Monday, September 6, 2010

Ming Kee Dessert (明記糖水) - ♕♕♕

Ming Kee Dessert during its expansion phrase, not only ended up gobbling 3 separate shops on the same street to satisfy its growing no. of customers (4 to be precise, their latest addition supplies their shaved Taiwanese ice),  they also have an outlet in Tin Hau albeit with a slightly different ownership structure compared to the original father’s shop here. 

One of 3 Similarly named shops on the same street. 

IMG_4258 One of their Signature Items is 木糠芒果凍餅, a 'Frozen Mango Serraduras',
its a fusion between Portuguese Serraduras and Italian frozen Semi-Freddo, sprinkled on top with biscuity crumbs.  Using Phillipino ripe mangoes both within and on top, its best to eat this dessert once it has undergone time to defrost slightly after 3-5 minutes, when it becomes more creamier than frozen hard! -  7/10

A very filling dessert ~
Recommended to be shared by at least 2 persons.

Price: $30 per person
Score: ★★

(138 Sai Wan Ho Street, Sai Wan Ho)
Ph: 2560 7870
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