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Mutekiya 無敵家 (Beijing) - ♕♕♕♕

 The original 無敵家 in Tokyo is quite famous for its North-Eastern Japanese, Yokohama styled Tonkotsu Ramen.   It is slightly different from the various Kyushu Prefecture sub-regional styled Tonkotsu ramens, which had all originated from Kurume city (Kyushu)  before deviating into their own subtly different versions within Kyushu area itself. This includes versions from Kurume, Beppu, Hakata, Nagasaki, Kumamoto, Fukuoka (yes Hakata is  indeed located within Fukuoka, but both versions are slightly different in their noodles formula and condiments used),  etc.    The differences between all of these lie mainly in the soup broth and noodles thickness, and Yokohama style is definitely unique as it is based on a mixture of both Soy Sauce broth and Tonkotsu broth, which would classify it  as a hybrid between Tokyo Soy Sauce based Ramen and what is generally recognised as a typical Kyushu styled Tonkotsu Ramen,.   The Yokohama version's noodle is more yellow and slightly curly, but not as curled as Tokyo ramen or Hokkaido ramen, so it lies somewhere between Kyushu's and Kansai style's white straightened noodles and the more upper North ramen.    

I do apologise if this comes off as slightly confusing, but having lived in the Kanagawa/Yokohama area before, I think it is fair to point out that the lighter Yokohama styled Soy-Tonkotsu ramen (家系ラーメン) is quite sophisticated in terms of both broth and noodles, but generally Kyushu people find it a little weak compared to the various Kyushu styles or the Miso-Tonkotsu style in Sapporo of Hokkaido!    Anyway Mutekiya Ramen in Beijing is  in fact not directly related to its famous name-sake in Tokyo, but it is half owned by a Japanese guy based in Beijing, and previously quite a few Japanese chefs were imported here to train the staff on how to make a proper bowl of Yokohama style Tonkotsu Ramen! 

Looks quite like the real deal in Japan..

Asahi Beer, made in China -
The hop flavour is quite very weird though, it seems very sour and light

Chinese staff on the majority cook & serve here, but they are very serious with the plating. The way they drain the noodles and filter out the scum in the broth is obvious to the naked eye, executed to the degree specified according to the Japanese boss's stringent standards..

Yokohama Styled, Hybrid Soy Sauce-Tonkotsu Ramen -
Their signature noodles dish, which is very good even by Japan mainland standards ~  8/10

Char Siu -
Made quite tender yet not so over-cooked that it falls apart ... quite good

Ramen Noodles -
I thought these weren't as Yokohama-like as I remember but geared more towards the Tokyo or Sapporo style ramen.  But these proved very tasty and were wheaty/eggy and chewy, surprising as these were made in Beijing and probably better than anything of similarly styled noodles in HK.  This is a Ramen shop which is close to matching Japan Yokohama's standards..

Kappa Maki -
Refreshing Cucumber maki sushi, for eating with beer.  Done very well and the seaweed was of high, thick and crunchy quality.  Some people might think the cucumber not being finely julienned is wrong, but you do see both this chunky or julienned versions in Japan anyway..
~   8/10

Address:  朝阳区东三环中路39号建外SOHO东区3号楼
Ph: 010-59001567

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