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Kato Sushi (加籐壽司) - ♕♕♕♕♕

Rumour goes that Japanese owner Kato-san of 加籐壽司 strictly prohibits customers taking photos of his food ~  with a large external sign discouraging the practice, but I took sneak pics for you anyway and luckily got away scath free! :P   I don’t usually have problems with this Policy if it carries any validity, but I seeked out the truth from the staff anyway ~ it turned out the Sushi Chef Owner is not overly happy with how Hong Kong Customers are reviewing his shop online ~ because he believes they do not actually understand how to appreciate real Japanese food…
Its a bold statement! 

But I must say I do empathise a little bit.  Having spent some time learning about their culture living over in J-Land many years ago, I can concur that our expectation about Japanese Food is sometimes overly optimistic and glorified….  Although marketed as a specialty Sushi House,  I think the Nigiri sushi here to be only satisfactory rather than outstanding (especially for lunch time!)  ~  sure the rice shari quality and the nigiri skills are on par with the rest of the best I’ve had in Hong Kong so far, but its all relative and the fish neta quality is something short of exciting… rather ho-hum even.   It was good enough during my 2 past night visits but not exceptional, but if you observe how the majority of its loyal Japanese Customers patroning here only  orders his Sushi Sets for dinner, and not quite the Hot Food from this Sushi house, you will understand that not every hyped up expectation are always relatable to reality!   If the Japanese locals appear rather happy with their sushi meals here, what makes us think you know better than them to judge?    Having said that, from my Hong Kong type of way and rating, I think the Hot Food here excels over the Raw Stuff…    They are not only prepared meticulously, it’s also one of the best I’ve experienced locally and really punches above its weight compared to every other Izakaya or Sushi ya in town...
Entrance is very old school and I wasn’t expecting much at 1st ..
Green Tea is of the sweeter type

Asahi Super Dry beer served in very tiny Sapporo glasses,
a traditional Japanese Izakaya or Sushi Bar formality…
& 水茄子刺身 as starter

Imported Japanese Eggplants as Sashimi,
very sweet and flavoursome -
Deep braised Daikon with bonito flakes and spring onions -

Fried Beef Croquettes are smooth and oil-free,
but don’t over-expect the amount of minced beef inside. 
Its suppose to be mostly potatoes even when eating them within Japan - 

Egg maki with daikon oroshi at Kato Sushi is more of the ribbed 伊達巻 shape,
than what you would normally expect and served as Rectangular pieces elsewhere,  also more salty here than sweet. One of the best egg rolls in town and beautifully presented -
A longish specialty fish also eaten by eastern coastal Chinese, here it is half fried with a Shiso leaf, and the other half fried with seaweed and shiso.  To be accompanied by fried Ginko and Kaiware sprouts.  Absolutely stunning dish -

Dinner Sushi a la Carte -  #1
Tamago 玉子, Akagai 赤貝, Fuefukidai 笛吹鯛, Ikura いくら,
Hamachi はまち, Ume Shiso Maki 梅しそ巻き -

Dinner Sushi a la carte #2 -
Ume Shiso maki 梅しそ巻き, Kohada こはだ,
Akami 鮪, Unagi 鰻 -

Kohada in spring, marinated well and fresh…
Rice is cooked very well here

Grated wasabi – available at Sushi Counter,
or else on customer request (don't be shy to ask!)
Assorted Tempura, with Prawns, Seaweed wrapped White Fish, Soba Noodles, Shiso Leaf, Japanese Sweet Potato, Shiitake, Eggplant, Fish in Seaweed, Ginko, etc.   One of the best all-rounded, Artisanal tempuras around town for less than $100 and completely unexpectedly from Kato Sushi House !

ランチセット - 鰻蒲焼き + 揚げ出し豆腐 + 刺身 (三種)
Lunch – Unagi Kabayaki Set, Agedashi Tofu & 
3 Types of Sashimi, Pickles, Lotus Root, etc -

Very thick cuts, even if Japanese made -

Unagi grilled very well..

Lunch – Assorted Sushi Set with Salad  #3
鮪、八町、縁側、海老、いくら、鮭、鯛、玉子 -

Matcha Ice Cream -

Sushi Counter now mostly welcomes local Japanese customers,
and Photos are discouraged to be taken…?

Price: $250 per person

Lunch Score:  ★★
Dinner Score: ★★
* Despite being a Sushi House, their Hot food is more recommendable than their sushi items,  unless if you can come around to appreciating Old School nigiri styled sushi, as is found and prepared in the suburban izakaya or sushi houses in Japan.

Opening Hours:
Mon, Wed to Sunday -  Lunch 12-14:30
                                     Dinner  18:00-23:00
Tues –                           Closed

Address: 北北角和富道20-36號 明暉大廈1字樓7-9號舖
(Shop 7-9, 1st Floor, 20-36 Wo Fu Road, North Point)
Ph: 2807 3613
Previous Review: -


  1. YEAH =] u finally have your 'own' place of recording & sharing food enjoyment without frustrations !!

    it seems that the dinner is much better than lunch dishes ... i love the eggplants, unagi & katsu !!

  2. Yeah and thanks for your comment and support.

    I love their dinner hot food dishes here definitely! A lot!

    Lunch or sushi aren't that bad to be honest, but as much as I think they're ok-good, I don't mind if they can still improve a bit further. Nevertheless I gave them a highish final score as its all a relative performance and they did surprise me in a way : )

  3. First time I've heard of a Japanese restaurant in HK prohibiting photos! And in North Point too. Seems like there's a surge of good food in that area, must explore when I return!

  4. From memory, another restaurant which prohibits photo taking is Sushi Toku in Tsim Sa Tsui at their Counter Bar, which I got told off.

    Well, I got told off at Chez Shibata too, or the previous Hakata Ramen review. I think I understand where they're coming from, so its about settling into a truce with them in the end, depending of how u negotiate peacefully, much like most things in life : )



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