Thursday, April 14, 2016

Starbucks Reserve Series [ Hong Kong ] - New Artisanal Coffee Concept by Starbucks

 It is very unlike me to post a review about Starbucks Coffee,  after all I am into Indie Cafes and very unique lots of coffees.   However this new Specialty Coffee Concept Store by Starbucks has now entered the HK Market,  starting with the store at Dundas St,  Mongkok.   I find it fascinating even a big Coffee Chain is treading down this path,  it clearly shows even the mammoth giants are starting to become aware mass produced coffee trend is no longer cool.  Just look at all the Starbucks which closed in Australia as an example..

The Single Origin Coffee Menu - With a variety of Spread from all over the world.
The beans are roasted in Seattle and Air Freighted over,  unlike the normal Starbucks beans which are cargo shipped..

Siphon Bar,  together with Pour Over Hand Drip,  Espresso -
A few brewing choices to try out their Single Origin Specialty beans.  Looking very neat on a separate serving counter dedicated to this trade.

The Brewed Coffee Menu - 
There are currently offerings from Ethiopia,  Kenya,  Costa Rica & Panama.  Apparently this changes regularly so on the next Menu,  2 of these will be replaced.

Tasting Notes of each Individual Coffee Bean - 
I observed that all beans on offer this day were 'Washed',  I suspect there might be a good reason for that.  Perhaps consistency and volume related?

My grinded Coffee,  which was offered to me to Smell - 
This is at a Starbucks!   But here it was just like at an Indie Cafe.   How things change everything over time..

Melitta Ceramic Brew Cone,  with Cotton Filters used here - 
What intrigued me was the 'measurements' used by Starbucks here.  For 30g of grinded beans,  they pour in close to around 12Oz of hot water for the final Tall Size cup.   This perimeter is probably a bit 'stretched' if you ask any Indie Cafe Barista,  but Starbucks being Starbucks,  I was interested in their business model and whether they could pull it off!

Costa Rica 'La Candelilla' Pour Over Coffee - 
Pour and Pause once method,  as standardized by Starbucks Reserve.  Served with a Lotus biscuit.  Actually this was better than expected,  with a clean bright peachy and lemony note,  and hint of non jarring hazelnut-chocolate.   For the price of around $39 HKD,  I would even say this is recommendable as it is an everyday sort of drink!  ~  7/10

Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Espresso Machine (by Nuova Simonelli) -
Very hardcore for a Starbucks!  There are no Clover Machines here but apparently a Central store does.

You have to give Kudos to Starbucks for trying to change the Coffee Game - 
Although its a bit late to catch up with 3rd Wave Coffee plus I still saw some compromises,  overall and regarding the taste of the final coffee and the space combined,  I actually thought this was a pretty convincing new Reserve Line Concept!

Price: $39 Per Person 
Coffee: ♕♕♕♕ 

Address: Shop B01, Basement, Gala Place, 56 Dundas Street, Mong Kok 
Ph: 27703051

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