Thursday, September 9, 2010

Le Moment - ♕♕♕♕

Opened by a group of business partners who are dedicated Cat Lovers, as well as existing Wine/Restaurant owners in HK, this newly opened Cafe and Wine bar also roasts their own secretive blend of coffee each week...

Although most staff members are friendly and knowledgeable, unfortunately I have had the displeasure to experience its dark side 1 day ~ when I was literally framed by the lady barista on duty (who suffers from amnesia and loss of short term memory),  that I took photos when she said she had warned me already not to and I'd previously agreed...   Well actually, you didn’t –  not only have you forgotten my simple request to bring me a glass of ice water after 4 reminders to go with my coffee (it was searingly hot outside!),  but you had earlier tried to tell me off for bringing in my bottle of Vitamin Water, which I desperately needed the liquid inorder to walk up that steep hill to get to the shop and trying to review you in the midst of summer.   It was strictly this Promise which I had happily obliged to and not drink my externally bought drink whilst inside your shop only ~   but when did that ‘No Photos’ policy ever came in during the conversation, Miss Forgetful?  :(  And even when I had already taken the photos, why do you then have to sulk and insist the customer to delete the photos from his camera? >.<

And that wasn’t even the end of the story.

Handing over a $500 note to pay the bill, why do you think its even appropriate to give me that stoned sullen facial expression,  then trying to force me to pay with smaller changes & making that most inappropriate very Hong Kong like ‘JEPP'ing’ complaining noise during the process, just because you don't carry enough coin change inside the shop??    It's not within my scope of problems, considering every other Cha Chaan Teng as my foodie friend puts it would have no problems breaking up a $500 note.  Just because you aren’t attracting enough customers here, suddenly its my fault? ...   

Such a bad experience really leaves u with a sour note and an indelible mark on your coffee  journey……   Nevertheless,  it is on my onus to rate Coffee on Taste rather than just Service, therefore the end result reflects exactly what was in the final cup and is scored as such… sighhhhh  ~ Good Luck with you !

Famous HK Artist and Coffee Lover Moses Chan (陳豪) was also here on my day of Visit!   He’s a really friendly, muscular guy… carrying a great smile! 
Hope to see him again soon…

The Menu is filled with lovely surprises,
from food,  desserts, wines to coffees….

This Caffe Latte was made pretty well by the rude and unbending Barista -
a fairly dry & earthy note dominated the base, with a slight medium-dark roastiness and dirtiness,  there’s a toasty hazelnut and just a tinge of too high-a-temp extraction bitterness.  Milk was smooth but borderline too hot - 7/10

The coffee was originally $35. 
yet they charge 10% Service Charge by rounding it up from $3.50 to $4.00 instead -  
Not an Acceptable practice in Hong Kong…

Barista Name:  Unknown & Not Interested
Coffee Brand: Le Moments House Blend, roasted locally
Recommended Coffee:  Caffe Latte
Price: $39 per person
Score: ★★
*Service on this occasion was disrespectful,  blaming and entrapping the customer for something he did not even commit.   Nevertheless, the coffee is quite good and recommendable…  But ultimately, NOT RECOMMENDED unless they finally begin to understand what is meant by proper service!

(G/F, 55 Peel StreetSoho, Central)
Ph: 3488 0733
Previous Review: -

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