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El Cerdo [Hong Kong] - Great Tapas & Pricing, Spanish Tapas Bar from Tsuen Wan Now Open in Wan Chai

  My 1st visit to El Cerdo in Tsuen Wan was purely by luck whilst strolling past,  and the outside menu board carried authentic Spanish items at an affordable pricing point,  which sprang a surprise considering Tsuen Wan is out in the New Territories area.  Fast forward to mid-late 2017 and El Cerdo, which means 'pork' in Spanish,  has expanded to Wanchai Lockhart Road side.  UK Chef Simon Lynch used to help during the latter stage of the popular Tapeo Tapas bar and nowadays the El Cerdo recipes seem to carry even more personal characters of the Chef's intentions. 

Menus for Lunch & Dinner - I have visited 4 Times in recent 2 months Myself
Spanish Tapas bars are flexible for diners like me,  as I could come grab a quick bite or a full on Lunch and Dinner meal,  and at flexible hours.  The prices on the Menus are highly reasonable too..

Jamon Croquetas - HKD $34
The prices in Wanchai are slightly higher than in Tsuen Wan shop, but still affordable.  But that's not the point - I have ordered these every time I visited El Cerdo at both outlets,  and they are consistently the best croquetas in town,  with a loose bechamel gooey texture inside,  and plenty of diced Jamon hams.  ~  9/10

Egg Tortilla Omelette with Chorizo - $68
The A La Carte menu carries only one plain Tortilla option,  but they actually have a Chorizo,  Mushroom or a Crab meat tortilla version.  In my personal opinion, the best runniest Spanish Tortilla in Hong Kong is found at Catalunya  (soon to be moved to Central and renamed),  and also at Cassio in LKF.  The El Cerdo version meanwhile tastes the best overall,  simply because it has the right combination of potato and egginess taste, a runny texture, and in this version bitey chorizo's with the sausage oil and smoky paprika seeping into the omelette.  Got to order this every time too  ~ 9/10

Cold Gazpacho Soup -
Refreshing and accurate tasting.  Truth be told at first, I didn't know what magic Chef Simon is pulling sometimes,  considering he is actually British,  but his cooking tastes more accurate Spanish than most Spanish restaurants in town.  I have a feeling it's because in London and the UK,  expectations from a Spanish place have set a very high bar..

2 Pieces Crispy Pork Belly with Quince Aioli, Peppers - $72
*Currently With Estrella Damm Lager Beer as Promotion - Only $88
Another item that was famous from the Tapeo era,  but now carried to El Cerdo and a must order every time.  The skin is crackly and the meat is not dry,  perfectly cooked,  and I think it actually over performs over the ex-Tapeo's version somehow too.  ~ 8.5/10

The Signature 'Cerdo' Pork Belly, a Must order here Every Time -
I have eaten this 4 times in the recent 1.5 to 2 months already myself,  it is that addictive

Gambas al Pil Pil - $88
The Prawns are sizzling in the garlic and olive oil,  with some chili.  It is served bubbly hot and the prawns are crunchy and bitey.  This ajillo dish in Hong Kong context is not always nailed right,  but over here at El Cerdo and also at Ole Spanish Restaurant,  they are both serving my favorite versions in town!  ~ 9/10

Pincho Cordero Lamb Skewers with Mojo Verde sauce - $88
On the other hand, this was my first time ordering this after a Magazine Staff recommended it to me,  and it was gorgeous with the right seasoning,  and a crust outside the tender lamb.  ~ 8.5/10

Talo con Txistorra - Basque Style Corn Tortillas with Chorizo Sausage $88
With Red Pepper chutney.  A Traditional Basque dish that seems to somehow relate to the Mexican tortillas and taco's,  this is a unique dish in Hong Kong context.  The tortillas were hand rolled here and carried a strong corn taste - which you can't say a lot of corn tortillas at Mexican Taquerias in town have actually been able to achieve...  ~ 8/10

Spanish Churros with Nutella Chocolate Hazelnut sauce - $48 for 4 Pieces  
I think most customers who have been to El Cerdo,  agree that these are the best Churros in Hong Kong consistently.  I don't normally make the 'Best' claim but I have had most of them to compare with by now.  Here they are never fried too hard,  nor too greasy when eating with your hands.  Personally I prefer to have a Dark Hot Chocolate Drink to go with my churros or porras,  but a Nutella variation works well in this situation too.  ~ 9.5/10

El Cerdo Wanchai -
It is packed during Lunch hours already,  and Dinner depends at this outlet.  Over at Tsuen Wan side you will need to make a Reservation on almost any given night time.   I have also eaten other dishes here,  and will try to add back onto here when I find or tune my photos.  A typical Lunch here is only around the $108-148 mark and Dinner with a Drink,  probably around HKD $250-300.  Food Quality is high and consistent and for an Islander like myself,  this is one of my best Picks and a to go place right now in 2017,  I have been frequenting here almost once a week whenever I am in town !

Price:  HKD $108 to $250 + No Service Charge,  Please Tip
Food: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 to ♕♕♕♕♕

El Cerdo Wanchai Address: G/F, 114 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai
Phone: +852 28329222

El Cerdo Tsuen Wan Address: G/F, 77 Tai Pa Street, Tsuen Wan
Phone: +852 28823811

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