Friday, September 24, 2010

Kitamura Coffee (咖啡香房) - ♕♕♕♕

Kitamura Coffee is an arcane coffee shop operated by a local Japanese coffee roaster, which is little visited by those not within the coffee lovers circle. She does not sell her coffees on weekdays, as she needs to concentrate on roasting beans for Customers’ orders.  If you want to try her hand made coffee, the only viable option is to arrive on the weekend - when she would happily serve you a coffee via hand drip methods for a very reasonable price.  But there are only 2 seats here…   

My last visit was already more than 1 year ago to be precise.  Kitamura san’s coffee roasting style is surprisingly more aligned with the lighter 3rd Waver style, probably more by her personal preference and femininity rather than following recent overseas trends.  Its all about terroir and back to basics here.  Don’t expect any heavily roasted coffee beans like her compatriots heavily roasted 炭焼き Sumiyaki Style, with a toasty character and aroma.  Here, it lies even below the mid-Range roasted 九州岡田咖啡 characteristics wise, which in turn also lies beneath the darker roasty or sumiyaki style.

171020091797Located in a rather difficult to find Apartment Block -
when you find this Mountain Blue coffee oak drum,
you’ve come to the right spot…
A multitude of Coffee accessories and beans available..

Beautifully decorated, Kitamura san carries a few Blends or rare Single Origins of coffee beans, roasted within a few days of customers’ orders.. 
I am not sure beans should be stored in a fridge nevertheless,
but many people do it.  Each to their own storage methods

After trying a Colombian Single Origin, which was pretty light bodied and sweet,
I ordered a 2nd House Blend which is Floral, light and sweet, more like a Sugary Tea,
rather than Bold and Roasty like many Japanese roasty coffees.  Very feminine coffee ~

Price: $30 - $80 per person

Score:  ★★★★

Opening Hours:
Mon, Wed to Fri  - 12:00-20:00  (for Buying Roasted Beans Only)
Sat to Sunday     -  10:00-17:00  (Coffee is Available by Ms. Kitamura)

Address: 跑馬地昇平街4號2樓
(2/F, No. 4 Shing Ping Street, Happy Valley)
Ph: 8200 3480

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