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Mandarin Oriental Clipper Lounge [ Hong Kong ] - Korean & Japanese Themed Seafood & Beef Buffet until August 2016. $588 Weekdays, $628 Weekends. Meal by Invitation:

 I have been eating at Mandarin Oriental Hotel for more than 3 Decades, and during this Invitational Dinner as a Media/Blogger Platform to spread the word out about their new offerings, we spoke about how Vong by Jean Georges used to occupy one of the top spaces, and within my own memory I still remembered how the hotel looked back then and the afternoon tea set formats I ate every week here. Even Mandarin Grill + Bar changed so much, now it is more Michelin * Molecular experimental fun, yet back in the days it was a simpler romantic steak house, giving out roses to ladies and cigars to guys after the meal. Things have developed majorly since multiple times...

Some Tuna Soba Noodles was my 1st Choice - 
It looked good for the starting of Summer Weather and came nice & chilled, well seasoned. 

Dessert Forest Offerings for the Buffet -
Apparently Girls have a 2nd stomach for Desserts, and Cows have 4. A guy only has one stomach so it's smarter to begin on the famous desserts at Mandarin Oriental Hotel's Clipper Lounge Buffet!

Clipper Lounge is Almost the Undisputed Buffet for having the best Dessert Pastries in HK -
I think The Greenery at Royal Garden Hotel is also great. The Night Market at Hotel Icon is also worth a mention too.... Not sure if I missed any restaurants, but these few sprang instantly into my mind. 

Some Chocolate Truffles and Chocolate Pralines - 
Also available next door at Cafe Causette's Pastry shop, for around $30 per piece though. But here at the Buffet its unlimited !

Bread & Butter Pudding, Baked Sago Pudding, Apple Crumble - 
These were Traditional desserts proving popular.. I took photos before they were scooped up rather quickly

More Dessert Displays - 
This carries some of the Mandarin Oriental Bite Size Desserts, ranging from Tiramisu, Creme Brulee, Panna Cotta with Strawberry, Mango Mousse with Coconut and Crushed Pistachio, Chocolate Mousse Chocolate Cakes, Cheese Cakes, etc. 

Home Made Ice Cream & Sorbetti Station - 
I chose the Mango, Lime & Vanilla to try. In hindsight I should have eaten more, as it was quite warm today! 

Lime and Mango Sorbet were quite refreshing in the Summery Weather -
Although Vanilla ice cream is always the crown of the jewel for me, I always have to order some anyway to sooth. Unlimited here of course!

Mango Mousse with some Coconut and a Chocolate Truffle - 
Although I love desserts, I ate more savory items in the end because the new Japanese x Korean themed food looked amazing..

Bread Crabs, Boston Lobster and Claws - 
Seafood station here has always been a strong point for Clipper Lounge's Buffet..

Abalone, Whelks, Mussels, Oysters, too -
Occasionally they also carry Mantis Shrimps from past visits. But seriously how many places serve Abalones and really good Oysters?

Grabbed a bit of Some Seafood - 

Bread, Cheese and Salad Counter - 
Bread here in Mandarin Oriental Hotel HK has always been one of the best in town, especially the milky Latte Roll and the Baguettes, etc.  I am missing their Honeycomb though however..

Sushi Station - Since it's the Japanese Theme, there are a lot more Seafood offered than Usual until August 2016 -
There's Saba Mackerel or as Battera Zushi, Akagai Surf Clam, Amaebi Prawns, Hamachi Yellowtail, Tai Sea Bream, Tuna Maguro, Salmon, Unagi Eel, etc. The most impressive Japanese sushi and sashimi spread I have ever seen.... Nice!

*1 Serving for Japanese x Korean Promotion - Grilled Korean Beef & also Wagyu Beef Steak
This was a pretty big portion actually, and I didn't know they served this as a compliment to all Buffet Diners. At only $588 all inclusive, this was a great price! Both steaks had different characters, one more meaty and the Wagyu much oilier likable. 

Korean Beef Short Ribs - 
This is so marbled and unlimited again, we all loved this! Actually, personally it beats a few so called famous Short Ribs in town... Wished I could have eaten more!

Korean Fried Chili Chicken and Japanese Tempura Prawns, etc.
The Chili sauce is home made and not too sweet.

Korean Fried Chicken with Chili Sauce, also above mentioned Beef Short Ribs which I ate with some Fruits -

Sea Clams with Sake, Onion, Garlic, Broth - 
This looked very tempting and would have been good eaten with some Pastas or Noodles

Yakitori Sticks and Shishito Peppers - There's Chicken, Pork and Beef 
Prettily laid out on pebble stones

Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup with Goji - 
This looked neat and really caught our eyes

Fried Korean Dumplings with Kimchi -
Mandu or Mandoo are actually related to Chinese Mantou, and also Xiao Loong Bao, or Nepal Momo directly. They all share some common history, even all the way to Turkey with their Manti dumplings due to the immigrants. 

Lobster Miso Soup with Tofu -
This was really excellent and a novel idea. They even heat up the Lobster Claw meat 1st..

Miso Glazed Salmon in Teriyaki Sauce - 

Toppoki Rice Cakes with Cheese, Kimchi & Pork Belly - 
This looked so good but I was full by this stage, next time I should come back again when I am really starved for a week!

Roasted Prime Rib/Rib Eye with Yorkshire Puddings with Gravy Sauce - 
Many of us have tried most Roasted Beef in town many times over, including here. They always make one of the best Beef Flavorful ones here and tender too, with proper Yorkshire puddings like a Sunday Roast. But? What excites me the most is their beef drippings Gravy here, it has depth and beefiness Onion complexity, obviously done properly from scratch with thoughtfulness.

Some Fried Rice with Eel and Eggs -

Apart from the 2 Korean & Wagyu Beef Steaks above,
 Tea or Coffee is also Included with the Price -
Usually for the last few decades in Mandarin Oriental I order the Orange Pekoe tea, but this time I decided to trust the lovely Lady serving us to make up my choice for some serendipity - she picked English Breakfast Tea for me, which I was quite happy with as it is a good digestive tea! Overall I thought the updated Buffet theme was quite impressive, and great value for money. Just looking at that Dessert Station, the home made Ice Creams, also the Sushi and Beef sections already makes me drool again thinking about it! *Wished I was a much bigger eater : )

Price: HKD $588 to $628 (Meal by Invitation, Japanese x Korean Theme until August 2016) 
Food: ♕♕♕♕♕ 

Address: 中環干諾道中5號香港文華東方酒店閣樓
1F Mandarin Oriental Hotel, 5 Connaught Road, Central 
Ph: 2825 4007

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