Sunday, September 5, 2010

C.C. Cafe - ♕♕♕


One of the 3 prominent and respected Cafes in the Sai Kung area next to the sea side, opposite the established Colour Brown,  the recently opened C.C. Cafe unfortunately sticks blindly to their philosophy of older textbook definitions of Coffee, without trying to understand why, much like how lots of false Information is repetively being passed around and regurgitated like gospel by people pretending to be experts when it couldn't be further from the truth  ~ with little clues on technicalities, real Practical Experience or understanding the truth behind the True Science of of how to extract a proper coffee.
This is pretty noticeable by the approach by how C.C. Cafe preaches religiously to align itself with the older Taiwanese ‘Gabee’ textbook and Italian Coffees, which has been written many years ago. That’s despite the original author of the book having improved tremendously since then  ~  this can become a hindrance as an approach which is slightly outdated with the rest of the world's development, which was reflected in the cup.  When world-class baristas are already exploring with Precised Measurements of correct dosages down to the milli-grams, exact Extraction Brewing Proportions, also sometimes Twin Pumps Machine that can perform derivative level miracles via variable Pressure Profiling programming and making Non-linear Extractions, here, we see a Cafe which does not listen to the customer’s request, thinking they know better than you do, making too many excuses to defend itself.. but understandbly this is Human Nature ~ we just can't be wrong, can we?  Or should one open up the mind to learn and improve the Hong Kong coffee scene?  : D

There are 2 Baristas here serving Customers..
Both very friendly and warming.

My first shot of locally roasted espresso consists of Central American as well as Asian beans, precisely measured to 30ml via a Shot Glass.  Unfortunately this very old Italian and out-fashioned way of measurement does not work for every coffee blend.     The shot while having a nice thickish 'porous' Crema on top and a little too fresh, was pulled too long and watery, out of proportions with the dosage in percentage - having well passed its ideal Espresso Brewing Ratio for this Coffee blend beyond the well accepted 12-18% and extracting the wrong flavours and caffeine during the process - 

Upon re-request of a second shot which should be pulled closer to the ideal volume, unfortunately the very friendly coffee maker (I should stress!) did not fully understand this request very well.  A similar but only slightly denser 30ml shot was given to me.  It was harsh & saturated with caffeine’s bitterness and too watery to its potential still - 5/10

Cakes Display Fridge outside - Promising

Barista Name:  Young Male
Coffee Brand: C.C. Cafe's own Blend of American & Asian beans, roasted locally
Recommended Coffee:  -

Price: $25 per person
Score: ★★
*It has a lot more potential, if they could just be a little less defensive with suggestions and listen to their customers, who have already pinpointed the exact flaw to their cupping quality.

(G/F, 33 See Cheung Street, Sai Kung)
Ph: 9810 4261
Previous Review: -

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  1. I have just got noticed that C.C. Cafe starts selling Indonesian Wild Kopi Luwak coffee. Just cant wait for it!



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