Wednesday, December 30, 2015

FRITES - Belgian Mussels and Fries [ Hong Kong, Causeway Bay ]

 Frites mean potato fries in Belgian-French.  But ask anyone living in the UK and they will inevitably tell you Chips and Fries are different.  For me technically they are different,  but why should we care so much then when they are close friends after all?  Especially when a lot of the Potato Chips available are actually Fries.  It is just a word play in the end and its not like I will order 'Crisps' in a restaurant.   Frites are Fries and here we got plenty of it...

Some White Wine to start the Evening- 

The Camera isn't working too well tonight as the rain wetness was ruining the sensors.   Looking forward to the appetizers.   Been here several times over the years,  since one of the largest owners is also from Melbourne,  Australia.  Same as me.  They actually have really good Belgian food there even compared to Belgium itself.

Chicken and Poached Egg Frisee Leaf Salad - 

The dressing was correct.  Somehow I expected a larger impact from a salad,   Actually this was pretty balanced but perhaps I expected some crispy Chicken skin somehow?   Just wishing hehe..  ~ 7/10

Beef Tartare with Egg Yolk - 

There are a lot of places doing this tartare concept right now,  or Beef with Sea Urchin.  Yawn.  It gets personal too,  I have had really good ones at Kowloon Shangri-la Angelini,  Nicholini's and here it was diced well chunky and not too over seasoned.  Pretty right.  The best versions I have eaten remain in Italy because they just get it so right in all equations but here it was contextually good.    ~ 7.5/10

Overall Setting -

The new Frites at Causeway Bay,  it somehow seems out of whack with the Scenery but actually they do have a lot of followers and fans and its pretty full here daily already.

Pork Knuckle - 

Was told to try this knuckle dish.   The Skin was crispy enough,  the meat was cooked just right and almost nitrate red.   If there is one small issue,  I think the side condiments of potatoes can be crispier and carry more toasted herbs.   ~ 7/10

Mussels in Hoegaarden Beer and Fennel - 

Actually I was more after the White Wine version since that's what I ate in Belgium,  but this recipe sounded more enticing on the night.   It was lovely and the mussels were plump and not over cooked rubbery.   Great sauce too,  in fact it was better than my previous visits ever. ~ 8.5/10

Frites -

Back to the fries or chips.   They were fried well although don't be surprised,  needed more potato taste but this is expected in HK.   The Mayo dip also could do with more eggs or olive oil taste.  But it was still decent it's just me being hard to please...   ~ 7/10

Apple Tart Tartin -

This had loads of Apples.  I prefer them more inverted sugary caramelized burnt.  but the base pastry was decent enough.  Definitely good value for money.   ~ 7/10

Price: Around $400 + 10% Per Person
Food: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: 銅鑼灣希雲街38號曦巒地下1號舖
38th,  Ground Floor Haven Street,  Causeway Bay,  Hong Kong
2142 5233 / 9828 2961

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