Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Little Marionette (Sydney) - ♕♕♕♕♕

 This is easily one of my favourite Australian Cafes to be found in Sydney.  Workers are dressed in a sailors looking like uniform, somewhat appropriate as it is located very close to the Balmain ferry port.  The coffee blend is geared towards the milder and sweet, more approachable style of coffee which I think is preferred by Sydney-siders overall,  but the aroma from their house blend is drop dead gorgeous and works equally well as a short black or in a latte based drink.  They also offer a very good decaffe here, which is also roasted fresh and grinded to order..

Always a very crowded cafe, with very limited seats available…

Cappuccino -
My favourite spot to drink their coffee is sitting on the grass on the park opposite… and I am not the only customer doing that as you’ll find dozens of others doing the same and eating their sandwiches and muffins together with the coffee…  Can’t wait to revisit again!   ~ 9/10



Address: 1A Booth Street, Balmain, Sydney, Australia -
Ph: (02) 9810 9728

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