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Gyukaku 牛角 [Hong Kong] - Affordable BBQ Yakiniku at Japanese Chain, Membership Card entitles Holders Free BYO Corkage

  Gyukaku 牛角 is one of the most famous budget Japanese-Korean BBQ houses in Japan,  and has since expanded to various countries to serve reasonably priced Yakiniku cuisine.  Yakiniku Ya restaurants are classified into many different levels in their homeland,  much like the concept of Sushi houses - they can range from lower family oriented prices, to ultra high end restaurants serving rarer, prized beef carcasses and butcher's cuts paired with top wines and sakes.  Reviews have been a mixed bag with Gyukaku in Hong Kong,  but since this is one of the to-go places for me on a regular basis,  here's a write up about our experiences here in Summary.  After applying for the HKD $200 Annual Membership Fee,  you can receive a 10% Off at their various restaurants in HK, and also waive all Corkage Charges from Wines to Sake, Shochu, etc.  There are also a few discount coupons available to be used.

Gyukaku -
Yakiniku house, From Japan.

Whole Squid - HKD $89
This comes with both the body and the tentacles.  I tend to grill them whole and then scissor them up into smaller circular pieces.  Quite reasonably priced as expected..  Note:  After applying for the annual $200 Membership card,  you can receive one of these as a Free Service too

Beef Short Rib Karubi with Salt Shio Tare - $59
They have various gradings of Karubi here, a must order when eating at Yakiniku houses, which itself is a concept borrowed from Korean BBQ eating Galbi,  the name for beef short ribs in Korean.

Yaki Shabu Wagyu Zabuton - 3 Pieces for $118 with Egg Tare Sauce
This is one of the best bargains in town,  and look at the quality and evenness of the wagyu marbling.  The are several ways to cook and serve this,  but usually when it is called Yaki-Shabu,  it means it is both grilled and swiped across the grill at the same time as an action to cook... 

USA SRF Wagyu Oyster Blade - $78 for 2 Pieces
This is the same as the mysterious Misuji that has taken the world by storm recently in upper end Yakiniku houses.  In the World of Yakiniku,  profit margins for every piece of meat is vastly different and dependent on how they are butchered then marketed to customers. In this particular case,  it can be yours to have for a relative bargain because they didn't bother selling it off as the next biggest thing, called "misuji" in brackets. 

Dipped into Egg Tare Sauce -
This is a eating method popular nowadays in Japan,  particularly with the Yaki-Shabu wagyu above.

Beef Filet with Garlic & Butter - $98
This was decently priced but probably also the least likable meat,  partly because it was a bit tougher and leaner.  Yet I liked the idea of being able to grill this whole like a steak myself,  before slicing it open to eat.  My idea of a cheap alternative to going out to a steak house,  which almost costs you a mortgage package in HK.

Mushrooms - $25
These were surprisingly fragrant.

Matcha Ice Cream with Kinako Powder - $25
Gyukaku is actually famous for this or their plain Vanilla and Kinako powder ice cream.  It's always a decent dessert to round off a meaty meal,  often with lots of marinades and garlic.

Discount Deals with $200 Membership Card -
Basically, you receive a card and also register with a Phone App.  The Electronic Coupons can be used at either Gyukaku,  or the related restaurants Mou Mou,  and On Yasai.   The offers range from $50 to $100 discounts off the meal,  or a free Calamari,  Vegetables,  or free plate of Beef Platter when spending over $300.   But best of all,  you can Free Corkage for Wines and Sakes at all their venues,  and a further 10% discount on top of the Coupon discounts.  For me it's quite relevant as a weekly venue to eat out with friends or with the family!

Short Video of my Yakiniku in Action,  at Gyukaku -
Over a few visits

Price:  HKD $170 to $250 + 10% Per Person 
Food:   ♕♕♕ 1/2 to ♕♕♕♕

Address: Shop 112-115, 1/F, Windsor House, 311 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay
Ph: +852 31677138

All Gyukaku HK Addresses:


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