Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Dynasty 滿福樓 [Hong Kong] - Institutional Cantonese Restaurant, Now with South East Asian Influence

  Dynasty 滿福樓 inside Renaissance Hotel used to be one of the most renowned institutions serving Cantonese Cuisine in Hong Kong, and many of us still carry vivid memories when they had two outlets in Wanchai and Tsim Sha Tsui, and over here they were recipient of a Michelin 1 Star status for quite a few years deservedly.   Nowadays, Chef Suen from Nanhai No.1 heads the kitchen, which itself was also awarded Michelin 1 Star status in previous years.   Suen brings with him some of his South East Asian award winning dishes including his Spicy Lobster Signature, complementing the already strong Dim Sum team here as well as the famous Roast section. 

Night Harbour View at Dynasty, Renaissance Hotel,
and Next to Wanchai Convention & Exhibition Centre -

A German Riesling Kabinett to pair with some Slightly Spicy dishes tonight -
It is late harvest and off-dry sweetish,  which ladies usually love to start off dinner especially during Summer period..

Fried Taro Strips with Honeyed Cashew Nuts 金絲脆腰果 -
This is an appetizer that looks like a nest,  and Chef Suen made this flavor combination which used ingredients which are quite Cantonese,  yet somehow resembled a new recipe..

Chilled Chili Abalones -
These are already sliced and ready to be shared..  Quite refreshing,  and actually worked well with the German Riesling Kabinett as a pairing,  since the stonefruit sweetness made it rounded in the mouth

BBQ Charsiu Pork & Fresh Chicken Livers
蜜汁燒雞肝 & 蜜汁叉燒 -

Both Signature dishes here,  the Dynasty name is synonymous with making the best Roast items in town for many decades in Hong Kong.

The Famous BBQ Charsiu here ..
With good marination and maltose/honey coating, and decent charred service, it is to me more biased towards the savory side which suits my personal preference.. 

Signature South East Asian Lobster in Fragrant Chili Sauce with Fried Mantou Bread,
$348 for 1 Whole Lobster - 風味金榜開邊龍蝦

This carries from Chef Suen's tenure at Nanhai No.1.  It's almost curry laksa like with lemongrass, coconut and spices fragrance,  and is super addictive.  For an Asian twist on Lobster,  this is currently probably the best dish available in Hong Kong right now.  (In Macau, Saffron inside Banyan Tree Hotel has an equally memorable dish..)

Soy Sauce and Tea Smoked Chicken - 豉油皇茶燻雞
Tender Chicken here, the soy sauce was sophisticated.  Tonight's version had good smokiness on the skin itself,  but not all the way through to the meat underneath,  so I believe this was probably deboned after hot smoking.  Sometimes for such dishes,  I ask for them to be served Bone-in instead for this reason.

Taiwanese 3 Cup Fried Oysters - 台式三杯焗桶蠔
Another winning dish with plump crunchy oysters with Thai Basil, Ginger, Shallots and Chili, a twist on the 3 Cup Chicken Taiwanese recipe.

Hand Beaten Fish Tofu with Vegetables - 魚湯手打魚腐浸時蔬
Extra large Fish Balls which were fluffy and depletes slightly when cooled down,  they remind me of Fujian fish balls,  and are less dense than the Shunde recipe variety.  Apparently this is popular with some diners,  although for me knowing Dynasty has many famous dishes over the years,  I would probably save quota for some dim sum items or a Salt Baked Chicken here next time..  Or even their Braised Pomelo Skins here which is one of the best in town

香蜜蛋散, 楊枝甘露 -
Dessert Platter had Fried Honeyed Crullers,  Coconut Cream Pudding and Sago & Mango, Pomelo Cold Soup.  It was pretty almost like mignardises...

Dynasty -
Dinner at this sometimes Michelin 1 Star awarded restaurant is always solid.  We were mentioning during dinner that apart from the Roast BBQ Charsiu, they used to do one of the best Roast Goose with Chinese medicines and Mushrooms in town too.  Chef Suen's new contribution to the restaurant is interesting because now it has become old and new together, with some South Eastern Asian influence in the mix.

Price:  Around HKD $450 to $600 Per Person + 10%   (Dinner Organized by Renaissance Hotel)
Food: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 to ♕♕♕♕♕

Address: 3/F, Renaissance Harbour View Hotel Hong Kong, 1 Harbour Road, Wan Chai
Ph: +852 2802 8888, or 2584 6972

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