Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kam Shing Restaurant (金城餐廳) - ♕♕♕♕

Kam Shing (金城餐廳) is one of the most sophisticated Cha Chaan Teng’s I’ve come across eating within Hong Kong.  Not only are they well known for their Baked Porkchop Rice, some even proclaiming it to be the No.1 version of this dish locally, in fact their other and biggest specialty is their freshly slaughtered fishes bought fresh from a fish market every day (some are farmed).

Soup of the Day boiled from Pork & Purple Haricot (眉豆),
it was sweet and good as a lightish soup - 

Moroccan Chicken Rice with Fried Egg -
A bit of a hybrid dish with an African origin but localised execution, the chicken arrived with a different sauce than advertised, also was pretty tasteless.  The rice has a lot of Turmeric powder thrown in to give it more colours, rather than imparting real curry like flavours. With fried egg on top   -   4/10

Baked Porkchop Rice -
This is a staple food of Hong Kong but possibly derived from Macau-Portuguese origins.  The version here uses slow boiled natural ingredients like carrot and tomato to make the sauce to bring out a natural sweetness, rather than relying on readily bought tomato paste!   The rice is fried well and individually grainy, but the sauce was a little sweet, the thickish pork tasteless yet tender.  
You could sense the amount of effort thrown in, but the result does not reflect the true potential of this Signature Dish unfortunately -  7/10

龍躉, a higher end, bigger version of the Grouper family, is highly regarded but nowadays mostly farm fed using Taiwanese fishing technology.  They grow very fast within a short period of time, also changes its sex during the process.   The freshness of the fish here is not to be doubted and for only $74 for so many large pieces of fish fillets, it was quite enjoyable -
Cantonese Chili Sauce to go with above Fish Hor Fun noodles,
should you insist on destroying the natural fish flavours..

Fish Quality was good –
The Elastic and collagen filled skin and fish meat,
Rice Noodles have a lot of wok chi but were clumped together,
and it could have had more fried egg shreds.
The fish nevertheless makes up for this big flaw.

Lemon Tea too light in Taste -

Price: $40 - 100 per person
Score: ★★

(G/F., 123 Shaukeiwan Main Street East,, Shau Kei Wan – Near MTR Exit)
Ph: 2513 1936
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