Thursday, August 27, 2015

Malaysian Food Fair until 30th September - [ City of Dreams & Altira Hotel, Macau ]

 City of Dreams and Altira Hotel are hosting a Malaysian Food Fair with MATRADE until the 30th of September for a whole one month’s time.   Malaysian Nyonya/Peranakan style cuisine can be found in many outlets here at COD in this special period,  wished I could be back myself too.  As someone who used to grew up in Malaysia and spent a few years of time there,  this certainly brings back childhood memories.   I still remember last year when I went back to Kuala Lumpur for a Lamborghini Racing coverage as an Editor for a Magazine on the F1 Sepang Circuit.  I didn’t get around to sample again the local food much due to time constraints.   This time around -  they came to us instead and are showcasing the real Malaysian Food in Macau side.



Minced Curry Bread -
A piece of the introduction Bread Piece on Stage for cutting… 
So addictive  and correctly spiced.   ~ 9/10


Rojak Salad -
With fried Chinese Crullers.   This was pretty accurate..  Just a little sweet,  and could be more Seafood Exotic in the sauces in the end.   At least it has Peanuts and Cassava and one of the best versions I have experienced Locally outside of Singapore or Malaysia.   ~ 7.5/10   

Satay/Sate  Chicken & Beef -
With Rice Cakes,  Purple Onions and Cucumbers,  Peanut Satay Sauce.   This was pretty good to me since the meat of chicken and beef were marinated well but tasty/tender in the end.    ~ 8/10



Mackerel Fish in Sambal Sauce-
A typical Malaysian dish.   Another variation is to make this into a Fish based Laksa soup version instead.   Makes me miss my days eating in Malaysia..   ~ 8/10



Roti Jala -
A local Malaysian spring roll



Beef Rendang -
With plenty of Lemon Grass and Bay Leaves and Curry.  Good and correct..   I scooped a lot of this to make my Nasi Lemak tonight.   



Duck Soup -
Fairly Medicinal.  Reminds me of Bak Kut Teh tea..    This probably saved my Stomach Problems if you ask me and was so correct medicinal …  Loved this  ~ 10/10



Stinky Beans with Spring Beans -
With some but not too much smelly Stinky Beans dish today,  it was balanced enough.  Stinky Beans proportion could have been more to make more of an Impression, but that’s life : )   ~ 8/10



Fried Clams with Chili -
This I looked forward to a lot..   It had all the right components.   ~ 9/10





Young Coconut Juice -
So typical South-East Asian.  

Curried Crab -
I want more of this of course.  Scooped over rice. 


Local Crispy Pancakes -
Malleable at least.  I am not a Sweets Person by default,  but this looked legit.   : )

Local Malaysian Desserts -
With Pandan leaves and Cassava Roots.  




Nasi Lemak with Pisang Goreng Bananas -
It’s pretty Malaysian traditional for Fried Bananas.


Price:  MOP $200 + 10% 
Food:   ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address:  City of Dreams Hotel, Macau
Ph: +853 8590 3000

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