Sunday, September 5, 2010

Percy's Coffee - ♕♕


Percy’s is an Australian Food take-away provider, who also caters for the local Macquarie Bank as well as for the Sai Wan area.   They not only provide a few Australianised dishes from Vegetarian to whole Roasted Pigs to Lamb, but also serves the famous Merlo Coffee from Queensland of Australia, albeit not made very well at all to its potential.

171020091803This Caffe Latte was too thin and under-extracted in terms of timing.
The milk texturing was also a bit patchy and clumped rather than Smooth.
There's nothing wrong with the Coffee Roasting & Blending by Merlo to be fair,
it was all Barista skills related -  5/10

Barista Name:  What barista?  A competent Aussie Chef, with little knowledge about coffees unfortunately
Coffee Brand: MERLO Coffee, roasted in Queensland Australia
Recommended Coffee:  -

Price: $30 per person
Score: ★★

西環堅尼地城吉席街68號地下B舖(Shop B, G/F, 68 Catchick Street, Kennedy Town, Western District)
 Ph: 2855 1882
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