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Sushi Tokami - Latest Sushi Opening, a Guest Post by Jess Jann from !

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Sushi Tokami.the name sound familiar? Well, it’s because it is for sushi enthusiasts. The original Sushi Tokami in Japan was founded in Ginza Tokyo in 2013. Within the first year of opening Sushi Tokami was awarded with a 1 Michelin star. Now, the esteemed restaurant is opening shop in a very sweet (secretive) spot in Harbour City. The place is a very sleek, simple and traditional Japanese omakase space. Terrific service, extremely clean and amazing food from Chef Taga San. Sushi Tokami’s emphasis is straightforward quality sashimi and sushi selections.

They specialise in tuna and toro– look at this beautiful ruby red darling (there’s more of that coming your way. Scroll down. Be warned: Good looking #sushiporn awaits.)

Tuna Neck and back meat hand roll to start the fabulous omakase dinner with. They chopped up the tuna neck and tuna back meat and scooped it right in with the perfect amount of rice, wasabi and soy sauce. <3

Sake!! <3

Octopus was tender, sweet with a nice bit of crunch and crackle with each bite.

Nicely marinated kelp and onions (add a bit of their vinegar and you are good to go.)

右口魚 Halibut sashimi. They have a bit for you to sample with the black salt as well as dipping it into soy sauce and a bit of wasabi. The halibut sashimi was so nice and tender. The black salt really does bring out the natural halibut fish flavour.

Abalone from Japan’s 千葉縣. What’s not to like about this. The tender meaty abalone had a nice bite and flavour. I devoured the plate clean.

Smoked yellowtail. OHHHHH! One of my faves!! This yellowtail had such a nice smokiness flavour to it that was savoury and flavourful.

Close up of the smoked yellowtail with wasabi. <3 Sooo goooood. I pretty much could have licked the plate clean to get every bit of the smoked yellowtail flavour.

剝皮魚 Leatherjacket fish and liver sauce and rice. I didn’t want the fish sperm dish but was pleasantly surprised by this loveliness. Again, another dish I licked clean.

白子Fish sperm with white truffle and rice. I had a tiny bit of this but holy moly poly roly…. that is a LOTTTTTTT of white truffle. It smelled bomb, too.

目拔魚 and green onions in a light broth. Lovely, light and refreshing.

Baby snapper sushi. Oooh, so pretty. Look at the color of that fish. True beauty looks pretty close to this. It tasted just as good too.

Squid sushi. The texture was so interesting: it was borderline sticky, slimey and smooth, believe it or not. I loveeeeeed it. Add a bit of the black salt to bring out the squid’s flavour.

Gizzard shad sushi. This was sooo pretty. Look at the gizzard shad’s skin but was not a favourite of mine. 

The signature toro and tuna sushi selections!!!! Yipee Yi Yay!

Tuna sushi was perfection. The tuna sushi was strong and sweet in flavour, firm yet soft in texture. I could gulp this down any and every day if I had to. Not sure if that is really healthy though?

Toro Sushi. Omg….It just gets better and better, doesn’t it? Look at that shining, glimmering, plump piece of delectable-ness. The toro was juicy, fatty and well marbled.

Seared toro sushi. Oh snap. Did it just get even BETTER? Oh yeah. You can believe it. This baby was seared to perfection. Once the toro is seared- the natural juices and oils start gushing out along with a nice seared and smoky taste.

針魚 Flat Needlefish sushi. SOOOO pretty!! Look at the chopped ginger, wasabi mix on top. The texture was off the charts good.

Prawn (kuruma ebi) sushi was pretty darn good. Sweet and plump!

Saba Sushi. This was my least favourite of the bunch!

Sea Urchin Sushi..Ooh la la. For once, the sea urchin was not the highlight of my meal. Rather the delicious tuna, toro, seared toro trio. Wait, don’t get me wrong! Sea urchin sushi is good ANY day! (This didn’t disappoint!)

Big clam 大蜆 sushi was TERRIFIC! The sushi selection tonight have all been so simple but amazingly delicious. Each seafood selection had it’s own unique simple flavours and standout strengths! This big clam sushi was of no exception.

赤睦魚 Nodo-guro aka Rosy Seabass sushi. Perfect. I loved the soft sear this rosy seabass sushi had. It was slightly fatty and slighty tender and meaty all at the same time. I could’ve done with a few more cuts of this too. WOW.

Anago sushi. Awesome…but NO!!! This means the meal is almost over? Sigh. All good things have to come to an end. This anago sushi was pretty darn good but could have used a little less sauce.

Tamago…quite firm, nice and sweet!

Yellow tail belly! Oh, this was delicious too. Just try this place for yourself.

Surf Clam sushi! I initally forgot to take a picture but Chef Taga San was kind enough to let me photograph him doing it again.

THIS BEAUTIFULNESSSSSSSS: Sea urchin…. OMG. Yes, yes, yes! We both still had a little bit more left in us…sooooooooo

This happened!!! Uni and ikura with rice: it was such a generous portion, too!! Thank you!! Look at it. Just stare. And point, and eat. And, dream about this baby.

To cap off our awesome omakase dinner!

Sushi Tokami. Zone | Harbour City Ocean Centre. Level 2. Shop No. OC 216A |Telephone 2771 3938

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