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Roast Turkey Options for Thanksgiving and Christmas ? - Hong Kong

 Recently I received several chances to try out a few Turkey dishes as previews before Thanksgiving and Christmas period.   I even got to roast one for myself!   I didn’t try all of the options on the market due to time constraints,  but here is a quick write up of what I experienced these past few weeks.   Not very comprehensive as an overall guide as it’s only covering 3 places,  but if you want a turkey sort of night during this festive season..    I would have liked to try 1 more though,  coz that makes it 4 instead.   I am really weary of those Top 3,  Top 5,  Top 10 guides.   Why not Top 4 or Top 7?    



Fish & Meat -  Turkey Ballotine stuffed with Italian Sausage, Sage and Hazelnut
$780 for 3 People
This also comes with a Turkey Leg Ragout on Creamy Corn Polenta inclusive,  as posted below.   The stuffing of Italian Sausage and what I detected was Pancetta ham,  made this differ a little from the usual bready stuffing.  The Turkey had a whiff of smokiness from the Josper Grill,  in fact I have been to Fish & Meat quite a few times and that Josper fragrance was at its strongest this time.  Chef Russell made this turkey with a even crispy skin all around,  the meat was cooked perfectly.   Loved it.   ~ 8/10

Fish & Meat -
Turkey Leg Ragout on Creamy Corn Polenta
Part of the above Turkey Course,  you have to give credit to the Chef for turning the dark meat into another amazing dish.   $780 for 3 people really is a good price..


85 South - Whole Hickory Smoked and Slow Roasted Turkey for 8-16 People.  $1,500
This 16 pounds Turkey is huge!   It is slowly smoked overnight as per Southern style BBQ.   To me the dark meat tasted more fattier and tender than the breast part,  but surprisingly some other Media/Bloggers attending on the same night preferred the breast.   Comes with a creamy Mashed Potato and gravy.   ~ 7.5/10

85 South – Rice Pilaf and Mac & Cheese
These sides are available for $50 each for normal portions.   Nice to have some rice with the Turkey,  instead of eating only the stuffing.    I prefer my Mac & Cheese to be more gratinated and stronger in cheese flavour however..   But no doubt the slow roasted Turkey re-defines Hong Konger’s perceptions that turkey are rough and tough.     




Secret Ingredient – Roast your own Turkey Ballotine at home!   $800
Officially this rolled turkey can serve 4-8 people,  but it is just slightly bigger than the Fish & Meat portion so I would say it feeds 4-6 more comfortably.   It also comes with some vacuum packed winter vegetables,  bacon,  and green beans as part of the priced package.   I personally like Cooking my own food nowadays as honest farkingly what have I not really tried eating repetitively in this world in my pitiful,  boring life?  I mean we all need to eat everyday!   I don’t really get excited by much recipes these days.    So this one was a very complete Family package to me and all the deboning hard work and rolling has been done for you !  I personally am not totally sure about the 35 Minutes then 10 Minutes roasting time on the instructions guide though,  I personally tend to slow roast them for around 60-90 minutes myself.     ~ Rating N/A Coz we all cook differently!





Fish & Meat –
$780 for 3 people.  Eaten 2 Ways
Address:  中環雲咸街32號2樓 
2nd Floor,  32 Wyndham Street,  Central,  Hong Kong
Phone:  2565 6788

85 South –
$1,500 for 16 Pounds Turkey,  serves 8-16 people. Reserve 48 Hours

Address:  中環九如坊6-10號
6-10 Kau U Fong,  Sheung Wan,  Hong Kong
Phone:  2337 2078

Secret Ingredient –
$800 for 4-8 people.  Including Vegetables.  Reserve 48 Hours
Address:  32-34 Tai Ping Shang Street
Phone:  2108 4000

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