Saturday, December 4, 2010

Laduree @ Hong Kong - ♕♕♕♕

Please do not mistake this Laduree shop for being in far-away Europe, it is actually found right here in Hong Kong..!  Joyce Boutique (Central Store) opposite the Landmark Mandarin Oriental hotel is right now celebrating both X’Mas and their Anniversary and had collaborated with the famous Parisien Cake and Pastry shop, Laduree in this temporary crossover.  On the shelves, there’s offerings of their famous Gourmet Teas, Aroma-therapeutic candles and of course their World Famous macarons which naturally becomes the centre of feature on the France-imported wooden cart.  This will last only until the end of the festive season, to be finishing up by the end of December 2010  (Update:  now extended to 3rd of Jan 2011).  So may I suggest that we must hurry to arrive!   Unfortunately, there are no signs of the famed Ispahan or the other signature Laduree creations …   Special thanks to my fellow foodie Miss. W for sending me the news about this Christmas Special Only HK Laduree Stall.

Laduree made this bag especially for Joyce..
(Did anyone buy its shares this week? Smile with tongue out)


Even the Cart is imported from France…

$180 for 6 Pieces. 
10 Flavours are currently available in Hong Kong.

Rose and Ginger -
Very good. Crispy exterior with a chewy, soft centre.  Some people will prefer this to be purely Rose Buttercream than with ginger infused, but this worked well in my opinion ~ 9/10

Pistachio -
This was a little too sweet for me, but still enjoyable. 
Its of the raw, rather than roasty pistachio paste taste in this version ~ 7/10

Salted Caramel with fleur de sel -
This was overly soft and wet moist, as noted by a friend.  It was almost like it was pre-frozen,
then defrosted in an overly humid fridge.  Flavour was great though ~  6.5/10

Framboise Raspberry -
This was squashed by the staff when its put into the tiny box, I wonder if we
should have asked for a refund?  Look how much shorter it is sitting next to the
Salted Caramel macaron !  ~   4/10

They should make this a Permanent Fixture…
Wouldn’t you happen to feel the same?

$180 Per Person
Score: ★★★★

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sat:                      10:30 - 19:30pm
Sun or Public Holidays    12:00 - 18:00pm

Address: Joyce Boutique, 16 Queen’s Road, Central
Ph: 2522 7402



  1. So fast!
    The poor rasberry macaron...but still one of my favorites!
    Want to try the rose and ginger one wor :p

  2. I like the Rose and Ginger one, may be its just me! Sorry about the poor photos quality - you know what happened in the shop, when I got told off haha, had to take sneak pics !

  3. Oh my god!!!! Laduree!
    Thanks for giving us the heads up. I'm paying a visit ASAP. You just made me VERY I don't have to wait for my Paris trip in April to try Laduree hehe.

  4. No problems Rachelle!

    My Paris Laduree review will be coming up 1 day haha ~ by the snail pace I'm working at, I am hoping for may be 2011 March haha, barely before your trip to Paris! :)

  5. I was to comment "what a mark up" but then thought back to visits in to the Laduree shop in Paris/ London and... well... they are expensive everywhere. Great tip though!

  6. Hi TomEatsJenCooks,

    Yeh I thought it was expensive too initially, but I guess even La Maison du Chocolat sells at the same price range and they're much worst (too cloying!). And you're right, they're expensive in Europe as well. Their Ispahan costed me $100+ HKD over there after the tax and service charges! OUCH! :P

  7. *gasped* HKD30 for a macaron! that's really expensive, for Malaysian standard. but I guess the famous Laduree deserves a premium price tag. ;)

  8. HKD30 is expensive haha! They don't give discounts even when buying in bulk, now that's just not very right - next time I need to haggle :D

    Hey Japan sounds just a little bit cheaper! Surprising :P

  9. nice post! do you know when they are here until?? thanks =)

  10. 請問做到幾時呀?

  11. 唔好意思遲咗啲答. 佢地應該做到 31st December, but try to arrive before 7pm, as I heard they are running out of many flavours by the end of the day!

    HK Epic

  12. TOTAL 有幾隻味呀@@?

  13. Hi,
    There are a total of 10 Flavours available from memory.

    The ones I could recall are:
    Chocolate Amer (Bitter)
    Rose and Ginger
    Salted Caramel

    Hope this helps!

  14. Hey I just got a box today...and I think the Raspberry ones are supposed to be shorter, because mine was too! And I just finished the whole box of 8 in one sitting :S lack of self control.

  15. I've got a box few days ago (vanilla, pistachio and rose&ginger) they are sooo tasty I totally agree there should be a permanent Laduree shop in HK. I also got a box of Marie Antoinette tea (my favourite). And I really want one of their scented candle but I wonder if they really smell so good...
    I posted some of my pics of Laduree in Paris, London, Tokio and HK if you wwould like to have a look
    best regards.

  16. To Rachelle: 8 all at once? The max I've eaten in 1 day is only around 4-5, you've beaten my record! Ok no wonder my Raspberry seems like a dwarf in comparison :P

    To Coco: Where did you buy the Marie Antoinette tea from? The HK Laduree? :O Its expensive! Sounds like a really good combo with their Macarons (come to think of it, I did drink some when I was in France). I still haven't posted my Paris Laduree review. Won't be for a while, too slow here :)

  17. It's funny to see how macaron have become such a hot media topic with their image clearly surfing that wave. I remember 12 years ago when I brought back a box of macaron to HK, people where looking at me like O_o and today everyone is crazy for them! :) Evolution, devolution or temporary illusion?
    PS: Salty caramel rocks! :)

  18. OMG!!! they have them here now!?!?! I'm behind!! love macaroons!



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