Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sister Wah (華姐清湯腩) - ♕♕♕

Touted as the closest no.2 best Beef Flank and Brisket Specialist within Hong Kong, placed just behind Kau Kee (九記) in Central, the old lady owner Sister Wah follows her tried and tested own recipe in cooking these meat and noodles dishes.   There seems to be a few camps as to how beef brisket should be prepared in Hong Kong ~ either with a strong Soya bean Based Jue Hau sauce, or with a Clear Soup carrying a slight Medicinal herbs and spice influence but mostly derived from beef bones or the meat itself.  And then there are also many other shops which practises somewhere within these restraints.


Menu only has Chinese, but the most Left listed Item is their Signature dish

Beef Flank & Brisket with Shanghai style Wonton Rice Noodles -
Soup is a bit weak here.  Rice noodles was overly cooked, so is the Beef. 
Shanghainese Wontons are good however.
There are many cuts of beef available here, the one in this bowl is mostly Flank,
which is more lean without the extra fat or tendons & gristles of other upper parts of the Brisket.   Fattier meat with their connective tissues are believe it or not,
quite popular in Hong Kong.  Which do you prefer?

Chili Sauce here is of the Chiuchow or Teowchew style,
which are fried and have an Oily Presence,
quite different from the thicker paste like Hong Kong Chili Sauce!

Another bowl of Extra Beef Brisket -
Of slightly different cuts to the above without the noodles, this is the mid-brisket part, slighty cut from below and forward of the cow.  Soup is more strong and slightly spiced in this version (as there is no watery soup from cooking the noodles), but its Meaty in taste, rather than Boney or Medicinal -  7/10
Close Up of my 2nd Dish – Slightly tougher than 1st dish

Price: $58
Score: ★★

Address: 天后電氣道13號A地下
(G/F, 13A Electric Road, Tin Hau near MTR Station)
Ph: 2807 0181
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