 2010

Chez Shibata - ♕♕♕

Patissier Takeshi Shibata (柴田武) is a Nagoya based Japanese Pastry Chef with a reputation built up over the years, especially for his own interpretations of thoughtfully constructed Signature Desserts.  Apart from his studying undertaken in Kobe-French patisserie schools, he also trained under France’s Escoffier Hotel and Mirabelle to further his training in pastry and cake making.  Note that dining-in within this shop at Elements Mall incurs an additional charge of $5.0 per piece of cake before a 10% Service Charge per person is applied.  Talk about double dipping. :(

Display Fridge.

The 焼き菓子 counter with baked dessert goods..

Mini Lemon Macaron -
On the house when dining in ~ 6/10

Galette from Bretagne -
Advertised as such, but in fact resembling more of a mini Galette des Rois in shape but a Galette Cookie in taste, rather than a true Breton Kouign-Amann doughy cake (Not talking about savoury galette crepes here). Its very confusing from the Patissier and his intent.  Made from a few ingredients including Honey, Rum, Vanilla, Egg Yolks & Sea Salt, etc..

Unfortunately, it was rock solid hard and carried little of most
of its advertised flavours ~  4/10

Caramel Éclair with Salted Butter Cubes -
The Choux dough was too solid and crustily hard and dense… The internal Crème Pâtissière was refrigerated solid, and these together made for a bad mouth feel.  Even the Caramel seemed too sugary than caramelised.  The Guérande salt on the Poitou-Charentes sourced butter was the only saving grace ~  6/10

Coeur des Bois -
A Signature item of Chez Shibata, its a heart shaped cake with an internal filling of Raspberries and Blackcurrant puree. The Bavarois internal lacked both Vanilla seeds and Kirsch liquor taste, which was slightly disheartening but the texture was pretty spot on for a small cake.

An Almond Dacquoise cake base lines the bottom, which had shards of grinded almond but was too moist and not enough egg white meringue.  The external, Hyper-Colour air brushed Red Chocolate coating was so thick, it was almost crackly. Makes Robuchon’s and Mandarin Oriental Cake Shop’s spray painted cakes seem child’s play.  Overall, it was good but not exceptional ~ 7/10

Croissant -
This was overly baked and carried a burnt taste. Which is funny because from my past experience baking thousands of croissants working in a kitchen, its actually quite hard to over bake one unless you’re completely blind. Unbelievable.  The internal was rolled very well nevertheless but it lacks butteriness.  Sigh ~  6/10

Macaron Framboise (Raspberry) -
Don’t know how to begin…  The macaron was baked so hard, it might as well be a colourised meringue - it reminds me of those Che Che New York’s centrally supplied macarons…

Overly Sweet, Overly Hard,  Overly Flat & Thin,
for a Macaron Gerbet sandwich… It was also overly Almond-ny in the formula. 
A complete failure in most aspects… ~  2/10


Price: $135 per person + 10%
Score: ★★

Opening Hours:
Monday to Sunday  -  12:00-22:30
尖沙咀柯士甸道西1號圓方, 2樓 2003號舖
(Shop 2003, 2/F, Elements, 1 Austin Road West, Tsim Sha Tsui)
Ph: 2196 8921

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