Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shore Steak & Bar Restaurant - ♕♕

You won’t normally catch me visiting Steak Houses as I am pretty Selective when it comes to Beef...  Unless they provide genuine Dry Aged Steaks or they are cooked on proper Charcoal or Wood Grills (炭燒) such is the case here, something which can’t be replicated at home, I will rather cook it myself using my own methods and timing.  Why ‘gamble’ with so-called steak house specialists and their variables, particularly the shops owned by some opportunistic Bankers.    If it is just going to be another average Char-broiled/Flame-grilled or Griddle cooked version,  why not reserve that 300% premium whacked on top of the cost in the Steak House and instead, land yourself the best piece of meat in town and cook it properly at home!    I simply can’t bring myself to paying premium prices and then still need to pray that the Chef on duty will cook it just right, as past experiences proved to be a bit bruising.  Its more often done wrong than right. 

Shore sounded promising from the outset as they either Dry or Wet Age their own steak cuts and then cooks them on a Floating Charcoal-Griller, its also being looked after by a well seasoned Chef.   The lower 3rd Floor is designed around an Underwater theme “Off Shore”, which is more casual, while the upper 4th Floor is the “On Shore”, a more formal dining section.  The two levels altogether represents the integration between the Land-Beef theme and its Sea-Seafood offerings.   Due to the brand new opening, they’re still fumbling their way about and a few changes have already been planned in the pipeline, particularly with concerns as to which dining area shall serve which dishes to suit the customers.   At the moment its all a little confusing, particularly for Lunch as it comprises of 3 compartmentalized sections within the restaurant, each with a different menu…

Charcoal Grill plus Dry Aged Steaks…

The Dry Aged beef menu of the day..

Tahuna Pinot Noir from Hawke’s Bay -
New Zealand, served in Branded Spiegelau glass  ~  7/10

French Laguiole style knife

Wet Aged Flat Iron Steak  (New Zealand), served Pre-sliced -
For a Hanger Onglet steak I can understand, but Flat Iron should be naturally quite tender… why give me a Laguiole style knife then, when its already pre-sliced and had lost most juices and its heat during the whole process??

Steak Fries were of commercial type but seasoned and fried well,
Mesclun Salad with its basil/herbal vinegary dressing okay appetising ~ 7/10
However, the Rare+ Steak was internally cold and way below the designated 50C,
also having a strongish livery/blood like taste and slight sourness…

English Mustard – Coleman taste like

My cold Flat Iron Steak was returned to upstairs kitchen to be reheated.
It came back lukewarm rather than at room temperature this time,
but compromised was its juiciness… it also carries a very gamey taste.
Not much Charcoal flavour either ~  2/10

Complimentary Italian Caffe Latte

A little too bubbly on top,
but not enough velvety foam/cream beneath,
slightly bitter ~ 6/10

English Website:  http://www.shore.com.hk/

Price: $148-500 per person
Lunch Score:  ★★☆☆☆

*Score to be revised as it improves, as was promised by Owner himself.  Therefore I am not posting this on Openrice.com, as we shall give them time to improve and iron out the kinks gradually over time…  Stay Tuned.

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sun -  11:00 - 22:00

Address: 中環皇后大道中 139號 L Place三及四樓
(3rd and 4th floor, L Place, 139 Queen's Road, Central)
Phone: 2915 1638

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  1. 真係幾DRY下,睇相唔太想食喎.




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