Wednesday, March 30, 2011

D.I.Y. - Cara Cara Red Orange Creme Brulee

  Without access to my useful kitchen appliances, which are still sitting in my house in Australia gathering dust, what I can make in my HK home is kind of limited or compromised in formula. I don't even have an oven, mixer or food processors or blenders of any sort.  I don't even have a proper knife or utensils or better plates that are necessary to make a good interesting meal!   But once in a while the bug bites and you try to make whatever is possible from the limited equipment available.... 

杏加橙 法式焦糖燉蛋
Madagascar Vanilla and Cara Cara Red Orange Creme Brulee,
Almond Praline, Macerated Orange and Peel...

(Added in a bit of Wilson's Marmalade Jam,
and borrowed Paul Lafayet's dish but its all home made.) 

I like my vanilla seeds to float to infuse flavour more evenly, thanks -
 not sitting around at the bottom lying dormant and lining the bottom..


  1. 嘩,兩粒杏仁咁似蒜頭嘅

  2. that looks yummm, did u bake it in a bain-marie or??
    looking forward to see your other culinary creations =)

  3. At Tabero - yes wor :D

    At g. - I am oven-less in HK and so you're right, this is the 1st time ever I made it using a simulated bain-marie using a wok :D I got some other food in my mind or have already cooked, let's see what I can muster haha! *some of them are bound to fail lol.

  4. look at your presentation, so avant garde! i so need to get my hands on wilson.....'s jam. heheheh



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