Monday, September 20, 2010

Le Gout Cake Shop - ♕♕♕

Came on the 1st Opening Day by notification,
by Dessert Chef

Dessert chef has trained under the venerable L'Ecole Lenôtre,
a Cooking School under one of France's most prominent chefs. During his career he was selected as French Chef of the Year by the French Culinary Press, France's Best Pastry Apprentice Award, as well as the youngest Two-Star Michelin Chef of France.

Cookies for Free Tasting.  Walnut, Chocolate,
Butter Cookies, etc.

Cookies packages…

Tiramisu isn’t very French, but throughout Europe,
they share common knowledge of each another's desserts...

The Texture was of a great consistency, borderline set, Mascarpone was cheesy but lacks eggs flavour.  Unfortunately, this carries little Coffee Espresso taste. There was a tinge of soaked liquor flavour beneath.  A little too bland overall ~

Chocolate Tart -
For someone who graduated from L'Ecole Lenôtre, you could say I had reasons to be disappointed just by visually.  This actually tasted good, if you could disregard its lack of innovation and ability to improve the final product from a basic recipe.  The pastry crust was well layered, almost meltingly buttery.  Chocolate ganache set a little dense and hard ~  6/10
Cookies are the Forte here, they’re really good.
Crumbly texture, lots of Buttery goodness.  The Walnut and Chocolate one had strong representations of their taste, the original Buttery version sensational.  Probably one of the best locally in my memory, until I do a side-by-side comparison ~ 

Display Shelf of desserts made the night before,
when I saw the Pastry Chef making them in house by person.
Unfortunately, nearly emptied by the time I arrived.

Price: $30 - $80 per person
Score:  ★★
*Cookies were great.  Cakes have a lot of potential, just need a tweaking of formulas.

大坑新村街8號地下C舖 (Shop C, G/F, 8 Sun Chun Street, Tai Han)
Ph: 2805 6622

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