Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cafe Luvoello (Beijing) - ♕♕♕♕

  The cafe culture in Beijing is high, incalculably high even.  This isn't completely incomprehensible as Beijing is normally considered to be the Arts Capital of China, and artistic cities are normally correlated  with better cafe standards (and not only limited to coffee but cafes in general).  The cafes in Beijing are astonishingly high and right up there with world standards, so much so, it is probably more advanced than some established European cities living on their pass glory.   I initially wasn't planning to explore many cafes in Beijing but visiting them one after another, I discovered that they never ceased to continually surprise.   Cafe Luvoello is part of the American Cafe Paridiso's group, but the Chinese branches (found in both Shanghai and Beijing) have their beans roasted and packaged in Korea.  The normal blend consists of Peru, Indonesian and Hawaiian coffee beans and most of the baristas in this San Li Tun SOHO branch in China are well trained,  also very friendly at helping me navigate around the city as well! 

Caffe Latte -
A lot of cafes in Beijing use artificially tasting Chinese milk, which tastes more like sugared cream and spoils the milk coffee drinks.  But this one was quite acceptable for my liking ~  7/10

This Cafe sounds promising, and might just become a respectable chain in China 1 day..

Address: U/G, Sanlitun SOHO, Beijing, China
北京朝阳区三里屯 SOHO

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  1. Looks beautiful, and damn, why don't I get nice latte art on my ever? T_T



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