Friday, July 14, 2017

Electric Avenue [Hong Kong] - Voted the Best Burger & Bone Marrow Chips in Hong Kong?

  Electric Avenue was started in Sai Ying Poon not long ago I believe in 2016,  but suddenly the online buzz about it being the outright Best Burger in Hong Kong have flashed across my phone screen for a few times.   Around the 1st to 3rd and High Street area,  there are plenty of shops that I love already,  ranging from two 60 year old traditional Cantonese restaurants nearby all the way to modern French or a Cha Chaan Teng selling local Trappist milk as a Theme.  So it took me a few months down the track to finally pay here a visit instead..

Electric Avenue is found in a back alley -
In fact the quickest way to reach here is actually from the main Queen's Road West Road, it is approximately adjacent opposite Winston Coffee.

Mac Daddy, with Faux Mac Sauce, American Cheese,  House Pickles & Double Patties - $98
Although not the representative Signature Burger item here, during lunch time it comes as a Set with Rosemary Fries and a Soda included at this price.  So this would be a good first trial of their food..

Mac Daddy -
Apparently the 1/2lb Beef Patty is now split into 2 smashed patties instead of 1 large one,  like in their other Burger choices.  The beef texture is spot on,  slightly loose but not drooping over the place.  In an almost cheeky way, this burger was meant to take a dig at the McD's burger obviously.  The Brioche bun was buttery and very good,  so was the house pickled Cucumber which is way south of the overly acidic Gherkins fished out from a jar.   The beef flavor is good,  and somehow I expected the patties to be served more Medium by default than cooked through...  ~ 7.5/10

Bone Marrow Fries - $50 for Full Size
A Signature here and all hand made,  taking many hours of preparation and cooking stages.  From what the owner-chef explained to me,  the processes seem even more complicated than Heston Blumenthal's thrice cooked chips,  but I will keep it offline as his Trade secret but it makes total Scientific sense.  They are fluffy with the external starchy skin roughened up,  rather crispy.  The Bone Marrow flavor is not overly abundant but I treat it as a way of frying in animal suet fat anyway.. 

Menu -
The Classic 1/2 Pounder Burger starts at $120 at night,  although for Lunch Hours some special, more affordable deals are available, such as what I ordered.  It is reasonable considering they source high quality Australian Grass fed Beef and their Meat Patty portion is the biggest of any burger shops in Hong Kong by far...  Whether it is the best Burger and Bone Marrow Fries in Hong Kong,  I will have to come back again to explore their other Burgers before making a firm statement.  But it is definitely very close...  especially when compared to the likes of Beef & Liberty and also Butcher's Club,  known as the people's burger choice nowadays.

Price: Around HKD $98 to $120 Per Person + 10% 

Food: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2  

Address: 西環西營盤第一街27-29號太益樓地舖 LG/F, Tai Yik House, 27-29 First Street, Sai Ying Pun, Western District
Ph: 28588883

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