Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Vida Rica Restaurant - ( Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Macau )

 The French Chef Dominique Bugnand looks after here well at Macau Mandarin Oriental Hotel.   Everything was cooked to exemplary standards and even down to the Bread and Brittany sourced Butter.   I also thought myself that it carried more than just a French accent,  sometimes carrying into the Spanish culture side next door and also a bit of Portuguese influence too,  which the latter is expected within Macau as an ex-colony.



Bordier Butter of Yuzu flavour,  Espelette Pepper,  Salted and Un-salted -
The hand-churned butters from Brittany,  France.


Bread Basket -
With pointy nipply Baguettes,  Tomato Focaccias,  Whole Wheat Breads.   All baked very professionally here and precise.   ~ 9/10



Lobster Mousse Terrine with Jelly,  Croustillant and Beetroot Sorbet -
A lovely starter Course which is thoughtful,  the crispy croustillant in-between made sure it carried the quenelle of sorbet above well and adding texture.   ~ 9/10




Alaskan Spider Crab wrapped in Lobster Jelly, Sturia Caviar, Mango & Avocado Sauce,
with a Dollop of Sour Cream & Dehydrated Olive Soil –  MOP $310
Very delicately made and pretty.  There is also a 2nd variation,  the Spider Crab parcel nearer the front had more herbal input and was wrapped in a slightly acidic fruity skin.  It is these small details which distinguishes a good from a great restaurant.  ~ 10/10



Onion Soup,  with both Crispy Gruyere and Foamy Gruyere Cheese Espuma,   Caramelized Onion,  Onion Jam,  Pickled Onion on Toast,  etc -  $130
I was starting to see the style here already.  Many micro-styles of the same ingredients done to precision just to create a contrast.   Totally my style.  Very compacted onion tastes    ~ 8.5/10



Red Sea Prawns with Head Reduction Sauce,  Iberico Pork Presa & Spelt Grain,  Broad Beans & Fennel Purée & Chourico Sausage,  Pickled Onions -  $390
The prawns are slow cooked and still fairly rare and lovely to eat, the red prawn sauce seemed to have a nutty caramelized Beurre Noisette base and very addictive. Wonderful flavours combination and cooked precisely..  ~ 9.5/10




Raspberry Chantilly,  Lychee-Raspberry Sorbet,  served with Summer Berries & Warm Berries Sauce on a Crackly Chocolate Shell -
This had a lot of Popping Candies within too,  a pretty recent Spanish Dessert Concept and hence I mentioned Spain and France in one sentence.   Pretty fun to eat especially when the chocolate shell melts and then when you scoop it into the mouth it starts popping non-stop.   ~ 8/10




Price:  MOP $1000 + 10%  
Food:   ♕♕♕♕♕

Address:   澳門文華東方酒店2樓外港新填海區孫逸仙大馬路
2/F Mandarin Oriental Macau, Avenida Dr Sun Yat Sen, Nape, Macau, Macau, Macau
Ph:  +853 8805 8918




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  1. Wow such a high rating meal! I also enjoyed their Afternoon Tea at Vida Rica Bar :)



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